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Life Coaching Programs and Coaching Certification by Life by LifeSOULutions, LLC © 2016. You need to learn why thinking positive, before you have cleaned the slate of your mind of negative programs, will keep you from building a successful life coaching practice.
The Self-Mastery Textbook (283 pages) PLUS the Audio Album: What HLC Life Coaches use to train their life coaching clients.
Clinically proven subjective diagnostic exercise forms to use with your clients to measure their progress (Offer for this course only.
Subscribe today to receive Natalie's Newsletter containing valuable tips for advancing your personal and spiritual growth. This course is for you if you want to pick up life coaching as a profession, or if you are a professional within the organization, seeking to add expand your knowledge and provide your employees with higher level of service. The Basic Coaching Skills E-Course is an interactive online course presented in an easy, straight forward format. When you start working as a coach, you will need to become an expert at posing the right questions to get critical information. The TGROW model is a critical coaching structure that you need to understand in order to be an effective coach.
To bring a focus to your own growth or to those whom you teach, you will need to become an expert at setting goals.
Values are at the core of your actions and of those you coach but they often go unnoticed and underestimated. To get others to quickly identify with you and trust you is an incredibly valuable skill in all areas of your life. The way in which you value yourself, your self-esteem, is an important piece of the puzzle in your capacity to take on life challenges. Once you complete the course, I will give you helpful advice towards becoming a life coach, complete with all the forms you will need to get you started.
For just $599 you get the complete Basic Coaching E-course to help you develop the skills of a life coach.
Compare this with some of the tuition charges at coach certification companies, coaching universities and colleges that offer coaching as a major. The course will not only teach you the basics of a life coaching profession, it will also help you to improve those aspects of your own life that you wish to improve.
Upon completion of the course, I will also include the forms you will need to start on your journey as a practicing life coach. Furthermore, you will receive a Diploma issued by LB Coaching as the confirmation that you have completed the course.
Sign up for a 15 minutes complimentary informative session with Natalie and I will answer all your questions.
Our campus is world-wide thanks to the power of the Internet, so whatever your geographical location, your study can be easily achieved.
A skilled, “multi-tasking” mother of four, and Registered Nurse, Kelly Schaefer is the owner of Task Complete, a full service Lifestyle Management company. At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?
What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power? No matter where you are in life at this moment, you have the power to change it and live a life full love and joy. 2) Look through books, websites, goddess oracle cards, the Featured Goddess section of this website and write down all the traits you admire in your fellow Goddesses. 5) Write down your Goddess story – did you rise like a Phoenix out if the ashes, did you ride in on a seashell from the ocean, did you just appear full grow one day? 6) Make up your own prayer – if people were to pray to you, what would they be praying to you for?
9) Decide how your new Goddess self will dress and act – Does she always wear purple?
10) Decide how you are going to invoke your Goddess self – Are you going to hold a ritual? 12) Be gentle with yourself – Being a Goddess may take some adjustment on your part too. When we are brave enough to share our true authentic self with the world, we make room for miracles. When we remember that we’re all different and that it’s okay to not look like someone else or talk like someone else or share like someone else – it’s actually preferable that you are in your own lane doing your own thing following your own heart. Being an Everyday Goddess means to courageously follow my authentic calling as a transformational author and women’s empowerment coach, consciously leading by example while supporting others’ unfolding wings.
Although my mother was in and out of my life by the time I was around the age of five or six, she was highly intuitive and taught me to be in touch with my intuition, so the seeds to my awakening to the presence of the Divine Feminine, if not innate via DNA, were planted early. Because my father died suddenly when I was only 18 months old, leaving my mother pregnant and with three children she was ill-equipped to support,  my childhood was a duct taped tapestry of fragments pieced together from slivers of several foster homes. Although I feel a kinship with the Buddhist Goddess Kuan Shih Yin, best known as Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Companion, and with Rhiannon (whom my granddaughter is named after) I am mostly drawn to the divine goddess essence. My life calling is to share a personal message with women, and that is, you have one purpose while on this Earth: That is to learn to love every facet of who you are. I also always check in with myself (at least three times a day) to make sure I am staying in peace.
Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, the last year has been one of incredible transformation for me. My Goddess Wisdom blog has always been a cleansing for me, a purging of whatever I am working through at the time of writing. I feel that being an everyday Goddess is a state of mind and spirit that brings the importance of the feminine to the forefront with confidence, love, nurturing, and empowerment. I had to stop continually living for and making decisions based on what others thought of me.
Though I am just now getting familiar with Goddesses, I do feel most drawn to the Indian Goddesses, Saraswati and Durga. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. It will help you to gain confidence as a new coach right away and provide the framework you will use for successful sessions. Getting to the heart of your clienta€™s belief system is important in order to help your clients grow and improve. However, it is absolutely crucial to possess that ability if you want to be a successful life coach. As a life coach, you need to be well prepared to help clients deal with that aspect of their lives, too. If you are at the stage of your life when you contemplate becoming a life coach, then this is a perfect first step for you.

The entire course will be e-mailed to you when you enroll, along with the coursework for each lesson.
Not only did the Administrative Team take the time to answer all of my questions about the program and coaching as a career choice, I found that their client care (both before and after becoming a student), was absolutely phenomenal. In business today, she upholds a mission of giving families and busy professionals reliable and compassionate assistance so they can meet the demands of everyday life. As a mother I have witnessed so many other women and mothers in general who restrict themselves of living and enjoying life by giving over all their time to their friends, family and society, saving none for themselves.
