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Indian economy is mainly an agro based economy, we have abundant suppliers, agro products in different part of India. The course will benefit the business community and other as well as the course aims at providing practical approach to the new comers which in long run, based on their attitude, will make them successful entrepreneurs. To provide a gateway of opportunity for educated and determined youth to acquire real entrepreneurial skills for undertaking business of manufacturing and exports of products. At Business Minds, it is a training in form of SHARING of practical experiences in doing agricultural exports on day to day basis by which one can understand risk involved in export and practical remedies. Alkhas Khametov is an international, highly qualified, oil management executive with nearly twenty years of experience in sales management and supplies of crude oil, refined petroleum and petrochemical products. A native of Azerbaijan, one of the most important countries in the world for oil exploration and development, Mr. In this rapidly evolving industry with steep competition and unrelenting technological changes, to perform well, to manage effectively and to develop a global vision, skills are not only developed on the job but refined through external executive training. With a consistent background, a successful management track record and excellent leadership abilities, Mr.
Alkhas Khametov has come out on top to represent the new generation of managers ready to lead companies to new levels.
He also has extensive experience in the area of logistics and energy resources trading on the CIS and European markets.

Khametov began his career in the industry in 1994 after he graduated from the State Oil Academy of Azerbaijan Republic with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.
Khametov was recruited by Russia’s largest and most globally diversified oil company, LUKOIL, in 2002. Khametov was promoted to Commercial Director in 2009 for LUKOIL Italia SRL, the Mediterranean cluster of LUKOIL, a position he now holds. Khametov continues to invest in ways to increase not only profit margins for the company but also for his own personal improvement. Passionate and goal-oriented, he has excelled in his field, developing an exceptional ability to recognize new business trends in the marketplace, which has allowed Mr. As Caspian Project Manager for its subsidiary, LITASCO, the International Trading and Supply Company and one of the world’s leading international trading entities in the crude oil and condensate market, he was in charge of business development, trading and operational activities with a focus on crude, petroleum products and LPG in the Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran.
Khametov to establish effective relationships, obtain results within the multinational community and maximize profitability.
Khametov also enrolled and completed a State Exchange MBA program at Massachusetts State University.
For three years, he managed the company’s operational activities while supervising traders in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and Azerbaijan.
Reporting to the company’s Board of Directors with results on company performance, Mr.

Supporting and managing CIS logistics and operations contracts between the company and third parties, Mr. Khametov also ran the commercial activities unit, mainly covering trading, supply issues and activities with the Caspian Pipeline Consortium. Khametov ensured that all contractual and operational matters were executed in close cooperation with Milio’s trading, financial and legal teams. He also liaised with the company’s treasury group to maintain the appropriate in-house checks and balances on new, proposed customers. Through regular meetings and reports on company development and targets, he maintains control over information flows. Khametov developed successful logistics schemes and marketing strategies for European markets, oversaw the management of processes of sales and supplies of crude products and petrochemical feedstock, and managed export deliveries using multimodal transportation.

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