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The NASW Illinois Chapter is hosting its 2016 The Business of Social Work Conference this fall. You Can Take Two Free Courses, If You Want to See How Our System Works Before Going Further.
If You Want, You Can Purchase an Annual Subscription for Only $54.95, to Earn UNLIMITED CEUs and Course Credits for an Entire Year. Working with Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War Zones, for whom 'coming home' is the hardest part of the war. Great Addiction and SUDs courses - adults, adolescents, couples, and groups!  Counseling with HIV in families, too. Bullying - What forms does it take, who does it, who's on the receiving end, and what to do about it both locally and in the community.
State Boards other than those listed above oftentimes give the Social Worker discretion in choosing CE Courses, based upon relevance to licensure.
All of our MANAGED CARE COURSES have been NEWLY REVISED - and they are FREE TO READ, in an easy-to-digest slide show format. Our MANAGED CARE courses focus upon the oftentimes 'nerve-wracking' scenarios brought about by the  'Managed Health Care' scene - AND NOW the Health Care Reform Laws! Health care delivered under a Care Management system requires a significant shift in treatment approach - with new approaches to programming and to documentation of the treatment you do. How to AVOID those 'duh!' PROVIDER ERRORS which can COST you big bucks in claims collection.
How to COLLECT YOUR MONEY when the MCO or other insurance manager has erroneously DENIED YOUR CLAIM. What to be aware of, when working out CONTRACT details with a managed care company - as in 'the potholes' and the 'good stuff. The professional, organizational, and CLINICAL CHANGES required of treatment providers under a managed care contract.  The clinical issues and implications of RISK BASED CONTRACTING - and what IS the 'risk' that they keep talking about? The course also provides a clear explanation about HOW those insurance companies make pre-authorization decisions to APPROVE or DENY your requests for treatment .

SUMMARY: This course - 'We Have to Change WHAT?' - focuses upon the IMPACT of the new healthcare industry's goals upon providers, both CLINICALLY and FINANCIALLY - Including how Provider Agreements are changing the way that we do treatment, the managed care contractor's search for new providers, the conflict between a provider's own professional beliefs and ethics vs.
Some material related to managed care goals and what we write in treatment records overlaps 2B material, but moves ahead to include professional, clinical, and programmatic changes in store for professionals under managed care. This course emphasizes how innovative, non-traditional counseling, case management, and support services can be provided under the new managed care models, particularly for difficult, recidivistic, high-risk clients - a natural fit for EAPs and AOD providers of Dual Diagnosis services.
The final lesson in this course focuses upon the details of how Care Management departments make decisions to approve or disapprove requested services, and how these decisions can impact your clients' recovery process.
In most states, it's goodbye to flexible addiction Block Grants and other 'open access' State contracts for substance abuse and chemical dependency – which makes access to AOD services even more difficult. Negotiating for good professional and clinical options in delivery of care is Job 1 when working within a Health Care Reform environment.
Go Here to Read About Our 'FlexiCourses' - Earn Multiple Certificates in a single Managed Care Course.
Continuing Education Online, Psychologists, Social Workers, LMFTs, Counselors, LPCC, MFT Interns, LCSW, Nursing Professionals and all other learners. Ethics - Law and Ethics - Ethics for Social Workers - Supervision - HIV AIDS - Human Sexuality - Child Abuse - Domestic Violence - Spousal Partner Abuse - Aging and Long Term Care - Crisis Trauma Counseling. If you have practical experience and knowledge on the business of social work (ex., starting a private practice, marketing yourself, financial guidance), please consider contributing an article! We are seeking guest speakers on a variety of topics of importance to Illinois social workers. SIGN UP for a FREE COURSE - or sign up for TWO FREE COURSES, if you want to experience both of the formats that we currently offer.
Yes indeed they will - even if they have long since abandoned the old traditional 'talk therapy in the office' approach and the 28 day programs. Includes some interesting OPTIONS FOR PROVIDERS in the design of their practices and programs, as part of an insurance or MCO contract. Such understanding is essential in order for EAP service providers to accommodate to this shift in treatment and counseling emphasis.

What type of flexibility might you or your program have in terms of how you can serve your clients - especially those with more serious mental health and AOD disabilities?
There's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - for the Managed Care companies AND for the providers! Learn to THINK LIKE THE MCO (or other health care insurer, which in some cases may be the State or County health unit). You must learn how the Care Manager 'thinks' when making decisions about approval or denial of requests for treatment. It's all about how to ENSURE that you will be ready when the MCO or State auditors appear at your door. Review the Issue of "How The Managed Care Company Thinks - What Is 'Medical Necessity of Treatment' At A Practical Level"2. Understand Why the DOCUMENTATION in your clients' records must reflect the 'Level of Care' decision factors 3. Know how to AVOID making ERRORS that cause providers to lose AUTHORIZATION to provide treatment. Know how to work effectively within a Care Management system, including how to deal with multiple issues which affect the treatment we are allowed to provide to clients and the funding we receive to do it. Know to seek expanded credentialing flexibility wherever clinically appropriate (crucial for AOD).
Also learn when providers need to say NO to an MCO, when to say YES, and when to say 'How about if I do THIS?' Examples of some good alternative options to pursue with a managed care company, including expanded CREDENTIALING flexibility -- which is especially critical for AOD service providers.

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