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Sogang University has put together an excellent free site full of information and exercises to help you learn Korean. Have you just arrived in Korea and can’t read a single word at the airport, hotel, restaurant etc.?
Good recommendation, I will try to learn from the site to sharpen my fundamental of korean. The Korean Cultural Centre is holding free painting and music classes to anyone interested in learning more about Korean art and music.
With these courses taking place weekly between February and May 2014 students will have a great experience to participate in these exciting cultural activities.
This Gayageum Course will present a delightful journey into the traditional music of Korea where students will learn typical musical scales and various playing techniques. Submit application forms via email or post to Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW.
January 26, 2012 by Betchay 13 Comments My son would be entering elementary school next year.
Luckily, I met a Filipina here who told me that Dongdaemun-gu offers free Korean language classes to multicultural families. Here in Canada, non-profit organizations like the one where I volunteer in offer free English classes for immigrants who do not. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Let’s Learn Korean by KBS WORLD Radio consists of 20 lessons of different situations for you to learn and speak Korean fast, you will gain lots of Korean words and phrases that are sure help you in your travels around Korea. And I found your page is attracted and useful to me, I am looking forward to your upcoming pages.

Our free painting course, ‘Minhwa’ refers to the Korean folk painting of mythical and magical figures and other objects in a plain, straightforward and naive style often representing health, happiness and scenes from everyday life. Application forms received outside of the application window will not be accepted and must arrive by 5pm on 15th February 2014.
The classes are held at the Dongdaemun-gu Multi-cultural Support Center located at Kyunghee University (near Hoegi Station).
There will be a level test on February 16, that will include speaking, listening and reading. I worry about not being able to talk to my son’s teacher when he starts school next year. Filipinos have the advantage of being able to already speak English, or some English (depending on the person), upon arrival. I see that new immigrants are making local connections through these classes — with their mentors, volunteer mentors, and their classmates.
Korean government is following a similar path being taken by Canada to become a multicultural society. It’s a very great site for you if you have no time or just want a quick and easy free Korean Lessons for beginners.
I went there last September but they said they don’t accept students when the term has started.
If you’re interested, just go to their office on the second floor of the Human Ecology Building in Kyunghee University. The only problem here in Korea is that it isn’t easy for newcomers to find these organizations offering free Korean language classes.
The desire to learn Korean is quite admirable, and fortunately there are many support websites to teach Korean to new learners exist around the world.

The program consists of 20 units, each comprised of the following 6 sections: Introduction, Vocabulary, Dialogue, Grammar and Expressions, Reading and Culture. However, in my opinion, the Sogang Korean Program is much more detailed, in-depth and complicated.
I personally enjoy learning Korean online but I don’t have self-discipline, so I have to go for classes and I think learning from a native speaker can help me expand vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and learn how to use words, idioms and proverbs properly.
I think the CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) in the Philippines should give out lists or addresses of support centers in Korea. The most important thing to remember is that learning a language can be frustrating at first, but it is worth the effort. Last but not least, tell all your friends about Click Korean, Sogang Korean Program and KBS Let’s Learn Korean! Click Korean covers preliminary material, which are specially designed for people who have not been exposed to the language before. You can try Sogang University Korean Language Program after you’ve learned the basics through Click Korean. If you’ve been in Korea for less than five years, you could also apply for a teacher visiting course.
The creation of Hangeul and its formation are explained in brief and the vowels are presented.

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