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UNDERSTAND and KNOW the four factors of leadership – follower, leader, communication, situation. DO provide direction and people will understand what is their role and what you expect from them.
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In this section Leadership Examples, you will find many awe-inspiring stories of great leaders in the arena of the military. Military leadership examples are biographies of great military leaders and strategists who have conquered, defended and changed nations through their leadership.
A» Business LeadersBusiness leadership stories are about leaders in the marketplace in the modern world who have made an impact in one way or another.
Every month, I write to you to share with you about my thoughts, some great articles and resources on leadership as well and I know it will greatly benefit you. In his follow-up book Strengths-Based Leadership, Gallup writer Tom Rath describes four distinct leadership styles that StrengthsFinder themes fall into. Executing: Individuals with the majority of their strengths in the leadership style are adept at making things happen. Influencing: Individuals with influencing strengths help their teams reach a broader audience.
Relationship Building: Individuals with relationship building strengths are the human glue that holds a team together.
At this point, you may be thinking that these distinctions sound nice but wonder how to determine which leadership style you lean toward as well as how it affects your team. As we learned previously, the StrengthsFinder assessment gives each person a set of their Top 5 Signature Themes from list of 34 possibilities. Given the profile, how might individuals with strengths in the “Influencing” theme best support the group? If you have not had the opportunity to complete the StrengthsFinder assessment, I suggest that you purchase the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book and use the code to complete the assessment online.

Examples: Lead by example, be loyal to your company, perform selfless service, take personal responsibility for your actions and for the people that report to you. The views and posts expressed across this domain are mine alone and not those of my employer. Click on each military leader to find more.A»NapoleonNapoleon was one of the greatest conquerors in the history of the modern world. When youa€™re doing leadership interviews questions and answers, how should you distinguish the best leaders. Nearly 9 million individuals have used the assessment to identify their Top 5 signature strength themes.
In the next post, I’ll share some ideas for building a strengths-based leadership development program for your organization. They take a group of individuals and create synergetic groups that work better together than they could apart. I’d like to answer both questions using this table I created for a 20-person project team.
Individual strengths reach their highest potential only when they are part of a collective group (tweet). Each assessment comes with a Strengths Insight Guide to help understand your specific themes as well as an Action Planning Guide with tips on how to apply them.
If you have and it proved to be a valuable experience, invite your team to complete the assessment together.
Not everyone works the same way but if you bring organization to chaos and improve current processes you will win your team easily follow you.
Napoleona€™s rise came in a time of chaos, during the French Revolution.A»Genghis KhanGenghis Khan is one of historya€™s greatest conquerors. That means there are many leaders out there who have yet to discover the incredible benefit of clarifying and leveraging their strengths. To increase the impact, many consultants, coaches and trainers (including myself) are available to facilitate a StrengthsFinder breakout session and build a team profile for you.

Examples: Integrity, honesty, imagination, competence, commitment, candor, courage and straightforwardness.
During his reign, he conquered more land than any other ruler in history would, having his territory reach twice the size of the Roman Empire.A»Winston ChurchillSir Winston Churchill was a British political leader known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the World War II. Since this team was made up of 20 individuals, that means 100 strengths were represented in the sum of everyone’s Top 5. I would be glad to help you find one – or you might even decide to give it a try on your own. I currently manage the EMEA Channel Sales Engineering Team at Google and I am located in London,UK.
He was the one that gave hope to a hopeless nation during the darkest days of World War II, and instrumental in turning the tides of battle against the Axis Forces in Europe.A»Dwight D EisenhowerDwight D Eisenhower was a World War II Allied Forces Supreme Commander in Europe who commanded the Allied Forces in the invasion against the Nazis. Hope you enjoy my blog as I'll share some ideas about several subjects and bit more about myself. It was his superb leadership, planning and commanding ability that contributed to the success of the World War II.A»Alexander The GreatAlexander was one of historya€™s greatest conquerors.
Born as an heir to the Macedonian King, his great ambition led him to destroy the greatest army in his time, the Persian Empire. At its height, Alexandera€™s empire stretched all the way from modern day Italy to the Himalaya.A»George S PattonGeorge Smith Patton, Jr. In WWII, he successfully defeated Nazi Germany on many battle fronts through his unique blitzkrieg military strategies.A»Hannibal BarcaHannibal Barca was a military commander of the Carthage army. He led a famous campaign in the second Punic War against the Roman army, remaining undefeated until the very gates of Rome. His most famous military accomplishment was the battle of Cannae, where he defeated a Roman army size double of his.A»Sun TzuSun Tzu was an ancient military commander and strategist from China.

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