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These pursuits are contingent on operational limits such as budgetary constraints, staffing availability, and timing.  In order to facilitate an efficient process that accounts for both individual and departmental concerns, the following guidelines have been established. Once the information has been gathered, fill out the form completely and submit to the direct supervisor.  Please include supporting documentation such as a conference brochure to assist the training coordinator with obtaining and verifying details if needed. The training memo is a summary report of the various confirmations involved for the trip (e.g.
The training coordinator will assess all reimbursement requests for department policy compliance.  Any items that did not meet the guidelines will be explained in a separate spreadsheet provided upon assessment completion via email.
All reimbursable expenses will either be provided to the employee via petty cash or through their regular paycheck.  Neither method is taxable. Staff in the PFM Business Office are members of the Joint Training Committee and support the training logistics required for approved requests for Planning and Facilities Management employees.
Please see the bargaining unit agreement for details about the current terms of the committee.
The employee will be supplied with the confirmation for the course registration, location, date and times.
Employee must achieve completion of the training program or wait twelve (12) months to request training again. Employee must provide copies of certificates received within two weeks following program completion. Please read through the following guidelines thoroughly prior to the training.  If any of the guidelines are not followed, the employee may forfeit part or all of their reimbursement.
Only the travel expenses accrued between point of departure and arrival will be reimbursed.  The only exception will be any transportation costs previously discussed with the training coordinator such as cab fare or airport parking. Itemized and original receipts are required for all reimbursements.  Any exceptions to this policy require the approval from Department Business Officer.
For timely reimbursement, travel receipts should be submitted within five working days of your return. Meals covered by the registration fee that the employee chooses not to take will not be reimbursed. Snacks and multiple meals are not reimbursable.  For example, either a small lunch item or the regular lunch meal after an event will be reimbursed and not both. Only the ITEMIZED RECEIPT for meals will be accepted, receipts with the total only will not be honored. Any cab fare, parking fees, shuttle fees, or other related costs accrued but was not used towards the class or conference is not reimbursable.

A mileage log is required to document travel in a vehicle.  (Mileage is reimbursed per the University’s current published mileage rates).
If an employee wishes to combine a personal trip with their training travel, they may do so with the understanding that they must pay the difference in cost back to the University.
Upon completion of travel, the employee will either write a check to the University reflecting the final discrepancy costs or have the personal expenses paid by the University deducted from their approved travel reimbursement. Any discretionary spending during the personal portion of the trip will not be reimbursed.  Expenses accrued during the training portion is subject to the department reimbursement guidelines. 2) After obtaining this information, Quote #a is subtracted from Quote #b and the resulting total is the dollar amount that is due back to the University. Areas highlighted below need to be filled out by the employee requesting the training.  Please note that it must be filled out completely. Projected costs should be obtained either from the training organization’s website or based on current market cost quotes.  Meal costs should be approximated based on the reimbursable expenses guidelines. If an employee decides to travel to their class or conference using their personal vehicle, they can fill out a mileage log to recoup their costs.
Please go to the Forms section and print out the mileage log and view the Mileage Reimbursement Calculation document.  Below is an example of how it should be filled out (in red text). Notice that the normal commute had been deducted from actual travel.  If the point of departure and arrival is Georgetown University, then the commute deduction is unnecessary. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge required together with a deeper understanding of the concepts of Effective Facilities Management, Asset Management and Maintenance. Raffy Pefianco of RMP Consultancy conducting Facilities Management Seminar with the staff of a major property owner and developer in Manila. The seminar uses a combination of lectures, visual presentations, workshops, and group discussions. If there is a seminar that you want and it is not yet scheduled, do send us an email or call us and tell us your needs.
If you have at staff who need to be trained right away, please give us a call and we can discuss how we can schedule a special class that is tailor fitted to your specific needs. Apollo Power Systems believes in & understands the importance of the right employee training, development & education, at the right time, which provides big payoffs for the company in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution. The training division, managed by a team of professionals, design a set of functions & activities to impart apt knowledge on various aspects to all company staff, including - Marketing, Sales, Service, FMS or Manufacturing, with the aim of improving & maximizing both organizational as well as employee effectiveness. At Apollo Power Systems, as the Facility Management Services' staff are periodically trained on the best practices regarding Operation & Maintenance of most Electro-mechanical Equipment, including – Transformers (sub-stations), DG-power house, UPS, HVAC, Chiller, Elevator, Electrical panels, All types of Breakers, Building Management Service activities, etc.

Apollo also has the capability and facility for imparting similar training sessions to Clients at respective sites on a continuous or on a periodical basis, as per the clients' need. The CleanCheck Training System has safety module that includes Hazardous Communications Standard and Bloodborne Pathogen Standard training. FacilitiesNet subscriptions include free email newsletters from our facility-industry brands.
Mirka Abrasives, parent of Mirka Abrasives Canada, has opened a technology and training centre in Jeppo, Finland, where the company’s world headquarters are located. The new centre features such state-of-the-art technology as ATEX-certified gas-heated paint booths and a high-tech auditorium. The training centre will welcome Mirka employees and customers of Mirka products as well as distributors, potential customers, and partners such as paint companies, OE manufacturers and training schools.
NO RENTAL CARS UNLESS PRIOR APPROVALS ARE RECEIVED.  Additionally, please note that per University Policy, the employee’s normal commute will be deducted from the mileage if they are not departing from or arriving back to the University. The cost to pay back is outlined and acknowledged by all parties through an interdepartmental memo furnished by the training coordinator.
You will explore the different maintenance strategies and how the proven tools of lean and six sigma can improve Facilities and Maintenance Management. More emphasis is placed on workshops to allow the participants to learn the material presented in a fun and easy manner. Pefianco is a mechanical engineer and a highly respected practitioner in management training.
Since we have our own training center, we can schedule the seminar on the dates that your participants are available. Has modules for training janitorial staff to clean offices, restrooms, carpets, hard floors and classrooms. Slated to open in early 2014, the centre will have the capacity to train at least 1500 people per year. He is an International trainer whose passion is to enable Filipino professionals to reach world class levels by sharing the insights he has gathered working and teaching abroad and in the Philippines.
He is a Mechanical Engineer by training, Master in Project Management and a Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management.

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