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Whether you wish to begin a new career as a fitness instructor, progress your career and become a personal trainer, or boost your career further as a sports conditioning specialist, there’s sure to be a Fitness Courses College course that is ideal for you. Whichever course you decide to enrol on, you can start straight away - either by settling your course in full or selecting our instalments option. If you choose to settle your course in full when you enrol, any one of the gifts shown here can be yours- FREE with our compliments.
A perfect size for the gym or an overnight stay, this two-tone bag has carry handles plus an adjustable shoulder strap. With a capacity of 800ml, this pull-up spout drinks container is designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. The essentials for an emergency - including scissors, bandages, plasters and wipes - all in a handy zipped case. An emergency source of energy for your mobile phone when you’re out and about; USB charger cable included.
This lightly-grained black leather-look folder comes complete with a pen and 20-page pad; for your course notes or your future career. This 6-piece set by Lauren comes in a metal box containing scissors, a cuticle stick, tweezers, a nail file, plus regular and small nail clippers. A modern square burner, a packet of simmering granules plus 3 tea lights - beautifully packaged in a rather nice hessian bag. Active Cumbria The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership working with Run England are looking for running enthusiasts to establish a network of new beginner running groups across Cumbria. The courses are on Saturday 28th April at Workington Leisure Centre; Sunday 29th April at Frenchfields Leisure Centre, Penrith. The course will cover elements like looking at barriers to running and how to overcome them, risk assessment, safety, goals and reviewing practice, session planning and the importance of variety, how to set and use personal goals, warming up and cooling down, common injuries and injury prevention.

Once qualified, new run leaders will be issued with a licence and have the skills and insurance needed to deliver fun and safe sessions to groups of runners with different abilities, including new runners and those who already run but want to progress. A series of possible designs for the new Moorside nuclear development in Cumbria have been drawn up.
A charity that teaches young people mechanics and engineering has had its future secured thanks to a partnership with Cumbria Police. Take our poll to tell us if you agree with changes to packaging of tobacco products, and banning the sale of packs of ten cigarettes.
Just for subscribing to Dave, you’ll receive the 10 recipes along with an exclusive subscribers-only Muscle Building Nutrition and Anabolic Cooking Insider e-newsletter, both 100% Free. Tom Venuto exposes the biggest scams, cover-ups, lies, myths and deceptions in the diet, supplement, fitness and weight loss industries known as the Big Fat Lies which is a free mini e-course he offers on his Burn the Fat site.
Tom reckons it’s these Big Fat Lies that have been sabotaging your weight loss goals. This is Elliott’s BRAND-NEW Muscle Shifting Doctrine PDF and Anabolic Cocktail Video that he claims will help you build muscle and burn fat in the shortest time possible.
Craig’s report lets you try one of the Most Popular Turbulence Training Workouts for FREE. You’ll receive a free copy of a sample Turbulence Training workout, a controversial report about why cardio is sabotaging your fat loss effort and a free subscription to Craig’s weekly Turbulence Training email newsletter where he’ll share with you insider secrets on how to burn belly fat and boost your metabolism without spending hours in the gym. This 136-page ebook is a Crash-Course In Building a Badass Body, Getting Your Shit Together, and Living the Life of Your Dreams. The Hero Handbook is a collection of principles, ideas, and action steps Nate learned that will help you build a great body and live an amazing life. Eat Stop Eat is the result of the Graduate Research he did at the University of Guelph, in Guelph Ontario, Canada.

The report includes a 3 week fat loss routine, a section on a power food that burns fat, 3 keys to maximum muscle gains swell as a pre-workout booster recipe. In Mark’s FREE 92-page booklet, he offers a free Fitness eBook, a Free 7-Day Course on Primal Fundamentals, Free Recipe eBooks swell as his free weekly newsletter.
She details the fatal mistakes she was making that were preventing her from seeing her abs. Rusty, from Fitness Blackbook, explains how to achieve the best abs ever in his FREE report. He details a secret that he learnt some 20 years ago from a golf pro that changed his perspective on how to achieve ultra-sharp abdominals. All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to all content of this website is owned or licensed by Fitness Courses College Limited.Copying, adaptation or other use without the written permission of Fitness Courses College Limited is prohibited.
The programme offers a safe, fun and supportive way to take those first steps to becoming more active more often. These are the folks who, with a straight face, claim that low-carbohydrate diets magically speed up your metabolism and that you can gain weight on a high-carbohydrate diet but lose weight on a low-carb diet when eating the same amount of calories.
He also tells you how to accurately measure body fat and includes a bunch of free calculators. His methods are grounded in science & research, yet also rely heavily on his solid results-driven experience.

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