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Nashville, TN – Tennesseans who suffered losses due to severe spring weather have about six weeks remaining to apply for assistance. State and federal officials continue to encourage anyone with damage or other losses in the disaster-designated counties to register. Clarksville, TN – The volunteer and donations response in the wake of the April 27 deadly tornado outbreak in the state of Alabama has been tremendous. Amidst the collaborative relief efforts, an Alabama native who now calls Clarksville home believes collectively we can do more. Montgomery County, TN – Montgomery County Government and the City of Clarksville would like to make citizens aware of a FEMA Recoupment Process that will affect some Montgomery County residents. Last week, FEMA sent letters to some disaster assistance applicants who received improper federal disaster payments in seven Southeastern states. The letters inform the recipients of the amount they are to repay and the reason why the money is being sought, in addition to information about how they can repay the debt or appeal the attempt to collect it. State and FEMA teams are canvassing communities in Cheatham, Davidson, Dyer, Hickman, McNairy, Montgomery, Perry, Shelby, Tipton and Williamson counties, offering individuals and small business owners information about available disaster assistance programs. In a meeting with the Business owners who were affected by the Great flood of 2010, Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper outlined how the City of Clarksville plans to help them recover from this natural disaster.
WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA—Three days after Navajo Nation President requested aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for recovery funds from the August 5 mine spill that released three million gallons of toxic waste in Colorado, the federal agency denied the request on Friday. August spill was caused by a subcontractor working for the EPA that accidentally released the toxic waste into the Animus River from the Gold King Mine, near Durango, Colorado. FEMA denied the request because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has already been assisting in the recovery, according to FEMA Administrator W. To make matters worse, the EPA informed the Navajo Nation on Friday it would begin to remove water tanks that have been providing fresh water to the livestock. For years, we have consistently been at the receiving end of toxic spills and contamination with no adequate relief as the United States Government and Private Companies became wealthy off of the natural resources of the Navajo Nation. Levi Rickert, a tribal citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, is the publisher and editor of Native News Online.
The federal government was quick enough to extract the minerals from the Navajo Nation when they were needed to fuel the Cold War, leaving hundreds of abandoned mines behind.

I once wrote a grant application to FEMA for a tribe wanting to do a planning study re pre-mitigation. If the tribes could come together, then accept the millions of people passing for white who have indigenous blood, they could make a bigger impact.
Companies that destroy rivers and land should be made by law to clean up their own shit, if this means supplying fresh water to all people effected so be it.
August 9th is the last day the Federal Emergency Management Agency will accept applications for individual assistance. Governor Robert Bentley encourages volunteers to use Alabama’s Statewide 2-1-1 Volunteer Call Center. Stanley Truitt of First Missionary Baptist Church is willing to personally transport relief items to Alabama to provide aid directly to the storm victims.
Bill Haslam joined FEMA Director Craig Fugate  today to announce the federal government has approved four Tennessee counties to receive federal assistance as a result of the severe storms, flash flooding and tornadoes that struck the state beginning on April 25th and continuing to April 28th, 2011. Part of that assistance came from Governor Phil Bredesen and the Federal Emergency Management agency with the announcement that Montgomery County Tennessee is one of six Tennessee counties that were declared a Federal Disaster Area by President Barack Obama. Image credit:FEMAThis year's devastating floods in Nashville Tennessee brought more than just ruined homes and the destruction of historically important musical instruments. The toxic waste made its way into the San Juan River that flows into the Navajo Indian Reservation. The Navajo Nation must now rely on the Bureau of Indian Affairs that has committed to fill two water tanks until the end of September. I worked with the NW FEMA staff and knew it was well written and appropriate for what the funding covered. The fact that oxygen hitting the water and causing acidity, and thus high pH, is not something that science can do anything about, as has been explained repeatedly. Some of the needed items are: batteries, laundry detergent, trash bags, cleaning supplies, dish washing liquid, paper towels, toilet paper, bread, crackers, snack food, cereal, canned meat (tuna, chicken, potted meat, Vienna sausages, soups), and boxed meals. Small amount of money but, once completed, would have allowed the tribe to apply for capital dollars. Explain, please, what damages you feel the tribe has suffered, since no one else down stream is claiming damage.

Appraisers and insurance companies, for example, had to keep flood hazard maps for every single stream segment in their jurisdiction. There will be action by numerous parties in the days, months and years to come that will no doubt impact tribal lands and water.
Property owners were of "left out" of the loop, more or less, by lack of convenient access.
I asked him to relay that the tribe wanted to be debriefed re why it was denied (we had received no info re that in the denial, so it would have been good to know for preparing future applications) but could get no answer from FEMA other than that “it was the luck of the draw,” which I told them was an unacceptable answer and received no further comment from my contact. As the flood waters of Nashville receded, a tool for understanding how your home and property could be affected by future weather extremes came on line.
I believe that FEMA very often makes strictly political decisions, and in the case of the tribe for which I worked,it was not politically at the top of the heap seeking funding. The taxpayers will, through their government, stand good for what damages there are that can be emiliorated through science and technology in the future.
The zoom is particularly useful.I wanted to use Al Gore's residence as an example to illustrate, but didn't have the address. In the case of this tribe, it likely was seen as TOO political an issue with which to become involved. Until then, quit asking for money when you have already been made as whole as much as anyone can be in the situation we all face in common. Next best thing, I figured, was to zoom in on the local office in Kentucky of US Senator Mitch McConnell: 601 W. FEMA not only does out toxic trailers to desperate flood victims, it sets up toxic processes with rigged outcomes for doling out grants and, it appears, emergency funds.
The tribe for which I wrote the application has so far this season had more than 10,000 acres torched in wildfires, and, I imagine, could have used more equipment to fight the fires, items eligible for FEMA funding. Demands for dredging and levee buildings are surely flowing in.Insurance companies can check on your risk with the click of a mouse.

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