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Explore Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and Management by taking non-degree certificate and executive education courses developed to address current issues facing business leaders.
The Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management offers MBA programs, Master of Science and Bachelor degree programs, and executive education for professionals at campuses throughout Southern California. EMBA ProgramsPart-time, Industry-focused  Our ground-breaking, part-time, Executive MBA programs offer the broad leadership and management foundations of an MBA, applied to the unique context and complexities of two of Canada's leading industries - mining and health care. Residential ProgramsHighly interactive, weeklong  Our residential executive programs for senior leaders enhance your ability to lead, innovate, and inspire. You are using an outdated browserFor a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Peer LearningTuck fosters a collaborative learning environment that promotes the open exchange of ideas and knowledge among peers and faculty. Personal TouchTuck Executive Education provides a highly personalized experience that allows participants to immerse themselves in their learning. Learn more about how Tuck's Brand and Reputation program is the only program to focus on both a company's brand and reputation. Ross School of Business offers a full range of Executive Education events across Asia together with developing customized solutions for your company. The Michigan flagship Strategic Human Resource Planning program in Asia prepares human resource managers and professionals to become business players in creating and implementing successful business-focused HR strategies.
They also identify how professionals assume leadership roles within their organizations, and learn state-of-the-art techniques for human resource management. To answer the many questions organizational culture, change and talent integration impose, Michigan's Ross School of Business has created the “Driving Organizational Culture for Change and Talent Integration” program. HR professionals have a unique opportunity to contribute to their organizations if they are able to operate as business partners, and combine functional excellence with insight and appreciation for how HR must contribute strategically to the business. Senior executives in Asia are under constant pressure battling on two different fronts: how to constantly deliver the results and meet the business milestones whilst keeping in mind the region's unique business model and market challenges? Address the key strategic, global, financial, marketing and management skills to lead your organization with your senior executive peers from across the region. This 5 day executive learning experience is designed for senior level executives who wish to build a broad organizational capability, understanding the components of how good strategies have aligned objectives across the different enterprise functions. In order to create positive organizational change, the leader has to have the right mind set as well as a myriad of strategic skills allowing him to pinpoint, analyze and solve any problems within the organization. By addressing a positive approach to strategic challenges, change and crisis management techniques you will achieve clarity, better focus and a deeper insight into the many ways how to focus your organization on what is important, a streamlined approach to leadership and business processes with the latest research to ensure better results across all fields and industries. The “Breaking Silos” program of the Michigan's Ross School of Business addresses the key questions and provides the tools and capability to break the barriers to cross organization effectiveness: How to implement change? Organizations across Asia are constantly challenged by balancing these tensions and Michigan Ross have designed the best practice solutions to build the capability within your organization to achieve a competitive advantage. Developed for the modern leader charged with organizational effectiveness, the program is packed with real-time learning models and video cases, international case studies and best-practice solutions.
The Michigan Ross Leadership Development Program is an opportunity to build strategic leadership capability for your next level management challenges. Develop your leadership learning experience to fit your environment through undertaking the course over two consecutive weeks in one location (Hong Kong or Ann Arbor Campus, USA) or build a development journey with two separate weekly modules – perhaps one in each location to experience and learn from a diverse group of global peers.
An effective leader needs to have diverse skills to allow for flexibility in successfully managing and leading in diverse situations. By implementing the unique and powerful Michigan “Competing Values Model”, this five-day course provides a unique glimpse at the skills needed for influencing your peers, enhancing your capability to manage people who manage others and developing a focused plan to drive organizational change and company goals to a completely different level. Learn how to lead, inspire, motivate and create – whilst mastering the leadership skills to drive creativity and innovation, process and controls, a customer and results focus and a people centric culture.
As a senior leader, your effectiveness is measured by the performance of the leaders you manage. Developed for the high-potential managers headed for senior executive positions, the “Leadership in Action” program offers you a unique perspective on the qualities, skills and tool-sets needed for a high-end, modern day, senior executive roll.
By creating the connection between macro business challenges and micro people and team challenges, you will be in a better position to create compelling visions, set strategic directions and understand cross organizational challenges.

