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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The great celebrity house price slump: Suddenly, stars can't shift their mansions - no matter how many millions they lop off the price. Like article Tweet The mysterious and exciting world of celebrity bodyguards and VIP security offers high pay, awesome travel, and the chance to rub elbows with some high profile characters.
Cruise Ship Jobs a€“ A Great OpportunityAlmost everyone who has an unstable job will want to find new employment. DeltaOne International cater for individuals seeking to start careers in this specialised field. The aim of this intensive 5-week full-time course is to provide an informative, no nonsense, hands-on training event for serious participants in the close protection industry. DeltaOne International has offered our close protection training program to governments, corporations and individuals from around the globe. The training modules have been compiled from field experience and are designed to qualify the student in solo and small team bodyguard operations.
Training is facilitated using an outcomes based approach, comprising knowledge and practical components. I have done several close protection courses in different countries with different emphasis and. Keith Brown served with the Royal Marines before pursuing a career in local government administration, where he was also an active trade union representative with UNISON. Martin Dorchester is the CEO of the David MacBrayne Group and operates as Managing Director of both Argyll Ferries and Caledonian MacBrayne. Martin is a firm believer in CPD and lifelong learning and is currently completing a diploma in Economics with the Open University.
Peter is Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Investments and sits on the Board of the Scottish Futures Trust.
Graeme is the senior manager in Audit Scotland with responsibility for performance audits in the Capital Investment Portfolio. Paul has been a Director of Hub South East Scotland Ltd (Hubco) since it was formed in 2010 and became its Chief Executive in November 2012. Paul is a Chartered Civil Engineer with more than thirty years’ experience at executive level in both the public and private sectors and has developed major construction projects both in the UK and overseas. Nathan has focused in recent years on the commercialisation and development of growth strategies for "green", low carbon and smart business strategies for cities and regions in the UK. Sara is Director for the Institution of Civil Engineers in Scotland with responsibility for influencing the infrastructure debate, growing membership, and working with members to deliver a knowledge transfer programme. Prior to joining local government she was international manager for Community Learning Scotland, where she helped establish the Eurodesk youth information project subsequently adopted by the European Commission and replicated across Europe. Roddy is the founder of Canongate Partners, an international executive search consulting firm specialising in solving challenges for clients seeking to enter Asia and the Emerging Markets.
During a career spanning service as a British Army officer, several years as a banker in the UK and US, and more than 30 years working at the highest levels of global executive search, Roddy has always been interested in the challenges of understanding and embracing the skills needed to function effectively across national boundaries. Awarded the OBE in 2002 for services to British Trade, he is a member of the Business Advisory Council of the Said Business School, Oxford University, a Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University, and a member of the Welsh National Opera's Advisory Council.
Daniel Broby is a senior member of faculty at Strathclyde University, Department of Accounting and Finance. The Department of Accounting and Finance at Strathclyde is ranked 1st in the UK for Accounting and Finance in the Complete University Guide Subject League Table for 2016. Duncan Maclennan is Director of the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre and the Centre for Housing Research at the University of St Andrews. He has an extensive record of advising public policymakers (advising OECD on Urban Affairs from 1984 to 1996, the World Bank between 1980and 2000 and the EU in the 1990’s).
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scotland’s national academy) and was awarded a CBE for services to housing research and policy in Britain in 1997. Very often it's the creative thinking that takes place across organisations and between sectors that leads to the best results.
Right, the can of tuna in which it was foundA 'I opened the top of the lid and saw a purple thing, a gut sack or intestine - then I turned it round and pushed it with a fork and saw it looking back at me,' said the 28-year-old.
This extends to professionals currently operating as Close Protection Operatives, who wish to seek global operational growth and comply with regulatory statues and conform to best industry practice. The training modules have been compiled from field experience and are designed to qualify students to work either solo or as a member on a close protection team.
Regardless of your history or experience the 5-week South African Executive Close Protection course should be your first choice.
If you are looking for a course that enables you to work successfully in executive protection by adapting the material that you have learned and trained this is the right course for you. He is a graduate of Dundee University and studied at the University of Prince Edward Island.He has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament since 2007 and is currently the constituency MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane.
In a career spanning 30 years Martin has operated nationally and internationally with organisations covering logistics, technology and finance.
Martin is a supporter of Social and Community Business and chairs Firstport Ltd, a start-up funding organisation for social enterprises.

He has over 30 years experience in public sector audit covering areas such as the Edinburgh trams project, the roll-out of superfast broadband, and roads maintenance. She has ten years experience in public sector audit, covering financial audits as well as performance audits in the Capital Investment Portfolio.
