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Updated 21 May: A 65-year-old woman drowned at 11am yesterday morning in the playa de la Avenida Maritima area of Candelaria. Updated 18 March: A man died after drowning at Playa El Camison just before 4pm this afternoon. Yet again I’ll say that cardiac arrest in the sea is a symptom of cold water shock, which can affect people even with water temperature of up to 25?, it’s not just freezing water that is dangerous, and the water around the Canaries’ doesn’t get above 24°C (75°F) even in August. Update 10 January: A 61-year-old British man drowned after suffering a cardiac arrest in the water shortly before 3pm today at Callao Salvaje.
Cardiac arrest is a known symptom of cold water shock, and the danger can also be exacerbated by various factors.
As I posted HERE yesterday, 62 people died at Canarian beaches last year, just under one every six days.
According to figures released by the Real Federacion Espanola de Salvamento y Socorrismo, the Canaries registered one drowning at a beach every six days in 2015, the second highest rate in any Spanish area, and one of the main causes of death in otherwise healthy people.
The body of a 20-year Santa Cruz man was found in the sea 100 metres off the Anaza coast around 4pm yesterday afternoon. Updated 19 May: Unfortunately, Anne has signed herself out of the hospital, which means they are no longer responsible for her care.
Updated 11pm: Anne was found this afternoon, and has been taken to Candelaria Hospital where her situation is said to be giving concern.
Original post 18 May: Family and friends of 31-year-old Anne Maura Drury are extremely concerned because she has disappeared in the Los Gigantes area after arriving in Tenerife on Friday night. Updated 19 May: Just another reminder of this information event on Tuesday at 5pm in the Cultural Centre in Adeje.
Updated 11 May: It would be helpful to the organizers if they had an idea of the type of questions people will be asking so that the experts can think about their replies in advance, and do any necessary research.
Updated 10 May: The venue for the EU referendum information day has now been confirmed as the auditorium in the Cultural Centre in Adeje, which is a large and comfortable arena with a cafe right next to it and three car parks behind. Original post 9 May: Adeje will be the host to an EU referendum information day on Tuesday, 24 May, between 5 and 7pm.
The panel will be chaired by Clio O’Flynn, and will comprise Jose Escobedo (lawyer well experienced in foreign property owner issues), Paul Montague (international tax expert), myself, and Adeje Councillor Carmen Rosa representing the Ayuntamiento. Given the importance of the subejct for its UK nationals, I should stress that enormous thanks are owed to Adeje Ayutamiento for collaborating with this information day which is being organized by FOCUS – Adeje International Focus Group. The full program of events for Corpus Christi in La Orotava starts on 13 May, but the main events of the festivities, which will involve the carpets on display, take place between 31 May and 5 June. The carpets are world famous, and have held the Guinness World Record for the largest ephemeral carpet display in the world since 2006. Adeje also has a marvellous Corpus Cristi carpet display, and information about this year’s on 25 June is available from the Ayuntamiento website HERE. The new Hard Rock Hotel in Playa Paraiso is already taking bookings in advance of its opening in mid-October with a grand opening in December. Sergio Zertuche, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Palladium Hotel Group, said the Hard Rock Hotel would open on October 15th, “and we already have a reservation for October 16th, so we have to be open by then”. Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga said the hotel would act as a market accelerator in what was already an attractive area, “increasing the competitive element. The hotel will also have a Vibe Manager, “who will look after the vibe in each zone, check the music is right”, so you could have someone playing an electric guitar solo at the pool bar, and something completely different in another part of the hotel “and pop-up performances” too. In addition to the new hotel, there is a local plan developed by FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, the Tenerife Cabildo and Turismo de Tenerife to help renovate the area with the existing small and medium enterprises in Playa Paraiso. Tenerife won the right to host the event after a successful bid by Turismo Tenerife backed by the Canarian Government.
The fair’s events revolve around pre-scheduled meetings and an exhibition and conference which are delivered in partnership with host stakeholders. Original post 29 April: The Foreign Office says that over a thousand British residents in Spain are registering every day to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June (for some background info see HERE). British Ambassador Simon Manley today described the strong interest among British expats in voting in the referendum as ‘very encouraging’. The Foreign Office is supporting the Electoral Commission’s campaign to encourage Brits overseas to register to vote, and I’m pleased that so many are already preparing to exercise their democratic right. Whether your view is that the UK should remain in or leave the EU, I urge all eligible expats to register to vote in this historic referendum. The FCO said that clicks on the site from computer users with Spanish IP addresses have averaged more than 1000 daily since the overseas voter registration campaign began on 4 February, with a total of over 80,000 people in Spain visiting it since the beginning of the year.
