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On  June 1, 2010, the City of Thunder Bay implemented bylaw # 052-2010 prohibiting smoking around any playground equipment at city parks, beach areas and near entrances to recreation facilities.
Smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of all entrances to recreation facilities ie: arenas, etc. These butts need to be kept out of the mouths of small children and animals and require regular clean up. ShowMe™ and Living and Loving bring you some of this magazine’s top notch content right here on our site. The toddler years are not always the easiest for parents or children, says Pam Gillingham, director of Family Life Centre in Johannesburg. While the toddler is feeling frustrated, the parents have their own difficult feelings to contend with. Sometimes having your way isn’t the most important thing, and just cuddling your toddler feels right. Try this Kneel or squat down so that you are at your child’s level and make eye contact, says Ann. A bit of pushing and shoving is to be expected at this age, but you do need to intervene to make sure no one gets hurt.
Human beings are inquisitive by nature – especially little ones who are becoming aware of their own bodies.  But what do we tell them about the birds and bees at this stage? Around the age of about 4 years, children become aware of the differences between them, as they go into the developmental phase of sexual identification. The topic of nudity almost always comes up during Van der Merwe ‘s parenting workshops. We are all sexual creatures from birth and it is very important to help your child to speak openly  about sex, as this will give your child the assurance to talk to you about anything. How do you explain to your children what a condom is, or what birth-control pills are if they discover them in your bathroom?
Children must be protected because they breathe faster than adults, which means that they absorb more smoke and their immune systems are less developed. Joe Company purchased the Greg Norman-designed Shark’s Tooth Golf Club in the Wild Heron community near Panama City Beach, Florida, in August of 2007.
And if that doesn’t impress you, wait till you have a copy of Living and Loving open right in front of you. She explains that at the age of one or two, children don’t have the words to express their needs or desires.

Take a long-term view and remember that your priority is your child’s emotional and physical wellbeing. When you feel exasperated, frustrated or angry, you’re unlikely to cope well with an altercation.
Understanding toddler development helps you recognise that while your toddler might be infuriating at times, she’s not trying to drive you crazy. If she’s throwing her juice cup on the floor, get out the beanbags and play a throwing game with her. Explain that being gay is when two men or two women love each other and live together or have a relationship like a man and a woman would. You can get AIDS either from having sex with a person who has AIDS or from getting infected by the blood of someone who is suffering from AIDS.
The transaction included 28 fully-developed Wild Heron home sites, additional parcels of land along with beach and tennis club facilities.The Shark’s Tooth Golf Club incorporates the 7,204-yard, 18-hole, golf course, a 10-acre practice facility, a 21,000 square foot club house and a pro shop. Designed by Tom Fazio, Camp Creek was, in 2006, named “America’s Top Golf Course” in the Zagat Survey and served as a regional qualifying venue for the 2007 U.S. If you are really not coping or you fear your anger is excessive or out of control, talk to a professional. She’s a busy, energetic little person who is trying to exercise control over her world. Ilze van der Merwe, eductional psychologist and director of Bella Vida Therapy Centre in Johannesburg, is known for her popular parenting workshops. This includes explaining sex, childbirth, erections, names of private parts, safety rules about private parts, and that they are private and not toys with which to play. Boundaries come into play when someone indicates embarrassment – it can be either the child or the parent. It is the responsibility of parents to give their children knowledge of this nature, as this helps to empower them,” says Van der Merwe. The club house amenities include a restaurant and bar, a large dining room and and locker rooms.
Joe’s trio of golfing venues in the Panama City area is the “Origins” course at WaterSound. Parents can pick up on this when their kids start to cover their private parts or when they don’t want to be naked in front of others anymore.
You can comfort your children by telling them that they cannot get AIDS from sitting on a toilet, through kissing somebody, or from a mosquito bite,” explains Van der Merwe.

The beach club, with approximately100 feet of beachfront on the Gulf of Mexico, is approximately 3 miles from Sharks Tooth and includes beach access, a grill and bar and a swimming pool.In 2007, Golf Digest ranked Shark’s Tooth as one of the best golf courses in Florida and one of the best private courses in the nation. Parents should be respectful and at least knock on the bathroom or bedroom door before entering.
Joe Company in August of 2007, Shark's Tooth Golf Club at Wild Heron was a members only private golf club. Privacy is very important and should be respected at all times, regardless of your child’s age.
Today, the course is still private, but available to guests of the Watercolor Inn & Resort and those staying in WaterColor and WaterSound luxury vacation rentals. Joe developed WaterColor, a 499-acre coastal community featuring a wide-range of pastel-colored, tin roof luxury homes.Over the past several years, I have visited most of northwest Florida’s best golf courses. In fact, the course, more nature preserve than golf course, has Signature Status awarded by the Audubon Society for its commitment to environmental excellence, an honor shared with only five other golf courses in Florida.Sharks Tooth plays a whopping 7,204 yards from the back tees. The fairways, approaches and rough are constructed from grass supplied by the Greg Norman Turf Company.
Norman’s design relies heavily upon the natural lie of the terrain, sand dunes and ridges, not just to preserve the natural environment, but to also add definition and character.The course layout is both forgiving and punishing – a combination of often generous landing areas that encourage the use of the driver, and tight approaches ( some no more than five or six yards wide) that makes the greens approachable only with a perfect shot over the guardian bunkers Norman is so famous for. The bump-and-run will not work here.The first two holes – a par 4 of 408 yards, and a 190-yard par 3 - offer somewhat intimidating tee shots that must carry more than 175 yards of wetland scrub.
Holes 3, 4 and 5 incorporate cavernous waste bunkers to the left, but the landing areas are more than generous.The 6th, handicapped 1, is an amazing par 5 of 525 yards with a tee shot that must carry heavy wetland scrub to a landing area skirted by a waste bunker and water to the left, and a pine forest to the right.
If you should happen to find the fairway with your tee shot, you’ll find yourself faced with a second shot that must carry nearly 100 yards across a dense wetland area some 300 yards out from the tee to a second fairway beyond. The landing area for the second shot is guarded by a series of fairway bunkers that run right to left all the way to the green – the second shot must be near-perfect. You can see the actual layout by clicking through the images aboveSharks Tooth is an incredible experience, and one of the MUST play courses in Florida.Where to StayPersonally, I like the Watercolor Inn, Water Sound, Florida.
Favorite locations include Scotland], Florida, the American Southwest, Bermuda, the Bahamas and many more. For up-to-date golf travel news and information, be sure to Subscribe to my weekly Newsletter.Follow me on Google Plus and Twitter.

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