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Immerse yourself in the secret world of a time traveling family as they fight to save their future in the final chapter of the Flux Family Secrets trilogy. This is another sequel to an entertaining game Flux Family Secret, I played the previous two games and each one is an amazing game. If you enjoyed the other two games this one is also a must, and even if you don't own the other two, this game is a definite buy. I really enjoyed this game just sometimes you were not sure what you were doing otherwise excellent!!
I have been a fan of this story line since its beginning and I was very curious to see how the story would end.
Technically the game is a FROG (FRagmented hidden Object Game), it is not too hard but challenging enough, it has a good duration due to its many chapters, the music ties well with the game and isn't boring or annoying.
I definitely suggest that any newcomer to the game series plays the series from the beginning, although the game provides enough background for those who choose otherwise.
Follow Jesse as she navigates through time helping historical figures and unraveling a mysterious plot that involves her families' future. I am surprised however that this game did not come out as a CE whereas the second installement did. I love this series, they are well made, very creative people created these games, and they are fun to play.

Although the plot is very tough to negotiate, what with time travel, plot twists, prophesies and other such elements, I found it to help the game along.
The puzzles are very interesting and just challenging enough without distracting from the story and the overall game. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. It's time to board this thrilling hidden object puzzle adventure that answers all the lingering questions and concludes the Flux Family Secrets trilogy.
You have your normal HO scenes but then you also have to find items that are displayed in your toolbar below. You get HO in a list, and parts of objects in the scene once you find the pieces it makes to one object that interacts in the scene. Anyhow, for those who are unfamiliar with the Flux triology, no worries, there are alot of factoids and film reels that will give you flashbacks of the first two previous games. Hint button available and rechargeable, also, if you click on an object in the list to see how it looks like. This mutual enhancement between story and game is what makes the casual game medium such a great contestant in the overall Games industry. The visuals and artwork are very well done and its good to see bright colors in a game for a change. I did not have to wrestle or frustrate over the intricute hardware diagrams, or the puzzles.

The story of Jesse continues and as Jesse, you have to rectify the damage she created in her last adventure, re-connect her to her family and dive deeper into the family secrets dealing with time travel. I got caught up in investgating how intricute the systems were of the machines and forgot what i was looking for. The HO scenes are crowded and slightly interactive and I found them to be very challenging as some objects were very miniscule and well camoflaged.
Game mechanics has you finding fragmented objects which are combined in your inventory tray at the bottom.
In otherwords, everything is the way we like it to be, great dynamics such as graphics!!, color!!, sound!!, hints!!, story!! Book of Oracle is challenging aswell as fun to play, my trial whizzed by and now I cannot wait to continue. I recommend for those who have not played any of the Flux adventures to start with Casual mode as to get use to the game mechanics.
This is one game where I would have been willing to spend the extra pennies had it come out as a CE.

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