More than a quarter of a million Brits live in Spain and the large majority are thought to be eligible to vote. The deadline to register for an overseas postal vote is 16 May, in order for ballot papers to be sent out from 23 May in time for them to arrive and for you to send them back. The FCO stresses that even if you registered as an overseas voter for the General Election last year, you do need to do so again because, just as in the UK, you must register every year in order to vote in UK elections and referendums.
Expats who want to know more about the EU referendum can visit the Government’s info page HERE, and you can find out more about voting at HERE. Updated 14 May: The full detailed programme for Starmus 2016 has now been released, and is HERE. Updated 4 May: Very sad news with the death of Nobel chemist Sir Harold Walter Kroto, FRS, better known as just Harry Kroto, who was one of the absolute hits of the last Starmus. Sir Harry died this last Saturday, and will no doubt be greatly honoured in this next Starmus, where he was due to give a much anticipated talk. The progressive rock band Anathema will also perform, and say that they are “very honoured to be invited to play Starmus festival this year. After two ground-breaking editions in 2011 and 2014, gathering together the most important representatives in these fields, such as the astronaut Neil Armstrong and Professor Stephen Hawking, Starmus III will include twelve Nobel laureates from Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Astronomy. The main conference website is HERE, and there’s a Facebook page HERE, and twitter HERE.
In addition to the Nobel laureates, the festival will feature renowned astronomers, astrophysicists and scientists, notably astronauts Michael Lopez-Alegria, Garrett Reisman, Chris Hadfield and Russell Schweickart, cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Sergey Volkov, astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kip Thorne, Martin Rees, Jill Tarter and Robert Williams, and physicist Neil Turok.
With this variety of speakers, Starmus 2016 will cover a range of scientific disciplines, naturally including astrophysics and astronomy but also biology, neuroscience, chemistry, physics and, of course, space exploration and the great challenges still facing humanity. I reported HERE on 1 May that a German visitor died after going swimming in Masca bay while on a catamaran excursion. Police say, however, that this small boat refused to take the dying man, and that the sailor concerned has now been arrested. If you notice rather more swimmers than usual this weekend, it’s because the fourth Costa Adeje Bay Swim, organised by the Adeje sports department and Anima2, will be taking place tomorrow, Saturday, 14 May.
The council says that the event is now considered one of the best tests for open sea swimmers in the Canary Islands with a linear swimming challenge of almost 8 kilometres. Canarian president Fernando Clavijo has confirmed reports in today’s papers and on television that the National Police have arrested a 70-year-old man this morning on suspicion of killing his wife in their home in the Cuesta Piedra area of Santa Cruz. Endesa and Arona Ayuntamiento have announced an electricity cut for maintenance works to the public network in Cabo Blanco this Friday, 13 May, between 9.00am and 12 noon. Update 10 May: Just a reminder from the Teleferico that the cable car is closed for maintenance until the 12th, and will be closed again on Thursday and Friday, 26 and 27 May. Original post 4 April: To assist anyone planning a visit, the Tenerife Cabildo has announced that the Teide Teleferico will be closed for maintenance works on 18-19 April, 9-12 May, and 26-27 May. As part of a whistle-stop tour of the Canary Islands, the British Consular Regional Director William Middleton met with a group of mostly British residents who are very active in social media and information dissemination among the ex-pat population in Tenerife. During the one hour session with local journalists, bloggers, media representatives and those who work directly with the ex-pat community, Mr Middleton dealt with a number of important issues, as well as talking about the importance of voter registration in advance of the June referendum on EU membership.
He pointed out that his main concern and role was to make sure people voted rather than encourage people to vote either for or against membership of the EU.
Following the lively meeting with the British community representatives and bloggers, Mr Middleton and the consular team met with Zebenzui Chinea Linares, the councillor for institutional relations. Despite attracting much attention on social media, two youngsters aged 13 and 15 who got into difficulty in rough sea off Playa La Arena around 6pm this evening were suffering only from non-serious hypothermia.

Original post 5 May: A 53-year-old British man was killed last night in a brawl in Avenida Ernesto Sarti, the road that goes between Sunset Bay and Sunset Harbour, up past the old Esmerelda Hotel, and on up to Playa Olid and the motorway.
