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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Very Satisfied - Estimated Date of Delivery was 7-18-2011 but VERY HAPPY to Receive the NEXT DAY!!! I offer a safe, non-judgemental, supportive space for you to explore issues and concerns and feel heard and understood. Counselling is often called the ‘talking cure’ yet for people with speech and communication difficulties, a more creative way of engaging is needed, which respects the individual’s preferred means of communication. The following guidance was produced by the Llandrindod Wells U3A Computer Group who kindly gave me permission to share.
Sometimes problems and issues become all encompassing, making it difficult to look  beyond your current situation and  re-connect with your personal passions and aspirations. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Communication takes place when at least two people exchange a piece of information with each other. In everyday communication, we often express ourselves in abstract and broader ways, and we rely heavily on the receiver to create an inner picture based on what was said. Many individuals on the autism spectrum have a more direct and concrete way of communicating and don’t necessarily share these abstract inner pictures or concepts.
We use a large number of words in a short amount of time, which puts a lot of pressure on the person we are talking to.

When you speak to someone, you are also expected to adjust your language to that person and the particular context in which the conversation is taking place. We often use body language and facial expressions as a way to reinforce the spoken language.
There is also some sort of unwritten law regarding eye contact, how intense it should be and for how long it should be held. Visual communication is a more concrete way of communicating where pictures and text are often used together.
This can take place in many different forms, and we often combine different forms of communication to express ourselves.
This doesn’t mean that these individuals communicate in a faulty way, but rather that people use different ways of communicating, which is something that can easily create misunderstandings. Pressure to process what was said, make sense of it, and create an inner picture that agrees with ours. The spoken language is also filled with words and expressions that can mean different things, which further complicates our understanding of it. This morning, his dad had to pick him up from the hospital.” Most of us will assume that Carl fell down from the tree and hurt himself.
An extremely bright and intelligent dad, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, once attended a Parent-Teacher meeting at school. The person we are talking to is also expected to quickly interpret what was said, put it into the right context, and add implicit details that weren’t directly communicated.

She said, “Yes, he’s home!” 30 seconds of silence followed her answer and I was confused why she didn’t put him on the phone. We can easily run into problems when we are supposed to interpret these expressions on the spot.
The teachers at school quickly got irritated as they felt he talked too much and wouldn’t let them speak.
This is a way of communicating that becomes more specific and doesn’t allow for misunderstandings to the same degree as the spoken language. When I brought this to his attention he spontaneously responded, “Is that why they kept making those strange faces? That’s why we use contracts or manuals when we want to be extremely clear and completely avoid misunderstandings.
This can lead to major misunderstandings for individuals who has trouble interpreting other people’s body language and facial expressions.

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