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How would you like to be trained by the people who organised Madonna’s wedding and Robbie William’s 30th birthday bash?
This event management course is authored and tutored by those very people and they give you key insights and training in how to make any sort of event a smash hit. How would you like to be trained by the people who organised Madonna’s wedding and Robbie William’s 30th birthday bash?
The event market is pretty diverse and can mean organising anything from a simple company board meeting to large outdoor events or indoor exhibitions and conferences.
The name given to the discipline where the whole package including travel, incentives and event management is provided is called Destination Management. Use the Supplier Directory to maintain a list of suppliers that each of your clients can use.
At the end of this course successful learners will also receive a Level 3 NCFE Award Certificate of Achievement. The Distance Education Academy can only approximate the time it takes to complete online courses as it will largely depend on your speed of learning and assimilation plus how often and how much time you can dedicate to study. This distance learning course provides unlimited access to your personal tutor who will be a specialist in the field you are studying.
We also have a team of online course advisors and administrators who will give you friendly and relevant advice on issues relating to your online courses and study. There are question papers set after each session; these have to be completed and sent to your tutor to mark. Do you find yourself intrigued by the lavish settings of the film awards ceremony or the sports events or any grand wedding? Make managing events stress free with our comprehensive, self-paced Event Management Diploma.
Event Management EssentialsYou will learn how to master the art of event planning and organising, from budgeting to marketing the actual event. Marketing EssentialsThis module provides your first step into the fast moving world of the marketing department.
Social Media Strategy for BusinessLearn how to promote your company or brand, gain new connections and how to create a Social Media strategy for your business.
Facebook for BusinessLearn how to use Facebook to promote your brand or company with this short online Facebook for Business Course. This comprehensive one-day minute taking course concentrates on how to get the most out of a meeting, and how to deliver clear and accurate minutes. Project ManagementProject Management Fundamentals is designed to teach an introduction to the project management lifestyle, project scope and project scheduling, as well as what makes a good team. Choose 2 Elective SubjectsTo complete your diploma, choose any two subjects from our comprehensive course list.
We’ve got a fantastic range of over 100 courses for you to choose from, so it’s really easy to find a course that will benefit both your personal interests and career ambitions.
Our team of Course Advisors will be on hand to help you select the right modules for your career, and you’re also welcome to have a free course demo before you enrol to make sure it’s the right option for you. As you are able to personalise your Event Management Diploma, prices and duration are calculated for your specific needs, based on exemptions for existing skills and your chosen electives. So for example, if you already have a high level of skill in any of the core modules, you may not need to take that particular module, simply taking the exam to prove your ability on your way to earning your full Event Management Diploma. Our expert Course Advisors will have a chat with you to assess your current skills and see whether you’re ready for “exam-only” in any of the modules. And to make studying even easier, we offer a number of pricing plans where you can spread the cost of your studies over up to 10 months.
Our unique training methodology means you can study this programme during the day, in the evening, on Saturdays or a mixture of all these! Watch the short video below and listen to Training Manager Kim Middleton give you some top tips for getting into Events Management. This diploma is perfect for aspiring Event Managers and anybody who needs to be able to run exciting, major events successfully. Organising events is a sought after skill for many roles, so this course is also essential for busy PAs who need to get to grips with Event Management, as well as for PR professionals, charity fundraisers and marketers.
Having the Pitman Training Event Management Diploma on your CV will prove to employers that you are capable of planning and executing successful, stress-free events.

Event Management is a growing industry and competition for jobs can be extremely competitive, but with the right training you can really shine. Why not come into the centre to meet them for a free careers consultation and free course demo.
I may have been slightly anxious prior to starting the course as I had not undertaken any structured studies for over 20 years however, I was very quickly put at ease with the initial dialogues and enrolling process. As a career development opportunity, I choose to complete the course on a full-time basis and was able to study at my own pace at the centre and remotely.
My learning experience has been excellent mostly due to the supportive environment the staff at Pitman Training in Croydon have created. They’ll be able to tell you all about our courses and our fantastic payment plan options, as well as getting you started on a FREE course demo. One of our Course Advisors will call you back as soon as possible during our working hours: Monday – Friday from 9am until 5pm. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Fitzwilliam Institute cookie policy. Explore apprenticeships, certificates, bachelor's and master's degrees - about 200 programs to choose from.
In this multi-faceted program, you will not only learn about sports and business a€“ you will also learn about yourself and discover your own potential to set and achieve goals. As Kamloops is the Tournament Capital of Canada, every year brings new opportunities for hands-on sport event management experience. Your comment will be published after Administrator approval so do not use abusive language.
According to Wikipedia, event managers can do everything from planning and coordinating the event to marketing and public relations. Whether you want to go large or keep it small, you’ll need quality qualifications under your belt.
This is great way to start your education in event management and get entry-level positions that will help you decide if this is really what you want to do with your life.
This allows you to work as an event coordinator, venue coordinator, conference coordinator, and exhibitions coordinator for professional event companies, sporting associations, tourism organisations, and community organisations.
You can register for this course right out of school, or use the diploma of events as a pathway to the degree. As your career develops you can choose to specialise or focus on certain areas, but when you’re just starting out, or if you run your own small events company, you have no choice but to become involved in every aspect of the job. There is no getting around it, the job is demanding, and dealing with tight deadlines and suppliers who don’t care about them can be stressful.
Here are the photos from the diploma ceremony in 2015, which was held in Geneva on the 18th of June 2015 at the hotel Beau-Rivage.
01 Feb 2016 - Campus: The effects of short-termism and sustainability factors on corporates, the financial sector and the work of financial analysts.
02 Feb 2016 - Campus: The effects of short-termism and sustainability factors on corporates, the financial sector and the work of financial analysts. This Event Management Diploma also provides access to further training for those interested in achieving a tourism qualification. You also need to complete a question paper after each lesson and these normally will take 1 – 2 hours.
Their role is to make sure you get appropriate and constructive feedback and to answer your questions and provide guidance on areas you are not sure about.
We will always try to make you feel like you’re not by yourself and that someone will help you if you get into difficulties with your distance education. Continuous assessment like this means that your progress is monitored regularly, and that any problems or difficulties are identified and addressed as early as possible.
Are you good in planning outings and local events and want to make this a career of your own and be a part of the glam world? Popular options include Get Into PR, Bookkeeping, HTML and Web Design Basics – but it’s up to you! The course has enhanced my awareness of issues associated with events management, including social media strategies for business, marketing, business communication and events costing and pricing. The opportunities in the field are varied and range from working for major event companies to running your own small business.

