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The biggest challenge Susan Wojcicki faced in her new role as CEO of YouTube wasn’t understanding why people were so interested in watching videos of other people playing video games.
The hard part, it turns out, was having big plans for the company but not enough people to get them done. But for entrepreneurs without the cushion of a behemoth parent company like Google, getting the right people in place to build and scale your company can be challenging. Despite her best intentions, Keplinger was part of the same phenomenon that’s happening all over the start-up scene: more men join in the beginning and quickly grow at the company.
Keplinger said she’s learned a lot from her experience and by talking to other entrepreneurs, and next time she’ll devote herself to finding more resumes from women in the beginning. This entry was posted in HR & Recruitment and tagged advice, market, recruitment, recruitment process, recruitment strategy by Soureya.
SINGAPORE – The majority of female professionals in Singapore define success as being able to maintain a balance between their work and personal lives, a study by LinkedIn has found. The survey also revealed that women in Singapore feel confident about their careers and are positive about juggling their work life with their personal lives. On the issue of how children will affect career ambitions, however, women have differing views. The survey also found that fewer women place an emphasis on salary when defining their professional success.
More than two-thirds (68.3 per cent) of working women also said they want greater flexibility within the workplace. Director of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, Feon Ang, said that it was crucial for employers to learn what women were looking for in their careers.
More than half (54.3 per cent) of the respondents told LinkedIn that they could not see a clear career path. While 71.5 per cent of women globally feel that their looks had little relevance to their careers, 20 per cent of respondents in Singapore still believe that appearances could affect professional success. About 15.5 per cent of Singaporean respondentss said that they had even used their looks to their advantage.
This entry was posted in Worklife and tagged APAC, asia, Career, job, singapore, women, worklife balance by Soureya. I had the opportunity to apply Gandhi’s example of prioritization to my own life, hours before one of my daughters was born. To my shame, while my wife lay in the hospital with my hours-old baby, I went to the meeting.
First, I allowed social awkwardness to trump making the prednisone for purchase right decision.
Second, I believed that “I had to make this work.” Logically, I knew I had a choice, but emotionally, I felt that I had no choice. What can you do to avoid the mistake of saying “yes” when you know the answer should be “no”? To harness the courage we need to get on the right path, it pays to reflect on how short life really is, and what we want to accomplish in the little time we have left.
This entry was posted in Career on and tagged advice, APAC, asia, Career, career progression, executive, personal brand, social by Soureya. Do you know somebody who has a great influence brand viagra online free trial on other people? This entry was posted in Career on, HR & Recruitment and tagged APAC, asia, Career, charisma, executive, job, singapore, social by Soureya.
The corporate landscape of Singapore jobs is shaky and volatile, and so everybody is always on his or her toes.
This entry was posted in Career on and tagged advice, asia, Career, job, recruitment, singapore, tips by Soureya. In the best interviews, job candidates say a lot and interviewers very little – after all, the interview is about the candidate, not the interviewer.
But there are a few things interviewers would like to tell job candidates well before the interview starts. A candidate who makes a great first impression and sparks a real connection instantly becomes a big fish in a very small short-list pond.
Oh, I do want you to want the job — but not before you really know what the job entails. A sad truth of interviewing is that later I often don’t recall, unless I refer to my notes, a significant amount about some of the candidates.
The more people I interview for a job and the more spread out those interviews, the more likely I am to remember a candidate by impressions rather than by a long list of facts. So if for example you hate being micro-managed, instead say you’re eager to earn more responsibility and authority.
I need to know whether I should hire you, but just as importantly I need you to make sure my job is a good fit for you. To really impress me, use the research you’ve done to describe how you will hit the ground running and contribute right away – the bigger the impact the better. If you don’t need more information, do what great salespeople do and ask for the job.
The more closely you listened during the interview, the easier it is to think of ways to follow up in a natural and unforced way. All is well in the Asia-Pacific tech job market—if you’re an electronics engineer, computer or software engineer, computer scientist, or IT professional—at least in most of the larger countries.
In India, the big engineering career story this year is at Infosys Ltd., the country’s second largest software services company. Waghre said Infosys continues to hire in line with its business requirements, and has extended 5000 offers on engineering campuses this year.