Hubco is a public private partnership company which is 40% owned by the public sector in the Lothians and Borders and was the first Hub company formed in Scotland.
As a firm believer in the benefits of partnership working, he is well placed to lead Hubco as it helps its public sector partners to develop new and innovative community facilities in support of service modernisation. Previously, as a Partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP, Nathan worked with public and private sector organisations, across a wide range of projects and programmes in social, environmental and economic infrastructure. Before joining ICE in 2012, Sara held project management, policy and public affairs roles in economic development with a built environment, transport and planning focus in local government and Scottish Enterprise. Her early career in London was with PBD, business information and strategy consultants and the British Council. He was previously Chief Executive of Asia House in London, where he drove its mission to educate and inform the people of the UK about a region extending from the Gulf in the West to Japan in the East. He worked in the fund management industry for 30 years, holding a number of 'C' level positions at leading fund managers. Daniel was a Visiting Professor at the department for a number of years before joining the faculty to spend more time on his research interests. Getting one of these jobs takes serious executive security skills.To secure a job in vip protection, youa€™ll need to get as many different armed security jobs and close protection experience scenarios as you possibly can. Post 9-11 has seen a dramatic upsurge in interest by Governments, Corporations and Individuals alike, regarding close protection services. Aimed at anyone who is wishing to work in the Close Protection industry anywhere in the world, this intensive City & Guilds Approved and SIA compliant Close Protection Course provides an informative, no nonsense, hands-on course for serious potential or current participants in the close protection industry.
As CEO of Dixon's B2B operation Martin built up the largest Apple reseller business in the UK as well as developing a £100m public sector business. These include The Scottish Government’s purchase of Glasgow Prestwick Airport and Major capital investment in councils follow-up. These include the Glasgow Edinburgh Collaboration Initiative, Edinburgh City Centre development partnership and EU funded transnational knowledge transfer projects on open innovation, waterfront regeneration and citizen participation.
These included Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Portfolio Manager. Daniel used to be an Individual member of the London Stock Exchange and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.
From 1999to 2003 he worked as full time policy adviser to the First Minister(s) of Scotland ( leading the transfer of Glasgow’s public housing stock to the third sector), as chief economist in the State of Victoria ( Australia (2003-5) and then as Chief Economist for Infrastructure and Cities in the Federal Government of Canada (2005-2008) before resuming his university career. They call it elite security for a reason, and no one hires you into the world of celebrity body guarding without an impressive resume.Executive Protection Training (also known as bodyguard training)Having the built of a stereotypical bodyguard is not enough to make you become one.
An increasingly violent world has resulted in a strong demand for professionally trained close protection operatives.
Additionally, close combat, advanced driving and intensive shooting training aren’t neglected. Martin was part of the team that brought the 5 radio authorities together to create Ofcom and worked with the London Borough of Hackney on developing its infrastructure for the 2012 Olympics.
She worked as a Senior Researcher during her secondment to the Financial Scrutiny Unit in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre.
He has strong academic background and has written a number of books on finance and the fund management industry. A bodyguard, professionally known as an executive protection specialist, passes through bodyguard training to obtain the right skills needed for the job. Martin is also a keen lecturer and academic and has written a number of papers covering areas as diverse as CSR and Emotional Intelligence in management development.
During his industry career, he was responsible for launching both a Russian and a Nigerian Infrastructure fund. These people provide a high level of security to VIPs and individuals who may have elevated personal risk.They belong to the executive protection field, which is part of the private security industry. In the US, services under this field are regulated by the state, in most cases requiring training, licensing, insurance and separate carry permit. Firms that provide executive protection services are likewise required to have state-issued business license and registration that allows them to provide such service.A Quick Rundown of a€?Close Protection Jobsa€™An executive protection specialist, sometimes called personal protection specialist, protective service agent, or simply bodyguard are hired to primarily protect their client. Their duties include, but are not limited to monitoring security systems, assessing threats, preplanning activities for regular days and special events, and coordination with various people to be met by client.Close protection jobs can be extremely stressful at times.
And just like any other security guards, youa€™ve got to keep a level head and a sturdy hand at all times. Depending on which security companies you work for, stress tests might be apart of your employee intake. Consider starting a local fight club or joining a boxing gym.Different companies hire executive protection specialists to protect top executives.