It qualifies you to work as an assistant to events managers, no matter what the area of specialisation, be it sports or exhibitions. You will learn about customer service, risk assessment and safety control, as well as how to select event venues, how to process, monitor and coordinate event registrations, how to obtain sponsors, how to manage budgets, how to lead and manage teams, and how to coordinate marketing activities. It qualifies you for all the jobs as the diploma (and then some), but you’ll get better entry-level salaries, especially if you have some work experience to go with it. Event Planner Pro is professional event planner software designed for professional event planners to use to organise their business and their clients’ events. And with fantastic, instant access to on-screen help, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘?’ at the top of every screen, you’ll find everything you need at your fingertips to plan multiple events. The Distance Education Academy only offers fully approved and recognised online courses that will further your knowledge and careers.
It has significantly improved my skills in the use of Microsoft Office suite and administrative skills, including minute taking.
It has been a real pleasure studying here and I would recommend this course and this centre to anyone. Some big firms even have departments dedicated to events, especially if they have one or two major events during the year – the kind that require at least a year to plan perfectly. There are core subjects, which include developing event industry knowledge, and providing event staging support. The exact nature of the course may vary according to the university, but in general you’ll find that it includes aspects of accounting, marketing, event creation and design, live performance management, event operations, and project management.
And, the satisfaction of pulling off a successful event, combined with people’s obvious joy – not to mention the good money – is plenty rewarding. Being a part of the event management sector will also let you know the whos-who of the country and create a niche for yourself among them. And there are electives, which include monitoring and coordinating individual and crowd behaviour, researching, obtaining and preparing props, general knowledge of audio, set construction techniques, providing food and beverage services, hazard identification and safety and risk assessment and control, planning catering, marketing, hospitality skills, planning and managing meetings, and developing conference programs. Specialisations include tourism and hospitality, sports management, and management and marketing. You can keep track of their invoices and expenses, define your own categories, and even organise your clients’ guest lists and seating plans. So, without wasting a moment, leta€™s know about a few event management courses that you can binge upon right after your 10+2a€” 6.
On a large scale, event managers can be responsible for international festivals and conferences, sports tournaments, and rock concerts. Diploma in Event Management Designed for candidates to get a thorough knowledge of the know-how of the Event Management Industry, Diploma in Event Management courses are the most sort-after courses for students after 10+2. On a smaller scale, they can be responsible for weddings, charity fundraisers, and corporate team building functions.
Most of the institutions provide a detailed perspective of the industry and train the candidates to become expert event managers. For this course, the minimum qualification required is a 10+2 pass certificate; and, the courses can be full time, regular courses as well as correspondence courses, depending on the institution. The institutions where you can apply for this course are: EMDI Institute of Media and Communication, Indore Vishwakarma Global Business School, Pune, Impact Institute of Event Management, Delhi, National Academy of Event Management and Development, and National Institute of Event Management, Pune.
Diploma in Aspects of Media, Marketing and Events Spread over 2 semesters, this career oriented diploma in aspects of media, marketing and events guides a candidate to a firm knowledge about the influence of marketing, advertising and media management over the success of any flamboyant event. Ita€™s a full time event, the entry to which requires a 10+2 certificate from any recognized board. This course, too, is furnished by the National Academy of Event Management and Development, Pune. Certificate Course in Event Management This is one of the most sorted after courses in the country and offers a great knowledge about the Event Management industry and the nuances to be applied while managing an event by physically training the students through various workshops and internships.
The course, generally three monthsa€™ long, is taught by International Media Institute, Gurgaon. A 10+2 pass certificate, followed by a written test and interview is all you need to crack for the entrance.

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