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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Paper Lovestory { a lifestyle blog from a university student about stationery and organisation }: personalisation! My Flex by Filofax notebook (the thinner version) is currently in use as my 'dissertation' notebook. As said before in a previous post, the use of stickers can also make my Filofax more 'personal' too. Jenny Clark5 April 2012 at 20:17I love my filofax I like to make sure everything is colour coordinated like lectures and appointments and things.
Last month, I dug out my old inserts from 2010 onwards and I thought it would make a nice blog post on how things have changed! Last academic year, I made posters for the major conditions we needed to know about and this year, I followed the same routine.
10 simple steps to help you relieve stress, These 10 simple stress relief techniques will help reduce your physical and emotional burden, and make you feel better and healthier.. What coping strategies are effective to manage stress, What coping strategies can help manage stress? Gentle stress relief tips for peace health & happiness, These stress relief tips give you effective natural ways to reduce stress. 10 simple ways to relieve stress that you can start today, It might surprise you to learn that the conception of biological stress is a fairly recent discovery. Do you remember that all-nighter you pulled senior year of high school because your essay was due the next morning? Managing your time wisely when taking four or five college classes is no easy task, even when you know that the simple solution is to start earlier. To help you start your first semester on the right track and put that 4.0 grade point average within reach, follow these nine tips to better time management. In using a daily planner, "students should record the tasks they need to complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis," says Hope Walton, director of the Academic Skills Center at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

Lynne Richardson, dean of the College of Business at the University of Mary Washington, tells students to make sure they pencil in some time to relax when prioritizing their week. Adding positive reinforcement to your study time will help motivate you to achieve your goals.
Your best working style may not be your roommate's best, but learning what works for you and what doesn't is key to success in college. If you're still learning what study habits work best for you, try getting an early start to your day. According to Donnelly, for an incoming freshman, "it's easy to lose sight of the big picture because graduation seems so far away." Donnelly advises students "to visualize yourself not only on your graduation day, but also where you want to be in your career. A simple way to improve your time-management skills is to realize what you're currently doing that just isn't working.
According to Susan Dennett, academic dean for Northwood University's Florida campus, you should get to know the other learning resources available to you. Whether the plan is written, or remains a thought, the process used to achieve goals is complicated.
My sister is really, really good at art (though she's doing a Chemistry degree at Imperial College too at the moment; so artistic and brainy - not fair!) and she drew this for me to put in my Filofax. Will blog about pretty stationery, university and staying organised.Please do NOT pin my pictures onto Pinterest. Most every student struggles with effective time management, and balancing a heavy class load and social life can be especially tough for those used to the structure of high school classrooms--namely, college freshmen. A successful time-manager will be less stressed, get more sleep and generally feel better about a job well done than those who procrastinate. List your tasks by high and low priority, Walton says, keeping in mind that your focus should be on completing larger projects by their due dates first. For college students, this may mean that a long research essay seems too daunting to begin. If listening to music while you study helps you focus, consider creating a short study playlist. If you've realized that you produce your best work at night, then accommodate your schedule for later study sessions.

Erin Wheeler, an academic support program manager at Louisiana State University, suggests adopting "the professional work schedule of 9 a.m. This can help give you that extra motivation to study for that exam or write that paper." She adds, "Every task accomplished moves you a step closer to the direction of your ultimate vision. However, experience gained through repetition can make the complications become almost second nature.
Better yet, form study groups where you can talk and work through the same assignments with others. As with critical thinking, when a plan is made and a decision rendered, goal setting requires similar actions.
Ann Marie Klotz, the dean for campus life at the New York Institute of Technology, advises students to "build weekly traditions. Sharon Donnelly, director of counseling at Delaware Valley College, advises breaking down big assignments into smaller parts or steps. Then, set aside time in your schedule to work on each part of the outline, as well as time to revise and proofread it." Not only will you feel more successful in having accomplished these small goals, you will also learn what it takes to manage your time most effectively. Each step taken will permit a person to see what has to be accomplished, how the process evolves, and allows a person to choose what alternate steps may have to be taken in order to accomplish the goal. These distractions can prevent one from attaining one's goals and are something that could be prevented, but the want overrides the need.
Time management is the process of planning and scheduling time, as well as controlling and regulating those plans and schedules; it plays an important role in the success of reaching goals. A person must possess good time management skills in school, work, and in his or her personal life.

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