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You can now have your very own lucrative online business making you profits 24 hours a day.
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E-Commerce Fully Automated Shop Business Partners Amazon Associates & Google Adsense You can see a LIVE DEMO of this website.
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If you are searching for an alternative way to EARN MONEY that is fully automated month after month with just a small amount of time and effort then we can provide the platform for you to do this. You can now reject the 9-5 routine and operate an online business where you are the boss - all this FROM YOUR OWN HOME.. We build websites that are professionally designed and fully automated to make it as easy as possible for even the complete beginner to start making money online. The Internet is today's wild west - the "final frontier" if you like and it's absolutely flourishing.
Please take your time and examine our business - once you have decided we are ready and available to setup your business and in most cases this can be done in under one to two days! When a customer orders from your website you collect a commission of between 5% - 12.5% from Amazon for every sale. This is a great way for customers to get what they are looking for quickly and easily and making you more MONEY!
This allows you to place content onto the world wide web and get people coming to your website.
All the pages on the Website will update themselves everyday giving you the latest stock at the best prices. Your only job is to bring the happy customers to your website to buy from and count your daily earnings! When you buy a website from us that is not the end of our relationship - it's just the beginning.
That's right you get private access to information that the competition in your sector does not know! Professionally Designed NO TECHNICAL EXPERTISE REQUIRED - WEBSITE FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED!
All our websites come complete with a fully functioning navigation bar and a wide range of categories unique to your website.
We provide all the technical expertise for your new shop and you have full access to a Systems Control Panel. We do all the nitty gritty technical stuff to provide you with a fully functioning website that is professionally designed loaded up with the latest products at the best prices.
Multiple Income Streams For Greater Profit MINIMAL INITIAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED - FAST POTENTIAL PROFITS You have 3 income sources with your website. The first is selling products via Amazon - you earn a commission on every product sold which is typically between 4% and 12%+.
The second is with Google Adsense - we have adverts on every page plus adverts on any blog posts you make.
Thirdly you have advertising blocks where you can sell advertising OR potential advertiser's can contact you regarding this space.
There has never been a better time to start earning money online - you can be your own boss and work at your own pace from home! Trusted Partners For Business YOUR BUSINESS PARTNERS ARE GOOGLE ADSENSE AND AMAZON ASSOCIATES!
These trusted and reputable companies assure your website has a reliable source for products and more importantly they make sure you get paid! Work At Your Own Pace - With Our Help And Information NO STOCK, NO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS, NO RETURNS, NO SHIPPING, NO INVENTORY! When you sell a product on your website it is Amazon that will process the payment, package and post the item and handle any customer enquiries or complaints.
When an order is placed you do not have to do anything at all apart from see how much commission you have earned!

You also display Google Adsense advertisements which pay you each and every time someone clicks on an advert on your site. It is all automated allowing you concentrate fully on promoting the website using our teaching material. If you encounter any problems you can take a look at our database OR contact us via our support services. You can ask us any questions whatsoever we are happy to guide you through to making a good income.
What we want is happy customers who return to us again and again and again so we will do out very best to make sure you are achieving everything you want.
Fully Configurable Control Panel BEGINNER FRIENDLY WEBSITE CONTROL PANEL With your store you will have full access to your website control panel. From here you can change different aspects of your website if you wanted to without having to get any permission from anyone.
If you wanted to change colors etc this is easily achievable - if you wanted to make sure your latest blog post was SEO friendly you can do all this in the control panel.
Additional Bonuses For Our Ebay Customers FREE SUPPORT, FREE NEWSLETTER, FREE DOMAIN, FREE HOSTING, AFFILIATE SETUP   We will provide you with your own free domain name fully included in the price of the ebay auction. You have the option of renewing this hosting monthly or yearly.(if yearly you get 3 months free) We will also setup your shop in Amazon and make sure all your affiliate codes on the website are setup for you - as we said before we handle ALL the technical stuff! You will also get our monthly newsletter that contains tips and information as well as discounts and free stuff from our other sister sites.
We build a shop within Amazon and place it directly on our websites and then display advertising with our other trustworthy partner Google Adsense.
As a third income source we also provide the opportunity for other websites to contact you direct and pay you direct for advertising on the Website.
Google Adsense One of the simplest ways to make money on the Internet today is with Google Adsense. Every website we design has Google Adsense advertisement placements strategically placed to maximize revenue on every page. When a customer clicks on one of these advertisements on your website you will earn an income from it. Using this model even if a customer does not buy anything in your store you can still earn money! This shop will display thousands of relevant products aimed at your website niche and ideal for your customers. Every time a sale happens on your website your affiliate link is sent to Amazon so you get the commission you deserve. You can via Amazon's own affiliate tracking system see day to day activity and check how much money you have earned that day. When Amazon releases new products theses will automatically update onto your shop and the same can be said with prices - if these go up at Amazon then they go up in your shop it really is that automated. The best bit of all though is that Amazon will ship the orders and process the payments and any customer support that is required will all be done via Amazon which leaves you to count your money coming in each month!
The more people that visit your website the more people will click your links and buy products from you and in turn the more money you will make. So knowing how to get people to your website is absolutely essential in order for you to earn money.
If you do not have much or indeed ANY experience at all in building an online business "DONT WORRY"!
We also send out monthly newsletters telling all our customers what is working at the moment and what they should be doing to get more money from their website. We provide full tutorials on exactly what Internet Marketing is and what Search Engine Optimization is.
We provide tutorials on how to promote your site and where to promote it and we have so so so so so much more besides. Not only are you buying a website from us you are also buying an "EDUCATION" in the online world of affiliate marketing! We can help you improve your finances - we provide everything you need to guarantee a successful E-Commerce Business Website! Selling Advertising Space On Your Website The third revenue source is from advertising space on your website. Other websites and manufacturers who make products can be contacted to see if they would like to buy advertising space on your website.
You have full control of who goes there and how much they pay etc all via an easy to use control panel. The website control panel makes it effortless to upload and make the link for an advertiser's banner. We feature exclusive tutorials that will allow you to change various aspects of your website. We provide an easy to navigate interface allowing you to make changes (if you want) in realtime. You can change the fonts colors, background patterns and much more with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Managing Your Content You can make updates to your website quickly and easily using this feature. You have access to tools that allow you to edit your theme, layout, color scheme and design of your website.
You can also change all your content pages such as categories, posts, headers, footers and even then the navigation bar if you want.