Original post 22 March: Puerto de la Cruz will be home to Mueca 2016, its annual international art festival, between 12 and 15 May. Original post 4 May: There is great excitement every May when the European Environmental Education Foundation (ADEAC) makes its awards for blue flag beaches. In 2015, Tenerife had thirteen blue flags, down two from 2013 because of the Arona situation.
Endesa and Arona Ayuntamiento have announced electricity cuts for maintenance works to the public network in Valle San Lorenzo next Tuesday, 10 May, between 8am and 1pm. Adeje Ayuntamiento says that it will be implementing a series of initiatives it’s been working on for some time that will improve the quality of life of people living in the municipality.
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Emergency services say that she was pulled from the water by lifeguards but was found in cardiac arrest, and that despite their efforts to resuscitate her, she could not be helped and was declared dead at the scene. And so, regardless of the time of year, even in high summer, Tenerife’s waters are technically cold.
Resuscitation attempts on board were helped by telephone help from the 112 control room while the boat headed for port in Los Gigantes where a doctor and nurse were waiting. At the moment there are no details about his age or nationality, but emergency services say that they were called out with reports that lifeguards had pulled the man from the water and were trying to resuscitate him.
Emergency services say that they were called out around 4pm to reports that the man had been pulled from the water by fellow bathers and was in cardiac arrest.
Sadly lifeguards and paramedics were unable to resuscitate him, and he was declared dead at the scene. There are more details on how to stay safe in Tenerife’s waters on THIS page, where I specifically name Callao Salvaje as a beach where bathers can get into difficulty because of the frequent need to struggle against a pronounced undertow. The victim is a 70-year-old man who emergency services say was pulled from the water just before 10am after suffering a cardiac arrest while swimming.
Sixty two people drowned at Canarian beaches in 2015. Please read my page HERE for information on all this and for recommendations on how to stay safe in waters around Tenerife. A helicopter and lifeboat were despatched for his recovery after emergency services received reports that the body had been seen, and a video of that operation has been posted on the Los Jardineros Facebook page HERE. Her whereabouts are unknown, and police are searching for her.The Consulate is also involved. Friends of the family here say that her relatives are currently on their way to Tenerife to take her home for assistance back in the UK.
She is thought to be under severe mental stress and in need of medical assistance, and her holiday rental apartment was left in a state that suggested a psychological crisis. Questions will be taken direct from the floor, without being pre-submitted, but if people could let me know now what their main concerns are, it would help the council, and the legal and tax experts. Organizers stress that although the event counts on Adeje’s support, and is the initiative of FOCUS, attendance is not at all restricted just to Brits in Adeje.
There will be more details in due course as they become confirmed, but the date and time are now fixed. The main central part depicts the return of the Prodigal Son as portayed by Spanish Baroque artist  Bartolome Esteban Murillo. Every year there is something different and spectacular, with the designs made into carpets with coloured earth from the Teide National Park.
The Corpus Christi display in the town this year will be between 9 and 14 June, and a webcam HERE shows that the preparatory work has already started in the plaza in front of the Ayuntamiento, the traditional place for the main carpet. Such is the effort that goes into these displays that work on the central part of the main carpet starts today. The end result will be primarily red and white, and use some 1,250 kilos of coloured soil divided into five sections. The left panel shows Moses receiving the ten commandments, and in the right panel Abraham offers his son Isaac for sacrifice. He was discussing the renewal of the area in general and the changes a hotel of this quality and kind would bring to the zone while speaking to press following a morning session with the Adeje authorities and local Playa Paraiso businesses in the FIT centre in the Adeje Centre for Tourism Development. We have an opportunity to renew the zone with a product that his completely different and focus in a new way, that will complement our move to diversify our tourism offer”. The Playa Paraiso hotel isn’t a copy of the Ibiza hotel, however, instead adapting to its new surroundings. Some €70m has been invested in the hotel, which has inolved the complete renovation of an existing hotel in the resort, converting it in the process from a 3-star to a 5-star hotel. The plan will be unrolled in four phases, and will see a series of innovation workshops, point of sales diagnostic, assistance on interior renovations and upgrades and an overall improvement of the tourist spaces in the resort. The event will be held between 26 and 28 June in the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque, and will bring together over 250 professionals from the airline industry interested in the African continent, including senior executives and CEOs of the major airlines from the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with the aim of improving air connectivity to, from and within Africa and selling the low tax benefits offered in the Canaries, as well as harnessing the potential for growth.
Island president Carlos Alonso said: “Tenerife’s long-term aim is to become a logistical stepping stone to Africa, building on our strong historical ties with the continent. You may have spent many years working or living in the UK and perhaps still have strong ties: family, property, or a pension.