Mahindra Satyam, another IT firm in India, says it may boost employment at its operation in Australia over the next two years—from its current level of 1600 to 5000. Computer Simulation Technology AG’s (CST) products have been available in India for more than a decade through its distributors, Step Electronics Pvt. One big concern across the region is getting and keeping Asia Pacific engineers up to speed on technology. Dell, Intel, and Revolution Analytics have joined forces to form the Big Data Innovation Center in Singapore to provide extensive training, proof-of-concept capabilities, and development support across the Asian market.
Digital and analog IC design engineers, who already account for 44 percent of the pool of 1100 IC designers in the area, are still in high demand in Singapore. At least 85 jobs are listed for information technology jobs in Singapore and another 75 for engineering services slots. Cambridge Consultants says it’s not ready to talk about specific hiring plans for its Singapore office. Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd plans to hire 130 tech professionals in the next few years, according to David Ong, the operation’s senior director, communications. United Microelectronics Corp., Taiwan’s second largest contract chipmaker, says it plans to add more than 80 engineers to the 1600 that already staff its semiconductor fabrication plant in Singapore.
Qualcomm announced more than a year ago that it planned to establish an IC design and engineering R&D center in Singapore, focusing on chipset design and development.
Singapore-based Stats ChipPAC plans to hire around 300 engineers this year to staff a facility it’s expanding 30 percent to 75 000 square meters. Intel, with 2650 job openings on its Web site in July 2013, mostly for technical professionals, plans to hire several people in Taipei, as well as Shanghai, Beijing, Bangalore, and Penang, Malaysia.
Taiwan Mobile Innovation (TMI), a so-called incubator that hopes to attract mobile and Internet-related startups, providing seed capital of up to US $100,000, launched a hardware acceleration program in April aimed at penetrating Asian markets.

Without being specific, Camillo Martino, chief executive of Silicon Image, Inc., says the company has available positions for its newly expanded Shanghai Research and Development Center to support the company’s mobile technologies in China and other Asia-Pacific regions.
Fairchild Semiconductor started production at its new eight-inch wafer fabrication facility in Bucheon, Korea on 1 July to serve the high performance power and mobile semiconductor market sectors.
One tech jobs area not often tracked, especially on a global scale, is mobile application development. Talent Neuron, a web-based talent planning and management platform, and a unit of Zinnov LLC, says there’s a gap in demand and availability of skilled mobile developers worldwide, including Silicon Valley, largely because the job requires constantly updated skill sets. Ron Schneiderman is a contributing editor for Electronic Design and It Is Innovation (i3), and a regular contributor to cialis sublingual buy online IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.
Wojcicki, a longtime Google executive who took the top YouTube job in February, said this reminded her a lot of Google circa 2003-2004, when it was a much smaller company. Her difficulty came in not only finding the right people, but in being able to pay them enough, since her company didn’t have much money early on. According to LinkedIn, only 33.2 per cent of women prioritised work-life balance as a determining factor of success a decade ago. The study found that two out of three (63.5 per cent) of those currently without children, plan to slow down their careers when they have a child, while the remaining feel they will not.
Instead, workplace success is about having an interesting and fulfilling job and being able to achieve the right balance between work and personal life,” she added.
But what is less well known is how this same discipline played out privately with his own grandson, Arun Gandhi.
When he was a young boy, he was beaten up twice: once for being too white and once for being too black. Afterward, my manager said, “The client will respect you for making the decision to be here.” But the look on the clients’ faces mirrored how I felt. And even if the client had respected my choice, and key business opportunities had resulted, I would still have struck a fool’s bargain.
Sometimes these seem so interconnected, we forget there are two different questions we need to answer. Every time we say, “I have to take this call” or “I have to send this piece of work off” or “I have to go to this client meeting,” we are assuming that previous commitments are nonnegotiable.
I have great confidence in the purchase viagra in the uk good that can come from such a decision. Or maybe you notice that there are some people who are just naturally easy to love and warm up to? Well, who wouldn’t want the ability to pull people when can cialis go generic closer to them and to influence their decisions and opinions as well? When somebody approaches you to tell you their story or share concerns about their jobs, try to respond without words. When you learn how to listen, you should also learn how to be sensitive to the cares of the person you’re talking to.
And by everybody, it means everybody – from the people in your team to the people from the other teams, to some folks in the office you don’t even work with. While productivity gurus will tell you that you should only have a set schedule for answering emails and voicemails, the charisma expert will tell you otherwise. As a leader, you should be able to pinpoint the teammates who delivered an exceptional job.
