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Amazing testimony of the demonic stronghold that was broken off his mind after 30 years of Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder! After the Night of Decision last year, I wrote my prayer requests in a journal standing on Habakkuk 2:2. In September, I realized that I had not tithed off of my investment property for a few months. In October, the Bishop and Pastors prayed with me about my life;A  the Bishop asked God for a breakthrough in seven days. I thank God for placing me in The Temple of Restoration where His truth is being told and where hope and faith comes alive. I began taking my spiritual walk seriously, attending four services weekly, tithing and sowing seeds (sometimes my last).A  I took the New Believers Class and was baptized. Most recently, I represented myself in a civil lawsuit and won, getting exactly what I wanted.
I started a new job one year ago and after only six months in the position, I was offered a promotion. I attempted to apply for financial aid prior to receiving the scholarship, but I was told that I did not qualify because of my mother’s income. By sowing into the Gospel Wings Ministry we are helping the Word of God go out across the world where it is changing the lives of many.
I was delivered from $30,000 debt and was able to give God offerings and all the tithes I owed Him, past and present. When I totaled all that I owed, I thought of all the bills I could pay; but the Holy Spirit convicted me and I brought the whole tithe to church. The following week, I received a FedEx package containing a letter from the bank advising that I was approved for a full principal forgiveness of my home equity line of credit on my investment property for $136,937.15, including all fees and interest. I put it into action by planting my seed and meditating on Genesis 26:12 and Joshua 1 until His words came to pass in my life. I encourage everyone who is believing God for a miracle to hang in there and put their trust in God. After six months, I was counseled by one of the pastors who said, “Whenever I see you, I see an investor not a gambler.

Now, I have the best family ever, my two beautiful children are well provided for, and I’m happy and sleep well. I turned it down because it required 70% travel; this would interfere with my responsibilities as a Youth Leader at TTOR. Ever since I became a partner, my mother faithfully committed herself to making monthly donations on my behalf. I also received a scholarship to Medgar Evers College, where I will be attending this coming September. When we faithfully commit that which we promise God, He will never leave us to find our own way. I searched unsuccessfully for a church home where I could find healing and renew my passion for God.
I thank God for this miracle and the Bishop and Pastors at TTOR for their prayers and teaching me these principles. While fasting, praying, seeking God and sowing seeds, I received a job offer to work for three days per week at the same pay I had received for two weeks’ work on my last job. I encourage them to continue fasting, praying and sowing seeds and most importantly continue being a faithful tither.
Do you know the big plans that God has for your life?” Those words penetrated my heart.
Months later, God blessed me with my dream job in law enforcement followed by my dream home, an English Tudor.
Over a three-months period, my company began to go through a tremendous restructuring; everyone was questioning what was happening and getting nervous. I realized that my finances drastically changed and I have been receiving many favors wherever I go. Though I was told I would not be getting financial aid, I went ahead and registered for my classes believing that God would make a way.
As my financial and emotional problems mounted, I stopped going to church, stayed home and watched services on television. Also during a service last year and again this year, Bishop told us to bring our bills to the church to be prayed over and I was obedient.

God changed my life story and the best is yet to come.A  I thank the Bishop, Pastors and Servants for all their prayers and counseling. She made it quite clear that if I wanted to move up in the company, I would have to accept certain positions that required a lot of travel; only senior positions did not require travel. Shortly after I registered, I found out that I didn’t have to pay tuition and that I would be getting money back. Just by my mother sowing $20 per month, within one year God granted me a breakthrough of thousands of dollars.
It’s an investment that we are making and somewhere down the line, we will reap the benefits with interests. One Sunday, I caught the TTOR Pawtucket Service and heard a woman’s deliverance testimony. My husband and I had used this money to do restoration work on our home a few years ago, so by cancelling this debt, God paid for the work that was done.
I was quickly reminded that it is through the power of God and also my mother faithfully sowing seeds on my behalf. Eventually, I started attending services daily and the Lord began to restore my broken life.
I was told by the HR Manager that a promotion like mine had never happened before in the history of the company, especially to someone as young as me. As a result, God will not leave me lacking anything, but will bless me with double, as He is more faithful to me than I am to Him. I started drawing away from worldly interests and walked away from employment with questionable moral values. My check couldn’t cover all of these bills, so I started to fall behind in my payments and termination notices began to arrive.

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