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This question comes to us from a comment on November’s Career Q&A column, Determining your fit for a position.
Cover letters can make or break your chances in the competition process so this is a great question.
We’ll start with a big “do not” when it comes to cover letters: do NOT use a generic template.
As we discussed in November, the grid where you map out your skills and experience against the employer’s needs is a way of realistically assessing whether or not you are a good fit for the posted position. You can see from the example above that the applicant has addressed all the important criteria in the job posting. With the exception of “Dear” and “Sincerely”, every cover letter should be written from scratch. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged advice, best fit, career, cover letter, foot in the door, how to write a cover letter, job application, tips. American Airlines communicates bankruptcy in a press release, memo to employees, and email to AAdvantage club members.

Blue Bell Creameries’ news release about product recalls and news release about layoff decisions, 2015. You know – the letter where just the date and the organization’s address are changed and absolutely no effort has been made to tailor it to the specific position. You have about 10 seconds of the recruiter’s attention on your cover letter to impress them enough to spend another 30 seconds or so on your resume. We have seen the grid integrated effectively into the body of a cover letter but we caution that it should only be done when it really is a perfect fit. This would come after an opening paragraph that provides a brief summary of your experience and speaks to your motivation to working with this particular organization. My dilemma is how to incorporate the grid into a cover letter without making it too long or too detailed or containing too much information that may annoy the reader (I understand it should be limited to 1 page only).
It’s the type of letter where the applicant thinks that they don’t have to go to much effort because their resume will say it all. Otherwise, you risk drawing attention to the points where you are lacking some of the qualifications.

Use the luxury of narrative in the cover letter to highlight the areas you feel are the strongest fit. Making that fit obvious to the recruiter through your written application is the next step. It will also likely mean that your cover letter will be more than one page – this is fine as long as it is articulate and you are providing useful information. Note that usually the most important qualifications to the employer are listed at the top of their list. Also see this past Career Q&A column for other tips for writing an effective cover letter.

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