If ever, will you be willing to stay in the office after business hours to continue working?
There is something about traveling that makes you a better person in all the areas of your life. If you cannot see or imagine yourself as an authority in your industry, then you’re not future-proofing your career. I may need you to work 60-hour weeks, or travel 80% of the time, or report to someone with less experience than you… so sit tight for a bit.
Your hook could be your clothing, or an outside interest, or an unusual fact about your upbringing or career. But I will remember sound bites, especially the negative ones – like the candidates who complain, without prompting, about their current employer, their coworkers, or their customers. I get there are reasons you want a new job but I want to hear why you want my job instead of why you’re desperate to escape your old job. If you need more information, say so and let’s figure out how to get what you need to make a decision.
If nothing else, saying you enjoyed meeting me and are happy to answer any other questions is nice. Maybe we talked about data collection techniques and you send me information about a set of tools you strongly recommend.
Software skills dominate job listings for technical professionals throughout the region with titles that suggest a narrowing of skill set requirements.
Freescale currently employs about 4000 in China, mainly in a package testing facility in Tianjin and five R&D centers. Specific hiring plans have not been disclosed, but the joint venture expects to begin operation by the end of 2013. Bosch plans to hire about 300 graduates from its apprentice program for positions in China and India, and has set up occupation training centers in Vietnam and Thailand to meet its requirements in those areas. The Hindu Business Line, a major daily newspaper in India, reported in early January that Infosys was planning to lay off nearly 5000 employees to better manage its costs. Infosys typically hires 70 percent of its technical staff from colleges and the rest are experienced professionals. Mahindra Satyam is already hiring recent graduates from Australian universities and experienced IT specialists from across the country.
United Kingdom-based LDRA, a provider of automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools, has been providing education and other support services in Bangalore through LDRA India for several years.
The program will provide students based at the university’s Ningbo China (UNNC) campus with three months’ intensive training covering the latest IC design methodologies and practices. Potential employers included Micron, Qualcomm, Global Foundries (which announced plans to expand its Singapore-based 300mm manufacturing facility in 2012), Marvell, Panasonic Industrial Devices Semiconductor Asia, and Infineon.
Several recruiting events for Singapore-located engineering positions have also been scheduled in London, Bristol, and Milan in September, October, and November 2013. Cambridge Consultants says it plans to double its 380 global workforce over the next four years. The expansion will support the company’s emerging post wafer fab process business and wafer-level programs for smartphone and tablet markets. NVIDIA recently posted job openings for 14 positions (mostly system software engineers, but also application support engineers). High on TSMC’s shopping list are semiconductor equipment engineers (with either a Bachelor or Master’s degree), software design and network buy cialis nz management engineers (with Master’s degrees), and semiconductor engineers (Master’s and above). Candidates must have prototypes, but are eligible for design support and Taiwan-based original design manufacturing (ODM), and reportedly has connections with HP, Dell, and Apple. With sales of US $141 billion last year, Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest electronics company in revenue. Samsung Electronics India Software Operations, located in the IT hub of Bangalore, is one of 11 R&D centers of Samsung Electronics.
The facility plans to hire 30 to 40 electronics engineers, and computer and software engineers, mostly from the region.
Mobile apps service company Flurry says mobile app developers are sprouting up all over China.

While Silicon Valley leads in supporting this narrowly focused talent pool, Asia-Pacific has a small lead over European countries.
My wife supported me and trusted me to make the right choice under the circumstances, and I had opted to deprioritize her and my child. Instead, I was so anxious to please that even awkward silent pauses on the phone were too much for me.
Every time you use the phrase “I have to” over the next week, stop and replace it with “I choose to.” It can feel a little odd at first — and in some cases it can even be gut-wrenching (if we are choosing the wrong priority). There are people who share your values and as a result make it natural to live your priorities. Indeed, an Australian nurse named Bronnie Ware, who cared for people in the last 12 weeks of their lives, recorded the most often-discussed regrets. What would you trade then to be back here now for one chance—this chance—to be true to yourself?