He may escort a client from time to time, background check people who will come in contact with client or check vehicles for devices, bombs, or potential shooters.Duties of a VIP Body GuardThe breakdown of responsibilities of an executive protection specialist depends on the role given to him and the level of risk of his client. Additionally, depending on jurisdiction, they may be armed or unarmed to protect high-risk individuals.A team of body guards of a head of state may begin their day by meeting to review the different activities client has to do for the day, and discuss how they would undertake escorting, transportation and monitoring tasks.

Before client arrives at destination, one of them may have to exit first to check if the place is secure and if people expected to be met are all present.A Bodyguard TrainingBecoming an executive protection specialist requires various skills.
You need to obtain training in unarmed combat, tactical driving, firearms tactics and even first aid, crowd screening, and search for explosives or bugs. Numerous private institutions now offer complete courses to develop understanding of the protective doctrine. It is important to choose the right training provider, one that has extensive experience to be called masters in the field.Executive Protection Courses involves dynamic and intensive training courses that focus on protective methodology and practices. These range from 2 to 200 hours and could cover everything that a VIP protection agent needs to work on an armed or unarmed detail anywhere in the world. Most programs will not just sit you down in a classroom and show you slideshows.Trainings include coaching, mentoring, and definitely hands-on programs. Students can develop knowledge and abilities that will gear them to be competent security providers. There are practical exercises to enable them to employ the tactics, methodologies, procedures and techniques learned throughout the course.
This usually trains executive protection personnel to understand the hierarchy in an organization.
That way the executive protection personnel would understand their role in the whole hierarchy and how security can be enforced.This will also include topics in tactical and strategic planning and problem solving. It is under these classes that you will learn how to develop organizational policies to implement proper security measures and build security programs. These classes also cover ways to train security personnel and how to incorporate the executive security measures with the existing security measures.High profile protection and protective intelligence. This particular course encompasses topics and subjects that are needed for the protection of high profile clients. High profile clients would include political candidates, public figures in the realm of politics, celebrities or those in the entertainment industry and high profile personalities in the business world.These figureheads are constantly in the limelight and often need protection due to their rank and status in the society. Topics in this course will teach you how to organize proper convoy transport for your client. You will also be trained in methods to be able to control the public and how to ensure that your client does not have access to the public and vice versa.You will also be taught to set up a command center where all the control will take place.
This will allow and train you to analyze and see the difference between real threats and those that are merely hoaxes.
This will teach you how to track down the source of the threat in order to further protect your client.You will learn analytical models to predict the next movement of the ones threatening your clients.
Lastly, this course will tackle topics in strategies for intervening and dealing with possible threats. You will be taught how to counsel and deal with them both psychologically and legally.Estate security This course will teach you all about maintaining, securing and protecting the property of your client.
This will include classes in patrolling, studying about systems for detection, how to liaise with other agencies that enforce the law, how to detect intrusions, training of staff members, how to do inventory checks of the property and document the items that are of great value, how to create visitor logs and protection of your client and guests.Bomb search and identification This course includes classes that teach you all about bombs. You will also be taught to identify the different kinds of explosives.CPR This course is an essential one in any training program. You will learn to treat wounds, attend to burns and injuries.Vip Security As many celebrities require a lot of protection, there is a special course solely made to train specialists on dealing with them.
You will also be taught on how to travel and dealing with different cultures and customs.Defensive Shooting One of the most important courses, this will teach you how to shoot properly.
You will be tested under stress to ensure that you will be able to shoot well even during times of emergency.A Getting The Training for Bodyguard JobsThere are several ways on how you can go about completing an executive protection training program. During the 4 weeks, you will be asked to take residency in school and attend classes in the school as well.
Moreover, you will be made to undergo practical exercises that will enhance your abilities and skill.Without these skills you dona€™t have much of a shot of nailing any sort of high end bodyguard jobs. Check out which security guard companies have which requirements, and start building your resume as soon as you possibly can.Bodyguard Training TimelineIf you do not have much time to attend lectures in the classroom, you can opt to enroll in an online program. This will be 15 days of pure practical rigorous training that will test your skills.However, there are some courses that are only available to those who complete the entire 4-week or 28-day residency, as these courses would entail a combination of tactical, practical and classroom training done simultaneously.
Usually those who choose the distance learning program take longer as they go according to their own speed. Those who opt for distance learning usually finish the training program between nine to twelve months.For residents, each course has six lessons and can be completed in 30 days.
However, the completion of this would all depend on how fast the student can finish all the required subjects.
Moreover, it will depend on the availability of funds as each course is paid for separately.

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