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Kids of all ages can enjoy the wide range of interactive lessons and games found in Animal Jam.
Since Animal Jam has an online community of over ten million players, safety is a top priority.
The last reason that Animal Jam is the best free animal game for kids is that it is educational. There are numerous interactive features like videos that educate kids about the animals, their habitat, diet, and more. When looking for free animal games for kids, look no further than National Geographic’s Animal Jam. This is very true I play animal jam and its educational I am a member on there it is fun even for non members I always play animal jam . It is really really fun but it is also really educational wich makes learning fun, and that means technology can be educational. Earlier this month, we brought you a small taste of what to expect from Nukotoys' new trading card supported apps Animal Planet Wildlands and Monsterology. In Animal Planet Wildlands, each real-world trading card features one animal, weather pattern, etc. In the case of Animal Planet Wildlands specifically, the application is incredibly shallow, seeing you tilting your iOS device to control the speed and direction of your animal's movement.
With Monsterology, the experience is much more complex, as this is a true "game," offering turn-based strategy play in a fantasy land filled with volcanos, glaciers, dense forests and more.
If you're an adult gamer that's interested in either of these too applications, you'll likely be disappointed by the final products, as the novelty of bringing cards to life in each is fleeting, especially when considering that a pack of three will set you back $1.99.

Barbie Hug n Heal Pet DoctorPopular ElectronicThe Barbie 8-piece pet doctor kit fits neatly inside a stylish dog carrier.
Pretend and Play Animal HospitalPopular ToysTender loving pet care goes anywhere with this portable animal hospital. Cute kangaroos, happily hopping monkeys and pigs contentedly wallowing in the mud – you’ll find all of this and much more on the colorful browser game My Free Zoo. The central idea behind online animal games such as My Free Zoo is: build your own zoo, upgrade and manage it as successfully as possible. Playfully diving into imaginative worlds – entirely for free: upjers-games will offer you this truly unique experience.
You’ll find tips, tricks and information on animal games online such as My Free Zoo on the game-forum.
For all the teacher that think that technology is not a way to learn have you son or daughter play this and see you daughter or son grow as they learn more about there animals and more on how to use technology. Now, we've had a chance to go hands-on with both games, and the trading cards that make them unique.
While running, you can take a predator through prey to perform a "takedown," resulting in the prey animal bursting into a group of stars and arbitrary points being awarded at the top of the screen. Each trading card represents a monster that you can bring to life within the game, but you can only activate a single card per battle. However, there's a much higher draw here to young players on iPhone and iPad, as the cards will likely seem magical and just might be worth the cost. One of the browser game’s main targets is to ensure the zoo-animals are tended to as best as possible.

In both Animal Planet Wildlands and Monsterology, we had some pretty big issues in getting specific cards to activate, even after following Nukotoys' step-by-step guide for activating them.
There are some basic quests to complete, like discovering all sections of this open world and then finding the puzzle pieces within them, but the free-to-play aspects of Animal Planet Wildlands are incredibly limiting. From there, you'll take turns against computer opponents to try and take over their base of operations, claiming any and all treasure chests, towers and portals for yourself in the process. Ultimately, the success of each app in your own family will depend on just how easily amused you are by trading cards that can be transformed into animated creatures on your iOS device, but Nukotoys definitely deserves credit for trying something new in the space. Still, once they did activate, the animals (in this case) came to life in just a few seconds and we were left to control them across a fairly large open environment.
That is, further quests won't unlock until you activate more trading cards, or otherwise purchase them within the game. The graphics here perform well, with close-ups on the battles between creatures and creatures that individually animate as they run across a playing field. You can purchase additional virtual cards here too, if the real world cards simply don't interest you, but at least the free-to-play offering here will last you or your child a lot longer than in Animal Planet Wildlands.

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