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Newgen es una perfecta muestra de cA?mo un logotipo se convierte en imagen inconfundible de su marca.
Este logo es producto de las innovaciones tecnolA?gicas que caracterizan el siglo pasado y que tanto han influido en el arte, es hijo y representante de su tiempo. They will manage your itinerary from your car to the aircraft, ensuring that you have a safe and stress-free journey to your final destination. Aviation Simulation Network (ASN) to Real-Time Distributed Simulation (RTDS) communication, third level fault tree diagram. Abstract The Next Generation Air Traffic Management system (NextGen) is a blueprint of the future National Airspace System.

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Supporting NextGen is a nation-wide Aviation Simulation Network (ASN), which allows integration of a variety of real-time simulations to facilitate development and validation of the NextGen software by simulating a wide range of operational scenarios. The ASN system is an environment, including both simulated and human-in-the-loop real-life components (pilots and air traffic controllers).

Real Time Distributed Simulation (RTDS) developed at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a suite of applications providing low and medium fidelity en-route simulation capabilities, is one of the simulations contributing to the ASN. To support the interconnectivity with the ASN, we designed and implemented a dedicated gateway acting as an intermediary, providing logic for two-way communication and transfer messages between RTDS and ASN and storage for the exchanged data. Due to the nature of the system, the focus was placed on communication security and the related safety of the impacted aircraft in the simulation scenario.

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