It is for the British people to decide whether we’re stronger, safer and better off as part of the European Union, or on our own.
You must have been on the UK electoral roll within the last 15 years, or if you were under 18 when you left then at least one of your parents must have been on the electoral list.
Expats who left the UK more than 15 years ago are unfortunately ineligible to vote, because legislation intended to remove the time limit cannot be passed before the referendum date.
In addition to the lectures, another highlight will be the ‘Ask Hawking’ segment which, as in the previous edition, will enable members of the public to pose questions to the great scientist. It will also analyse the diffuse relationship between science and science fiction in the area of technology applied to the future of humanity – this will be done through a unique interactive show which will give the public the opportunity to discover the main thematic format of Starmus, namely the magic fusion between science, art and music. There are significant discounts for Canary Island residents, as there are for those who register before the end of 2015. Now, Starmus III has been announced for 27 June to 2 July next year: the festival is now a biennial event. Despite resuscitation efforts on board, which were taken up by medics at Los Gigantes harbour, the poor man died of cardiac arrest.
He was located by the Guardia Civil from statements taken from those on board and enquiries carried out in the harbour area, and identified as a young man of around 30 years of age and with initials PJ, a local of Santiago del Teide municipality. Adeje Ayuntamiento says that some 200 swimmers, including international teams, have signed up to take part.
The man was detained after he handed himself in to police with details of the 50-year-old woman’s death, seemingly in the early hours.
The event was held in the Adeje Cultural Centre and was followed by a meeting between the Adeje councillor for institutional relations and communications, Zebenzui Chinea Lineras, and Mr Middleton, accompanied by the British Vice Consul Helen Keating and Mary Suarez from the consulate in Santa Cruz. He also pointed out that regardless of the vote on June 23rd, “nothing is going to happen the next day, on June 24th”, indicating that any change, if the vote is to leave, would take place over a longer period. The councillor said his and the council’s doors were always open to all consular representatives, and he was delighted to welcome the team to Adeje again.

The phenomenon needs specialist equipment to view, and as an infrequent event, means that astronomers are always excited at the prospect. The younger of the pair was able to get out of the water under his own steam, but the elder had to be recued by helicopter after emergency services were called out with reports of their predicament.
The two men who appear to have been the aggressors were also British, and were together, whereas the victim was with two women.
Emergency services say that they were called out with several reports of a fight between three men, two of whom were attacking a third, and paramedics who arrived at the scene found that this third had collapsed with a heart attack. Attempts to resuscitate him were sadly fruitless, and he was declared dead at the scene.
The council is understandably ecstatic that Los Cristianos beach and Playa de las Vistas will again see two blue flags flying, two of the fifteen that Tenerife was awarded for 2016, back up to normal standard again! They include workshops, therapies and a series of conferences in relation to food, relaxation techniques, and investigation and research into breast cancer and help for sufferers. Simple to use, attractive and cost-effective, shopping carts are becoming one of the primary ways that your customers can buy your goods & services online! Your dancers will love hearing recognizable melodies with our traditional piano accompaniment! Sadly, their efforts, together with those of paramedics and helicopter medics who took up resuscitation attempts, were in vain and the 62-year-0ld German man man was declared dead at the scene, the seventh victim of drowning so far this year in Tenerife. Sadly, however, their efforts, and those of paramedics who attended, were in vain and the man was confirmed dead at the scene. They, plus Proteccion Civil, and then paramedics all tried to resuscitate the man but without success, and he was declared dead at the scene. Paramedics were dispatched to reports of the incident but their resuscitation efforts were sadly to no avail and they declared the swimmer dead at the scene.
An autopsy is being carried out and the Guardia Civil is investigating the possible causes of the death of the poor young man, who has apparently been identified, though no details have been released. Her disappearance has been reported to the police, but anyone with any information is asked to contact Wendy Muldowny on 699 633 553 or Policia local in Los Gigantes on 922 867 033.
The organizers have no issue with whichever way people vote, just that they should have a chance to get information before they vote so that they can decide with as much informed opinion and expert advice as possible.
It would also be useful if there was a general idea of numbers intending to come – the auditorium can hold 150 or so, so if you could also let me know if you are at least thinking of coming, I can pass the information on to FOCUS, who will appreciate it.
There will be a panel answering questions from the audience, and the details are still to be confirmed on how that will work – when last discussed, the possibility was mooted of a Question Time type series of questions submitted in advance so that the panel could research their answers so as to guarantee the information.
