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Increased Level Cap to 105 - Characters gain access to 13 new class skills from levels 91-105, effectively doubling the number of core player skills. Quest Line Enhancements – The main quest line from levels 1-45 has been streamlined to introduce players to the game mechanics and reduce the number of kill quests.
New Difficulty Modes – Now features Easy and Hard modes for dungeons to encourage more casual gamers to compete in quests. Enhanced Gear Upgrading – Enhancements to the gear upgrading system provide players with new options to increase their chances for successful upgrades. Element Leveling System – As players level up, they receive points that can be assigned to specific elements.
Birthday Skills – Each character receives special abilities and skills related to the day their character was born. Fusion System – Players can actually fuse with their pets and gain access to new abilities and gameplay options. Monster Card System – Players can collect monster cards which allow them to transform into specific monsters.
Alliance System – Clans can group up into Alliances in order to combat difficult monsters or even other Alliances. This is an excellent size comparison chart of ships from Battlestar Galactica, showing everything from the Mark VII Viper to the Battlestar Pegasus. Incoming search terms:battlestar galactica sizeBattlestar Galactica Ship Sizebattlestarsbattlestar galactica ships of the fleet bookclylon base stars size to the enterpricebattlestar galactica planskampfstern pegasusgalactica vs pegasuscolonial battlestarskampfsternBe Sociable, Share!
Military uniforms are an integral part of life serving in the armed forces in the United States. Working, utility, combat, or undress uniforms are worn when out to sea, deployed, garrisoned, or working in an environment that would soil clothing.
Service Dress uniforms are worn for formal functions, when reporting to a command, when traveling, when serving on a court-martial, making official visits, etc.
Dinner Dress, Mess Dress, or Evening Dress uniforms is very formal and is only used in the most formal of situations and ceremonies and is equivalent to “white tie” for civilians. Each type of uniform looks different because of their different functions, and while it would be impossible to explain every possible type of military uniform in this article, here is what the Service Dress uniform looks like for each of the different branches of the military.

With the Army Service uniform, the green and white service uniforms that were previously mandatory are currently being phased out and the blue service uniform will be the only one required. The Navy Service Uniform is worn by enlisted personnel E-1 to E-6 and consists of a short-sleeved khaki shirt, black trousers, and black garrison cap. Service uniforms in the Marines are differentiated by the letters A or Alpha, B or Bravo, and C or Charlie. The Air Force Service Dress uniform has a short-sleeve or long-sleeve light blue shirt for men or blouse for women depending on the weather. The current Coast Guard Service Dress Blue (SDB) is worn by both officers and enlisted personnel.
The one thing that civilians and military families have in common is a continual desire to save as much money as we can. There continues to be a steady stream of revelations in our country of the harmful effects of certain injuries and exposures. The main goal of military medical care is to maintain the physical condition of military personnel even during wartime. Coinciding with the games official launch is a large content update that among other things raises the level cap to 105, which also amounts to the player receiving an extra 13 class skills. We provide this one-stop resource for Science Fiction scale models, miniatures, dioramas, reference material, tips, tricks and books.
Each branch of the military has their own unique traditions, which have translated into unique uniforms. Class A consists of a white collared shirt, Army blue trousers or skirt, Army blue jacket, black tie or neck tab, and black boots. The Service A uniform is the base uniform and consists of a khaki long-sleeved button-up shirt, green trousers or skirt, green jacket, khaki tie (or green neck tab for women), khaki web belt, tie clasp, and black shoes or pumps. The uniform features a blue four-pocket single breasted jacket worn with trousers which are a slightly darker shade of the same blue.
There are different uniforms for different occasions: working or combat, service, and dinner or Mess Dress. MARPAT, short for Marine Pattern, or UCP for Universal Camouflage Pattern is a digital camouflage integrating various colors to blend in with the environment or, when working, to mask wear and stains.

The shirt is a light-blue button-up shirt with a pointed collar, two pockets on the front of the shirt with flaps, and enhanced shoulder boards for officers. For example, even though most of the Service Dress uniforms require Oxford shoes, soldiers wear military boots with work uniforms. There are also military uniforms for hot weather, cold weather, maternity, and specific jobs like cooking and medical jobs. The Service B is identical to Service A except the jacket is removed and ribbons may be worn on the shirt.
If the climate permits, a three-button dark blue coat is worn over the shirt and features epaulets for metal officer rank insignia with a 1 inch strip at the bottom of sleeves for general officers. When the uniform is worn in short-sleeve order (called Tropical Blue), a pin-on collar insignia is worn for Petty Officers. You can buy things like military jackets and military boots even if you’re not enlisted at many Army surplus stores or a uniform center.
Service Khaki is worn by chief petty officers (E-7 to E-9), chief warrant officers, and commissioned officers.
Alternate outerwear is authorized with this combination of uniform elements including a blue cardigan sweater, a lightweight blue jacket, a blue pullover sweater or a brown leather A-2 flight jacket. There have been many changes to many military uniforms in the last few years; this article will discuss the most current uniforms in use. The garrison or barracks covers are approved for wear with the service uniform as well as a green ribbed sweater.
However, the flight jacket is limited to only enlisted aircrew, aeronautically rated officers, and officer and enlisted space and missile operations personnel. Summer White Service uniform consists of white shirt, trousers, belt, and white dress shoes.

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