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Learn more about this process, and connect with the incredible light and love of the Angels by listening to this new and completely free .MP3 Angel Message from Archangel Uriel! Archangel Uriel assists in cleansing and uplifting your energy… Empowering you to create your reality with love! Simply click the link below to listen, or right click (ctrl click Mac) to save to your computer.
And so for you to tune in to the miraculous joy, love and peace of our angelic vibration, I invite you now to let go of your mind, for your mind cannot enter into this space.
As you reach beyond the physical into the realm of angels, notice that even reading these words lifts your frequency and has you experiencing in a whole new way.
Love holds great power, which we angels are aware, and which your realm is beginning to become aware of also. This is why we angels are so eager and pleased to help, for we know in our hearts that we are able to help you open to more love. Now sit here and just be, as we send you more love, for as you love yourself you automatically attract love from the universe.
Let love be your guide and you will be led well, for the power of love does not end with you. As you lift, remember to breathe and remember to love, and all your power in the light and in love is made accessible to you. Before I leave, there is one more thing… Remember to go with the flow and the right people, places, and situations will be aligned with your path.
Choose love, call upon assistance, and together you in the physical and we in the angelic realm are able to bring much joy and love into your experience. Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now! Click Here To Get A Free Angel Message & To Receive Updates When New Messages Are Published! Earnest Holmes describes five parts to a spiritual mind “treatment” for manifesting a goal. My experience suggests that humanity’s free choice, when focused, manifests itself by consciously redirecting interactions between energy and matter. At any time, there are always a few adept Living Masters spread around on earth – some practicing in private, some public. When we understand those missing laws, then we will fully appreciate what the Masters are doing. If we maintain a simultaneous focus of our conscious mind, spirit, and heart, we will see the results, and the connection between consciousness and conditions in our lives. The melded mind-spirit-heart thought only needs to be sent once, focused together and strong, for it to work.
Even when we believe, or are willing to suspend belief enough to experiment, focus is difficult for most of us.
Something inside me recently shifted and I’ve been letting that drop away, and trusting more.
Someone who doesn’t believe might see what happens in my life and say, well that’s coincidence, that’s self-fulfilling prophesy.
You are currently viewing the Close Your Eyes And Go The Manifesting Abundance Meditation Album Cover. Indeed, the power of love holds great strength and ability to help you to manifest and to create what you want. Since you have proven you are able to love you, we are more than happy to assist in loving you as well. Allow your heart to open wide and allow the energy of divine love to swirl around, and to be completely present with you here and now. When you are loving, this love flows out, infuses the collective conscious with light and fine vibrations that the energy of love holds.

Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.
When we focus on a goal, our consciousness is sending out a thought form, a template, to which the Universe will respond and deliver. Completely release your request, turn the baton over, to the Universe, knowing it will be done for you. Quantum physics has proven repeatedly that human consciousness alters experimental outcomes, but most of us don’t, or are just beginning to understand the potential manifesting implications of that discovery.
The Universe of energy and matter is not biased in responding either to positive or negative fields. Instead, (Kryon claims and I believe) their minds are using undiscovered physical laws and properties that  we don’t yet understand.
That will mark the beginning of far more humans learning to use our minds’ full capacity, and for taking responsibility for how our consciousness affects conditions in our personal and collective lives. All three must be synchronized to work: Our conscious mind (and body, physical action,) our spiritual self (intuition,) and our hearts (emotion). We have to trust the Universe is actively rearranging itself, perfectly aligning itself to present what we ask for, in exactly the right moment. We are your guardians, we are your archangels, and we serve to connect you with more love, for understand that as you open to love, truly your divine path of your highest good opens up to you. There is great truth in the law of attraction, which is gaining pace and momentum in your realm… However, what you must understand is that your focus is not the only prerequisite. If you are looking for love outside of yourself, look no further for even in the most romantic sense, love must first be found within. Feel yourself already a part of the Earth, connected to all Humanity, everything around you, the entire Universe, Spirit.
Part of this is for us so that we appreciate and respect what we have at our disposal; part of it is common courtesy (a universal protocol) to Spirit and souls who are helping us on the other side of the veil. Traditionally conflicting religions could join together against common enemies. That might eventually even bring Peace on Earth.
Instead, it blindly and obediently rearranges itself to accommodate our thoughts – be they focused or confused and diffused, light or dark.
The Masters don’t understand the laws either, they just understand empirically what works and what doesn’t when they exercise their own highly trained consciousness.
Send worry and question after the focused thought, on whether it will work, and its action is impaired. The focused energy of many humans together is stronger and of a higher frequency through this God-spirit bond. When that’s a problem, then a balance of exercise, lightening the diet, and meditation do help restore balance and reduce mental hyperactivity or sluggishness. I got myself out of a living situation that was not conducive to healing, as well as a location that was physically not the best for my health.
Know that the realm of angels very much exists within your world, simply on a different wavelength… a different vibration. And so as you open your heart and tune into your inner being, your subtle senses, and the angels that are around you think, “I love you.” Send this love to yourself and if you are sensitive you may note that as soon as you think or speak, “I love you,” your frequency lifts as if you are lifted up and out of the density of your physical realm, out of the challenges and struggles, out of the hardship and pain and with love you are able to lift into the light.
And as you lift, more and more of your authentic truth, of your authentic power, of your divine birthright, of your highest path becomes known to you. So as you love those things in your life, as you love the people who you care about, as you love yourself, more and more love is drawn to you. And engaging Spirit is one third of the focus formula for arranging matter and energy to manifest thought. It’s not seeing yourself where you are now and the goal in the future, or off in the distance. This supports Kryon’s claim that human consciousness is a quantum, timeless, limitless energy that animates and is separate from the brain.