Please get the word out as much as you can so that anyone who wants to be informed about any aspects of the referendum, and possible results of a Leave or Remain vote, can take full advantage of this opportunity. As always, there will be a webcam showing the carpets coming to fruition, and I’ll post a link in due course.
Two will be primarily floral, and the three main sections of the triptych will illustrate the resurrection, the doubt of St Thomas, and the ascension, as in the drawing above, presented recently by La Orotava Ayuntamiento.
Above is a video off youtube from last year which gives a good flavour of what it’s like.
The list of activities can be seen on the Ayuntamiento website HERE, and the full programme downloaded HERE. During the morning session the concerns of the local small and medium businesses were taken on board too, with measures discussed as to how best to meet the new kind of clientele the Hard Rock Hotel would bring to Playa Paraiso.
Many of the elements will be similar, of course, and will in the main, cater for young couples and families. There will be three pools, a number of different restaurants, a beach club, Rock spa, Body Rock gym and a Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club among the amenities on offer.
The aim is to improve and upgrade the local commercial offer to meet the needs of the new clients and at the same time improve the income potential of the businesses themselves. Whatever your circumstances, the chances are the referendum outcome will affect you or your family.
All of this will be experienced through music, videos, computer simulations, poetry and prose. Now it appears that there was a chance his life might have been saved because a small boat, much faster than the catamaran, was available to take him to harbour where the quarter of an hour or so saved could have been crucial. The event is swum over two distances, 1,300 metres and 7.500 metres, the longer race starting from Callao Salvaje at 9am, and the shorter one from Playa del Duque at 11am.
We see a lot of cases of people who make the transition to living in Spain but who still think they are actually living in the UK”. They hope that the public will be enthused as well, and certainly amateur astronomers will want to join in, and the links HERE (Teide) and HERE (Roque de los Muchachos) will allow them to view live.
As always these forecasts tend to develop as the details become clearer, so there will be updates on this, I’m sure. It seems that although police found the man in cardiac arrest, his death could have resulted from a blow to the head caused by his collapse.
Good luck to all the municipalities who are hoping to repeat the achievement … and to Arona for getting theirs back!
Clio O’Flynn will be talking about it again briefly on English Time on Radio Sur Adeje this lunchtime, so do listen in if you can. Questions will be taken from the floor rather than be submitted in advance so there is no need to do anything other than turn up on the day.
The carpet in front of the Ayuntamiento will be made by 23 alfombristas under the direction of Domingo Gonzalez Exposito. I hope everyone who goes has a marvellous time and I’ll happily publish any photos if anyone would like. A total of 17 alfombristas and 7 students are collaborating on the work, which is designed and directed by Gonzalez Exposito. Residents of Playa Paraiso will also be able to enjoy many of the facilities, with restaurants and bars open to the public.
Anyone who misses today’s deadline for postal votes can still apply for a proxy vote. They are generally humble and normal people, I’ve found from the few I’ve come into contact with, but Kroto is something else. He added that as well as the obvious benefits to being on the register (such as 50% discount on air and boat travel within Spain for Canary Island residents for example, as well as education and health benefits), there were also downsides to not being registered, often realised when it was too late. Our doors are always open to the various consulates and we see that we are very much on same road to harmonious coexistence”.
The transit will also be broadcast on Sky-live HERE, and there is much more information on the phenomenon from the IAC HERE. It is not known at present whether any of those involved were residents or holidaymakers, but CCTV footage has been provided to the police who are investigating..
There are also blue flags for the sports ports of Los Gigantes and the Real Club Nautico de Tenerife. Well done to them all!
Reports in the last few days that a Russian woman drowned in Callao Salvaje have been denied by the authorities. Over 1,000 kilos of coloured soil divided from Las Canadas will be used in its composition. This is a man who loves jokes and puns, who loves – and draws – graphics and cartoons, a man who loves wine, and play!
He reminded people that in Spain national funding of councils is based directly on the number of people officially listed as being resident in each borough, so there was a direct relation between registration and funding received for local services such as health, education, social welfare, etc.
His lecture ranged from cartoon images, to wine, to the need for lack of pressure, to the essential nature of play, and of course to his discovery of C60, the first fullerene molecule to be discovered, and the reason for his Nobel prize. If any talk encapsulated Brian May’s dictum about the interrelated and interdisciplinary nature of studies into humanity and its place in the universe, the underlying ethos of Starmus, it was Harold Kroto’s, and the delegates clearly recognized this, giving the Laureate chemist a standing ovation.

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