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Good Feng Shui is achieved in the design of this entrance through several sources including the color, window placement and exterior greeters, or guardians, called Fu Dogs.
Second, we have the placement of the octagon windows - the eight-sided windows - on either side of the doorway. Lastly, the doorway is open and inviting with beautiful objects displayed by the door to entice people into the space.
Order The Gift of the Red Envelope: A guide to designing balance, order, and beauty into your home. In my previous post – 14 Things Not To Do in The Month of Hungry Ghost Festival, you have learnt the things to avoid, but you are still not aware what can be done to stay lucky in this month. If you really want to embrace these Chinese traditions, there are several amulets, talisman, crystals, and images (of various deities and symbols) you can display for further protection. 4. Protect your front entrance by keeping your front entrance brightly lit throughout the night. Be extra careful during this month because the probability of accidents and mishaps is high this month. Be careful and try using the suggested protections and it will be a smooth month for you!
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Our original Feng Shui Paintings make the science of Feng Shui user friendly for home and office decorating. Feng Shui symbols and colors in the artwork attract positive Chi; attracting wealth, health and prosperity. Our artists have transferred ancient Chinese watercolor painting techniques to the medium of oil paintings.
These techniques produce oil paintings with a very unique look, texture, and color pattern. Our painting techniques and knowledge of Feng Shui produce unique artwork that can not be replicated.
Most business owners would agree that Lunar seventh month (western calendar is August) is typically a month of slow period of the year because a lot of people do not like to carry out major events like renovation, investment, buying property, flying overseas and many more.
This is the most basic of all which is to provide food offering to ghosts, that include pork, chicken, fruits, sweets, beer, and cigarettes. You should also burn paper money (currency for use in the other world) as an offering to the spirit to make your business grow and prosper. Although the Feng Shui principles are easy, some of you reading my blog have asked me why I made the comments about this particular building in Chinatown.

The Ba-Gua represents the eight areas of our lives, the balance and interaction of these areas as well as being a symbol of good fortune.
They are actually lions, but they were called the Dogs of Buddha and the Chinese word for Buddha is "Fo". The offerings should be placed on a table outside your home or office so that the hungry ghosts will not have to come inside.
If that is the case, the best thing you can do is check out these photos and see which one appeals to you most.
The sacred sanctuary awaits you, welcoming you to enter the place of peace, passion and power.
This is why there is a common scene of tables laying out on the street during Ghost Month, covered in food offerings for the spirits.

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