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For leaders in rapidly changing organizations, Wiefling Consulting provides practical, common sense business leadership and program management solutions that enable you to get RESULTS! Great News!  Want to use some of the project management templates Kimberly uses?  Now some of them are available for you to download to help assist each project's transition from from wretched chaos to sanity and ultimate glory.
Want more tips and humorous stories on how to use these?  They are right here in Kimberly's book Scrappy Project Management Because life is too short for projects to suck. All files except the Team Organization Chart are in a format supported by both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice (free download).
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These three groups of competencies can be thought of as the Pyramid of Leadership, which collectively form the basic requirements for becoming a leader. Communicate plans and activities in a manner that supports strategies for employee involvement.
Skillfully settles differences by using a win-win approach in order to maintain relationships. Selects the best course of action by identifying all the alternatives and then makes a logical assumption. Ues Emotional Intelligence to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself and of others. Establishes goals, deliverables, timelines, and budgets with little or no motivation from superiors (self-motivation rather than passive acceptance).
Contributes to and promotes the development of the profession through active participation in the community.
These are the skills needed to drive the organization onto the cutting edge of new technologies.
Develops high-performance teams by establishing a spirit of cooperation and cohesion for achieving goals. Identifies and reacts to the outside forces that might influence or alter the organization's goals.

Provides the means to enable employee success, while maintaining the well-being of the organization. Empower employees by giving them the authority to get things accomplished in the most efficient and timely manner. Recognizes that learning happens at every opportunity (treats mistakes as a learning event). Provides performance feedback, coaching, and career development to teams and individuals to maximize their probability of success.
These are the skills and knowledge needed to direct the systems and processes that a leader controls.
Each organization requires a different set of professional competencies for each leadership position. NOTE: In this example, the competencies for learning and training professionals are listed. Cernis focuses on developing authentic leaders and capable managers, adding value to the structures that support service improvement and quality assurance. When developing teams, whether newly founded or long established, we devise an integrated programme of instruction and activity that addresses personal growth, group functioning and processes or procedures that support the achievement of the team’s goals. With a clear brief and careful preparation, we have achieved impressive results from intensive one-day workshops with follow-up and review. In an NHS organisation the service management team was made up of heads of department and the service manager.
Cernis worked with the management team to review and challenge its purpose, structure and functioning. The result was better motivation and involvement of team members, more efficient use of time and a greater impetus to get the work done.
In the case you are missing an office suite, there are also PDF files, readable by Adobe Reader or other PDF reading applications.
Although leaders do not need to be the Subject Matter Experts (SME) for the tasks that they direct, they must have a basic understanding of the systems and processes that they control.

As the management task grew, so resources were becoming more scarce and the team needed to be sure it was functioning at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
Amend as suitable and apply for the latest job vacancies.Dear SirsI should like to apply for the role as Team Leader, as advertised recently. Many employers prefer that you have some experience as a team leader (if not in the same field, then in another field), so focus on your experience. Imagine how you will feel when your team delivers results that seemed highly unlikely or darn near impossible. Without a strong foundation, the sides of the pyramid will soon crumble and fall as the base gives away.
Without some knowledge of the technical skills that they direct, the pyramid soon begins to fall apart and the organization begins to operate in damage control mode. Diagnostic techniques revealed that members had to manage a tension between departmental loyalties and the need to hold the whole service in its purview in order to meet higher organisational objectives.
As a team leader I currently look after a project team, training new team members, allocating tasks, completing all reporting necessary and liaising with managers. If this is a first for you, give some examples of when you have taken charge and successfully led a team of people (whether in work or out of work). The success of my job depends on excellent interpersonal and team working skills, combined with good decision making capabilities and the ability to multi-task.
As such, it is essential that I am able to think, communicate and present information effectively.A key element of my role is to match team members to the task assigned, assuring ?best fit? so that we achieve the best possible outcome for the tasks in hand.
I am responsible for checking the quality, progress and outcome of the tasks assigned and reporting back to the departmental head. It is a very responsible role as we deal directly with sales and my departmental head is responsible for rolling out new products, developing sales strategies and new customers and launching into new markets.

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