Advanced SEO Control Panel With this feature you can add tags and meta descriptions to your website. You can also optimize all your pages with keywords and descriptions for each and every page. We also provide tutorials on advanced SEO settings so you can use this to get more traffic to your website. WYSIWYG Editing (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) You can edit all the different features of your website and see what the website will look like BEFORE you make it live on the internet.
You can place your own content, products and graphics by using the WYSIWYG editing feature.
We have completed all the technical aspects of the website and we provide you with a simple to use - graphical user interface which enables you to access the full site. On top of this through our membership only zone we provide you with detailed information and tips on how to succeed with your website and start earning money quickly. After you buy the website from Ebay we will email you with further instructions on selecting your domain name or information on how to transfer a domain name if that is what you are doing.
Once you have selected the domain name for your website we will then go ahead and sort out the hosting and modifications to the website so it matches your chosen domain name. After this we then provide you with detailed illustrated instructions on applying for Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. We get asked many times do we guarantee income - no we cannot guarantee this - this is down to you and your marketing.
What we will guarantee is we will guide you as best we can because we want you to be successful and become part of our long term members and ultimately buy more sites later. We do however need you to rename your name-servers to our hosting so we can set all this up for you. The other option is to choose another domain name (included in the price) and then we can do all the setup for you.
Amazon Associates usually respond within 24 hours (usually less than 2 hours) and Google Adsense are equally about the same speed. We cannot guarantee acceptance into these programs BUT we can guarantee support and guidance if your application is rejected. Initially we need to setup and install onto our hosting and to make sure everything is running ok. Should you want to move hosting we will assist with the installation and setup onto another hosting platform for a reasonable fee. The other main reason is that once you leave our hosting we can no longer offer support or membership to our knowledgebase. We also cannot guarantee your website will work 100% on another hosting platform as we do not have control over it. As an additional option when you create your domain name we offer the ability to have a separate shop on your website. We also absolutely recommend you add pages to your blog that we provide free with all websites.
The blog is a fantastic way to generate traffic (people) to your website and it allows you to get creative. We provide in our knowledgebase what sorts of things you can do with your blog to generate you more money. Again if your new to this we provide information on how best to do this and what sorts of things you should be doing to increase the chances your website ranks well in the search engines. We provide a LOW COST entry into the marketplace and provide you with ALL the tools necessary to make it work for you.
What we want from you is to be successful - the more successful you are ultimately the more successful we are as we hope for you to buy more shops from us in the future or use other services we provide. We can create content and we charge a fee for this but we recommend for new websites that you start writing on your blog and have some fun with it - the more you do the more you earn it's that simple! We actually have customers right now who buy shops from us - build them up to generate an income and then sell them on. So if your website generated a small figure of only say $50 per month then it's selling price should be between $400 - $600. Selling of the website means selling the whole website - complete with domain name and hosting services. When you buy a website from us you agree to our terms and conditions which prohibits the copying of our websites. We have many international customers from countries such as Germany, France, UK and even two friends from Japan!! Typically Google Adsense and Amazon Associates pay monthly and can either issue you a Cheque OR they can pay direct into your bank account.
Yes we have a 14 day money back policy which is broken down as follows: You can have a FULL refund if we have not yet registered you with a domain name and setup hosting. This is because you now own the domain name even if you want a refund and we cannot buy this back from you as it's registered in your name. If you have ANY questions please ask before buying from us and we will be happy to answer them. Any reproduction of this listing is in direct violation of Ebay's regulations on copyright and will be reported.

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