This 5 day activity based leadership development program is designed for your next level manager challenges of strategic implementation, innovation, customer focus and change. The further challenge of strategic implementation incorporates the need to lead change and develop the support structures required.
Develop your business and personal potential through an Action-Based Learning development program, one that will teach you how to coach and counsel for peak performance, manage potentially disruptive change, achieve organizational goals and motivate yourself and others as to become the next Emerging Leader.
With a leading faculty of today's thought leaders and other emerging leader's, you will develop a vision and plan for your personal & business development.
Michigan's Ross School of Business “Emerging Leaders Program” is a must if you want to drive your personal and business success to the next level! Build strong foundations in people skills and stand out as the one who strives for high performance both in yourself and in your team.
For 5 days you will focus on building personal capability in managing yourself, your career and effectively improving the relationships with the people you lead. Developing the Manager in You offers an executive insight into managing teams, motivating employees and leveraging their talents to meet business objectives and enhancing productivity – all brought to you by Michigan's Ross School of Business under the Organizational and Personal Leadership program series. Leverage diversity in order to develop productive business relationships and build personal capability to achieve outstanding business results.
You are at the center of your team and it is time to take up the leadership challenge and create a winning, results-driven, goal-oriented team – one that will time and again provide superb performance, relevant across all industries.
Understand the underlying dynamics of high-performing teams, implement the 10 steps needed for effective decision making and develop strategies using the 3 foundations of effective team leadership. The program is aimed at helping the non-financial managers to understand and develop financial skills even though they are out of their primary area of expertise. For each company, organization or business it is important to be able to explore and capitalize on emerging issues in the global economy, evaluate new strategy alternatives to drive growth and strengthen the firm's strategic objectives. For senior level managers and the senior executive audience, these are the everyday questions behind the decision making process. Positioned for long-range planning, strategy formulation and implementation, this intensive five-day program explores the depths of industry analysis, global competitive strategy, and the strategic planning process. Join us today to transform your personal and organizational capabilities in Strategic Marketing. By providing this information, you may be subscribed to our regular updates of program information. Our personalized approach is the critical factor in creating an environment of engaged learning that strengthens strategic leadership and accelerates organizational impact. We create long-term relationships with clients, sponsors and participants because it’s our passion.
Our culture of teaching excellence is based on the belief that learning cannot be delivered, but it can be facilitated so leaders can construct their own learning, based on their needs and interests. They are acknowledged thought leaders who combine their research-based expertise with real-world knowledge to add exceptional value to our clients. View the brief details on each event below by clicking on the program name or request a fully detailed brochure on any specific event by clicking the box and completing your details below. Participants learn human resource techniques and skills that contribute to a firm’s competitive advantage.
Jon Younger, a leading author, educator, and consultant in strategic HR will help HR professionals to gain practical insight on what it means to be an effective business partner.
Experience the latest in learning techniques, acquire a unique skill set and insight into what makes a senior executive power player and collaborate with the thought leaders of today – all in an engaging and dynamic environment that molds itself around the specific needs of a senior executive perspective. The “Management of Managers” program created by the Michigan's Ross School of Business is aimed at middle to senior level managers – those who aim for a more engaging leadership role within their organization.
Therefore, the ability to align and motivate your team to drive business results is crucial to your success. You’ll learn to make better decisions under pressure, improve your leadership approach in increasingly complex environments, develop talent more effectively and lead with more creativity, energy, and intensity. By mobilizing resources, effectively integrating different departments and achieving pre-defined goals and milestones, you are becoming a valuable driving force behind your organization and a link between departments.

Delivered in an engaging environment through the direct use of the latest business practices, case studies and video cases and leadership models, the “Leadership in Action” program of the Michigan's Ross School of Business is a must for making that extra leap into the senior executive role!
It addresses the challenges of effective strategic implementation through design, innovation and a focus on aligning real customer needs as part of the leadership agenda.
Leadership capabilities are built through engaging activities and simulations, strong customer focus foundations and a highly energetic faculty team.
In addition to the hands-on teaching approach, we also focus on your continuous growth and learning potential – the program is revolving around the latest leadership developments, group activities – and let's not forget the additional executive coaching sessions offered to consolidate your learning both during and after the training program. Understanding your own management style and those around you is a critical first step towards becoming a highly effective leader, watch out for the pitfalls and help to signpost the way forward.
Not only will you make an easier and faster leap from individual contributor to team leader, but you will also engage your employees' individual talent into palpable business results, enhance your managerial skills and expertise thus boosting your career opportunities.
The “Leading High-Performing Teams” program delivered by the Michigan's Ross School of Business is aimed at those individuals who are ready to create a coherent unit that can meet any challenge, any time! Also, the program adds the financial dimension to the decision making process thus enabling better business planning or performance benchmarking.
To help senior executives gain a better insight to strategic growth challenges, Michigan's Ross School of Business has developed the “Strategic Planning and Implementation” program.
Drive technical excellence in your systems and processes through innovative and adaptive practices. This 5 day program comprises of a deep dive into the critical practices of successful marketing through customer experiences and the opportunities new technologies provide. You may opt-out from receiving our marketing communications at no-charge and at anytime by contacting our Asia-Pacific Regional Office in Hong Kong. With more than 100 programs offered annually, you'll find the topic that fits your need and schedule.For OrganizationsIs your company facing a unique challenge? We shall send you a soft copy brochure for each program selected describing the program outline and learning objectives. Never before has it been so important to emphasize talent integration, business process streamlining and task allocation as in the competitive market today. Learn how to drive organizational culture, change integration and nurture talent growth within your organization, develop positive strategies for employee engagement and achieve better business results. The program will develop capability in core areas and provide the tools, frameworks, and methods participants will need to significantly improve their performance and development. The Strategic Leaders Program, through The Competing Values Framework, will challenge you to adopt new research-backed ways of thinking that will increase your impact as a leader. Cultivating and leveraging individual and organizational capabilities will be emphasized throughout the program. This program is designed for those who wish to get the best from themselves and those they work with, becoming an effective team leader and a magnet for talent. Alignment with the core strategy is imperative, but driving customer experiences and engagement has been taken to a whole new level with social media and digital platforms. You'll emerge with an action plan to help you advance your career and drive positive results in your organization. Caproni, the latest business simulations, video cases and self-assessments all leading you on your path of success – High Potential Managers across Asia are registering - Register today to join them on the journey to success! Achieving the right interactions for your target customer segments, achieving the “wow” factor and being able to measure the results are not always an easy balance.
Step into the digital age of strategic marketing and build your strategic marketing capability to secure your competitive edge.

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