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One of the greatest things I get out of speaking at over 160 Coaches Clinics over the last 7 years is I get to listen and learn from other speakers. I’ve run no-huddle for the last 18 seasons and we pride ourselves on being perfect and fast. Our goal is one offensive team fit and freeze rep every 15 seconds and we rotate 11 in and 11 out on every rep. Thanks to Rick for this very obvious but overlooked method I should have been using all along. Once payment is received, your item will be despatched either via royal mail for UK orders or via royal mail airmail for international orders. While a lot of what he spoke about wouldn’t make sense to apply to my teams, how he got his offense to play fast did.

After every play the line of scrimmage is moved up 10 yards and a coach has a ball set in place. When they play games by themselves like bouncing a ball off the garage, they are counting to see if they can set a new record for catches in a row. This is going to help our team get even better at the no-huddle and give them something to shoot for as the season progresses.
I got to ride with Rick to and from the Chicago airport, so I got 2 hours of uninterrupted time from him. Have you ever been doing something for a VERY long time and found out a better way of doing things and felt like a complete idiot for doing it your own way when there were MUCH better and maybe even obvious options? Perfect means all the linemen come off the ball together with the correct foot and freeze at their assigned blocked imaginary defender.

We had an 11 play opening drive that took 2:12 and we won a game in the last minute by covering 80 yards in 8 plays in the final 2 minutes with no timeouts. They all know their best video game scores, beating and setting standards are innate things kids like to do. Since my Organization has 4 teams we can even compete against each other as to who can get 4 perfect plays done in the shortest time. Rick has turned around a bunch of different High School programs over the last 20 years and has done it with limited talent, he has yet to have coached a DI scholarship player.

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