While it seems so trivial, just the habit of reporting to work on time and going to meetings prepared will create a positive effect on you. If you think about it, the most influential people you may know are everybody’s friend; even the office cleaners and building security guards know them by name. Influential people are able to inspire other people with their words, but more so with their actions. Show some courtesy and respect by making eye contact and listening to what they have to say to you. Simply sending a short note to an email sender to acknowledge his message will go a long way in your influence-building. Show appreciation by sending an email and copy furnish people who deserve to know that your team did a great job. You need to take it upon yourself to ensure that your career is protected and stable enough to endure the competitive job market. You can be a better lover when you walk the streets of Paris, and you can be a better career person when you take the New York subway. Start with the vision that you will somebody be an important pillar in your career area, and you will become your vision sooner or later.
Better yet your hook could be the project you pulled off in half the expected time or the huge sale you made. There’s no other way to really know whether you want the job unless you ask questions. So tell me why: You thrive in an unsupervised role, or you love working with multiple teams, or you like frequent travel. Maybe we talked about quality and you send me a process checklist you developed that I could adapt to use in my company. The company says it also expects to recruit some IT professionals from India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. LDRA India now plans to open offices in Delhi and Hyderabad to help boost software development and test expertise in those areas. As Sondrel CEO Graham Curren explains it, “One of our business models is to provide experienced engineering teams close to where the customer is located.
Mentor has donated more than US $10 million in EDA software and support to ensure that UNNC students graduate with a better understanding of current design tools and methodologies. CEO Alan Richardson says, “We feel the climate is ripe to accelerate the growth of our business and that includes exploring high growth markets such as Asia.” The firm has clients in Australia and Japan, as well as Singapore. He also said that Infineon plans to make its Singapore site the global testing hub for packaged ICs.
The new R&D center will focus on developing advanced specialty process technologies, such as CMOS image sensor backside illumination, embedded memory, high voltage applications and through-silicon via connections, for smartphones and tablets.
Others with high-skill tech job slots in Taiwan are Hewlett-Packard, Google, ARM, and Broadcom. In 2012, Samsung generated more than twice the smartphone sales than the following six vendors combined.
The largest component of this growth is expected to be infrastructure services, representing 53 percent of the market. Most of the start-up action is taking place in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, a section of Chengdu’s High-Tech Development Zone.
The Asia-Pacific region is a “hot spot” for talent that works on the Android platform, according to Karthik Gopalakrishnan, manager of talent at Talent Neuron, whose study lists Beijing, Shanghai, and Bangalore as “emerging cities” in mobile apps development.
In an interview with Arun, he told me that his grandfather was in demand from many important people, yet he still prioritized his grandson, spending an hour a day for 18 months just listening to Arun.
But ultimately, using this language reminds us that we are making choices, which enables us to make a different choice.
It may take a while to find an employment situation like this, but you can set your course to that destination immediately. Anybody from any industry with any job should be able to influence others and make them feel at ease.
You don’t have to tackle the message or the issue that was sent your way, but you should at least respond to show that you received the message.
But the Darmstadt, Germany-based company recently formed Computer Simulation Technology India Private Limited to further expand its business in the region. India is also making rapid progress in growing its entrepreneurial activities, mainly in Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad, with expectations of hatching up to 1000 telecommunication product start-ups over the next 10 years. However, because we are growing so quickly and the demand from other companies is so great, we have been unable to find enough suitably-qualified personnel in China.” The program is open to third-year UNNC students and recent graduates.
Dell recently put out a call for at least seven IT specialists in Taipei, including program management and senior server analysts.
According to IDC Worldwide Mobile Tracker, Samsung has 29 percent of the world’s mobile market share.
According to the Chengdu Information Office, more than 200 mobile internet firms are now operating in Chengdu. Here are some tips on how you can develop charisma, and how you can have great impact and influence in the workplace.
It should be able to help the person, instead of being a monologue about what you can do or how great you are in giving advice. By doing this, you build your team’s confidence and inspire them to always do their best at work. Students who successfully complete the training will be offered a four-month internship at Sondrel. Work healthy man viagra review really well squeeze I cheapest viagra australia – tangled. Many of these companies are staffed by people with skills cultivated at Intel, IBM, Cisco, Huawei, and Tencent. This is done regularly,” Waghre said, “and is not a one-time event.” Waghre said the number affected is “significantly lower than the 5000 quoted in the article.
Timm says initial hires in India are most likely to be specialists in electromagnetic simulation software and applications engineering.

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