Repeat sending the thought over and over, until your thoughts or emotions become numb, or you fall into doubt, then it’s delayed, or simply won’t work. It’s not about suppressing thought – it’s about noticing a stray thought, acknowledging it, and releasing it to float away, so we are able to focus on the desired goal, as if it were already here.
But it is more true that with love, that with love in every moment, with gratitude about what you already have and already appreciate, by loving that which you want and even loving that which you do not yet have, love is the fuel for your ability to create in your reality. In the form of that which you desire to create, in the form of blessings, and in the form of we angels who are always with you, awaiting your command, awaiting the opportunity to assist in helping you open to more love and more light, to raise in vibration and truly be transformed into the angelic being that you are at your essence and at your core. It’s also the prayer process discussed in the Bible, and other religious teachings, the well-tested philosophy of Consciously Creating Circumstances, and many more such as the popular book and movie that Oprah Winfrey made famous, The Secret.
In my mind I usually merge this step seamlessly with the previous one, but it’s good to separate these in practice until you realize all the energy is not coming from you.
This process is described in great detail in Earnest Holmes’ book from the 1930’s, Science of Mind. I couldn’t see how the language I used for what I was manifesting, whether in my head or spoken to others, enormously impacted my goal.
The more that resources and conditions align themselves perfectly before me, at precisely the right moment, the more I trust. Click Here For A Free Angel Message Channeled By Melanie!  Latest posts by Melanie Beckler (see all)Do Some People Have More Angels Than Others? I wrote out a collection of positive affirmations last year on note cards, stuck some stickers on to jazz them up, and bound them together with a whole punch and metal ring. That’s telling the Universe, well maybe I don’t want this, maybe I’m not ready for this, slow down.
So I found some positive affirmation meditations and self hypnosis recordings online that I could listen to while falling asleep. This way the affirmations could sink into my subconscious more easily as I drifted from that world between wake and sleep. I skipped ahead in time and let myself fully feel in 3-D the amazing feelings of gratification and enjoyment that went along with whatever it was that I wanted to achieve. I would be in that moment with all my senses to the point that I was all but there.Visualization is enjoyable any time of the day, but it seems easiest for me while falling asleep.
One of my favorite guided meditations I listened to often as I fell asleep asked me to picture something difficult that I had already achieved, and then watch myself thoroughly enjoying the result of this achievement, visualizing it in vivid detail using all the senses. I would visualize myself as if in a real movie, relishing each sight, sound, taste, and smell.
I would be on the beach barefoot in Florida, doing an early morning jog, full of health and energy. The sun would be rising, and I would leave the beach and walk into my home where a yoga class would be setting up, waiting for me, as well as a guy and two tow headed, curly haired kids. Then I would place this image on the right side of my mind, while thoroughly enjoying watching it play out.Next comes the cool part. We experienced emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual abuse, but thought it was normal because it was done in God’s name. When I became an adult, I moved far away from home and finally was able to breathe and live a fairly happy life. But because I feared what would happen to me (God’s wrath and my family’s judgement), I still held onto the beliefs I grew up with.Over time the stress of repressing the trauma from childhood built up in me and I developed severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Fatigue, and Adrenal Burnout.
I had to move back home, but my parents turned their back on me and wouldn’t open their doors to me or help me. I was shocked.
I was the black sheep in their eyes because I wasn’t going to church or following the rules of the cult, but I was their child.

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