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The term microclimate describes the climate of a small, specific place within a larger area. For example we live in Hobart, a cool temperate region – think frosty, cold winters with snow on the mountain and mild summers. No matter where you are you can create microclimates to enhance your food production and create super productive landscapes.
One of our other favourite microclimates on our property is actually inside the house (yes, microclimates exist inside buildings too). Kylie is also growing macadamias, she’s from Queensland and misses the plants from up that way. Water is a powerful tool to moderate climate, being a heat sink it operates as thermal mass – retaining heat and releasing it when temperature changes occur.
Permaculture property, Whole Systems Design, are based in Vermont and are experimenting growing rice in a series of ponds.
On his farm in Austria, Sepp Holzer has designed water into his landscape on a large scale, helping to creating warmer microclimates for the crops he grows around them.
Pathways – by having white gravel paths you can reflect light back onto surrounding vegetation. The great news is that there is almost ALWAYS a way to grow the crops you’d like to grow where you live. Avocardos can grow and produce quite well here in South Hobart -just choose a cold climate variety.
I have one (a Bacon) that has fruited in a pot but not since transplanting into garden last year (when I removed the flowers to help it concentrate on settling) – hoping that it will fruit again this year.
I’ve been thinking about using my sunroom to raise seedlings and wondering if you’ve had problems with plants getting leggy? Hugelkultur beds are also a good way of storing water: the rotting logs act as a sponge, storing excess water in the winter and slowly releasing moisture into the bed in summer.
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This could be a hillside on the edge of a city or an area as small as a backyard or park which can then have several different microclimates of their own depending on how much sunlight, shade, or exposure to the wind the space gets. As we live in a cool climate region we’re completely focused on making WARM microclimates. This is actually our neighbour’s wall but we helped build it and it sits on our boundary line, so we get to utilise it (yessss). Our front sun room is 50% glass and we treat it like a hothouse, raising all our seedlings in their each winter for Spring plantings. Having designed and built their own mud brick house they’ve integrated a glass house into their home.
Basically, it’s a raised garden bed full of rotting logs, timber offcuts and rich nitrogen materials (manure, food scraps, fine green waste etc) which generate some heat as they slowly compost.
This little microclimate is protecting the youngster from wind, generating extra warmth and providing valuable nutirents, so good!
As you can see below she’s covered the macca with a white frost protection coat, then surrounded the lower half with a thick padding of manure with a final layer of straw bales to both generate heat and insulate the whole shbang. Did you know that water bodies of any shape and size (from buckets to dams) are effective ways of creating heat sinks throughout your property?
This can create a small frost-free area for a longer period around it, thus giving a bit of a season extension. You can use this to your advantage by growing strategic plants directly around the water body which crave the extra heat. Black paths function as a heat sink and slowly release that heat to the garden directly next to it. Although I’m not about to try and grow mangoes in Hobart but I will be giving avocados a good go!

Owners recently took to it with a chain saw so it doesn’t hang over the road anymore.
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We only get mild frosts over winter and once we chop down some particularly massive┬ácypress macrocarpa trees on our NW side, we’ll have all day sun hitting both the house and garden.
We do intend to actually build a glasshouse in the garden, but haven’t quite got there yet.
Not only does it provide a kitchen garden pretty much in the kitchen, it also produces valuable heat which travels throughout the house, creating a toasty environment.
On an evening where you’re expecting frost the next morning, you can literally place buckets of water next to frost sensitive plants to help protect them. Appropriately placed ponds near houses can also give extra solar radiation for warming the house due to the reflection.
Our eaves on our windows allows Winter light in beautifully meaning the area we put them on gets great sun.
Our property is also above the cool air drainage and harsh frosts that hits the valley floor (full of houses) below us.
One thing to keep in mind is the type of wood you use, generally avoid (if you can) trees like cypress macrocarpa which are anti fungal and want break down for a looooong time, which is why this timber’s so good as fence posts. Planting seeds in trays instead of deep pots prevents any little shadows falling on the soil as well – if that makes sense.

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