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What happens when you take the imagination behind Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, and Pacific Rim, and mix with one of the most beloved children’s books around? Del Toro has stepped in as producer of The Secret Garden, a new adaptation of the beloved novel that sees a lonely girl discover a magical garden that’s been neglected by her uncle. It has not been confirmed whether or not Del Toro will direct, but he has hired Beasts of the Southern Wild scribe Lucy Alibar to pen the script, and will co-produce with A Little Princess producer Mark Johnson.
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Back To The Secret Garden, the sequel inspired by the classic children’s tale, The Secret Garden, leads us into a magical world of hope and friendship on a grand adventure for the entire family. The little girl Lizzie convenientlyloves working in gardens and sets about finding out why the garden isinexplicably dying. I quite enjoyed all of the (too few) sceneswith a grown Mary Lennox (now Mary Craven, having married her firstcousin, Colin. I despise how Joan Plowright plays the character (somuch like she plays ALL of her characters). The show focuses much too much on Martha, who is sounlike the Martha we know from the books that we wonder if thisimpostor chopped her up and buried her in the garden and that’s whyit’s dying! There’s also the just-add-venom antagonist in the form of aHarry Potter clone with a superiority complex.
Miss Sowerby (JoanPlowright), is the be all and end all of the said garden, but under herwatchful eye, Lizzie discovers the said place, a place of faith, courageanddetermination.Back to The Secret Garden, like the first film, has some lovely messagesinthere for the littlies. Backto the Secret Garden is not as good, but much better than I thought itwould be, considering I was expecting an atrocity in all honesty.
True,some of the dialogue is trite, some of the characters areunderused(Colin for instance) and while Joan Plowright plays olderMartha very well with a sweet sincerity I wasn't entirely convinced byhow Martha was written some of it was on the contradictory side.

Thatsaid, it is beautifully filmed, the soundtrack is soothing and thestory is interesting with cute scenarios.
The cast are excellent,particularly Florence Hoath and Camilla Belle, but the performances ofDavid Warner, George Baker and Cherie Lunghi aren't to be disputedeither. ButMary chooses Lizzie, a loner who loves taking care of the garden.After Martha is on her own, she looks and looks and can only see ivycovering the stone wall.
So she has an opening made for a new door.Lizzie arrives at Misslethwaite and immediately learns to break therules.
She loves the secret garden and sneaks in, and she discoversthat door Martha can't find from the outside.
Camilla Belle starts off slow buteventually shows talent matching that of the others.This is a movie kids can watch, but it has plenty of adult content (thegood kind, meaning intelligent writing) which their parents can enjoytoo. Thestoryline flows well.I have the original DVD of the original film, but for the moment havethe sequel above as a TV recording.

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