That masculine served me well for a very long time, but now was a time for growing, changing and evolving into a well-balanced Goddess, using both my innate feminine and masculine energies symbiotically. All you need to do is decide, gain support from others around you and open yourself to receive the richest life imaginable. Her life’s calling is helping others find their wings, connecting everyday life to spirituality. It carries a responsibility of being continuously in the awakening process, of honing self-awareness, and of continuing to evolve even in the grip of those who would love to hold captive, the status quo.
I was a child of the fifties, with no consistent male role model outside of black and white television programs where “Father Knows Best.” Having no father, I learned to be ultra-aware of how others operated and take what I could get from a soup of examples. Stepping into my feminine power gave me the inspiration to forgive –myself included, and the courage to trust myself, first and foremost to have my own best answers. From being practiced in the ancient energy art of Feng Shui –which I apply to every area of my environments including my bookshelves, to reading goddess and angel tarot, to living my life by the moon cycles, to writing the books, to smudging, and to keeping the journals, sacred feminine rituals are woven through my life. In 1994 I opened Ruby Luna’s Angel Emporium, a small gift shop dedicated to all things goddess and angelic. This self-love and forgiveness radiates outward into the ethers and feeds the Universe a serving of divine love that returns to feed and heal the globe and her inhabitants.
A former fashion magazine editor, she combines her love of aesthetics and writing with spiritual discovery to help her clients connect and convert! I started dancing again – my boyfriend introduced me to ecstatic dancing (it’s like clubbing without the alcohol and cheesy pick-up lines). This understanding of self brings a powerful energy to the planet as we are in a shifting culture and consciousness. Though I’ve always felt a distinct pull from spirit and universal energy, I was on a path that did not allow for exploration of my truth and authenticity. Though I still have tendencies to analyze my actions and thoughts, my life has changed from the inside out. It is helping me to connect to my sensual side and to my body in a way that brings about confidence and self-love. Saraswati is one who shows me that I have a voice and how important it is that I use it to create love, peace, and growth in the world. I want them to know that they can be everything they’ve dreamed of being, that they can fulfill their dreams, define purpose and live happily.
Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others.
After that, I will give you 30 minutes of feedback and spend time on any other, course related questions you might have. The staff showed genuine interest that the program was appropriate for my learning and delivery needs.
The course taught me about putting myself out of my comfort zone and just going for it, which is exactly what I did. As CEO and Lifestyle Management coach, it is her purpose to help you manage the minutia of day to day living to live an abundant life, full out and in joy. Being an Everyday Goddess means living a life on your own terms, enjoying the beauty that life and living has to offer and acknowledging that we are that powerful, and we can have it all. I was living my life by what society says a mother and woman should do, but inside I felt as if “I” was slowly slipping away.
I stopped listening to other people who told me that in order for my family to be happy I needed to always be there.
I have learned that things around me don’t always have to be “perfect”.  I learned that I can be powerful, successful, a mother and a lover all at once, all while embracing my feminine and allowing myself to be open and to receive and not just always use my masculine to get what I need or want.
I learned a lot about myself in 2014 and spent much of the past few months releasing what no longer served – old beliefs, old patterns, old archetypes that were dragging me down. I had asked her what I was supposed to do after I released the Madonna complex to ensure I didn’t fall back into that old trap again. What should your followers bring you or do on your behalf to show their appreciation for you? People learn how to treat you based on how you treat yourself and what you will and won’t put up with.
It implies a constant connection to Mother Earth and to the Universal Source of Creation, and it necessitates an aura of expansion, compassion, cooperation, nonjudment and support for all others, and receptivity to the allowance of energy circulation, while remaining true to my ‘self’. In the end, I let go of a lot of traditional patriarchal values and beliefs in order to learn to own my voice, and to trust myself, as indeed, I quickly learned that I was the only one I could consistently depend on. It gave me the pluck to drive trucks, to open my first business, to return to school, to teach assertiveness training and self-sufficiency skills, to become a gestalt group facilitator for women while working for the Department of Human Services, to write a dozen self-development books, and to ultimately step into the divine light as a women’s empowerment coach. Books, statues, table-top, wall-art, jewelry, gossamer clothing, music and meditation, ritual wares, and oh-so-much-more were offered; the goddess energy was palpable in that store. It is the transformational empowering message that is woven into all my books, in my online courses, in the live group gatherings, and in all of my various levels of women’s empowerment coaching services. Everyday goddesses balance the blessings and opportunities of life with grace and gratitude. But it took a rock bottom for me to finally fling the door open and I was in the my mid 30’s at the time. That can be a deep meditation by candlelight or a night on the couch with a glass of wine and Oprah. When YOU can stay in peace no matter what, everyone around you gets inspired to do the same. Given my limited mobility, I dove into developing my on-line presence, blogging, launching two websites, and writing articles for magazines. She is a spiritual life coach and intuitive reader who received her certification through renowned spiritual life and business coach, Karen Coffey. The freedom I feel now has served me in so many ways, including self-confidence, purpose, authenticity, and connections to others.
I believe that creating an improved mindset is the first key to transformation for every area of life. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only. I found the entire experience from beginning to certification more than what I could have ever expected.

I wish I could explain to you the sense of self-achievement and growth I felt once I had completed this wonderful course. We are truly meant to live and enjoy what our life has to offer and not just live through it. All the fire and humor and passion for life was slowly being replaced with “tasks” and “need to dos”. And in order for my business to thrive I had to have strict hours of operation and let go of all my household responsibilities. And of course Aphrodite for she is the embodiment of beauty and love and for me represents abundance and experiencing daily pleasures. 2014 was supposed to be the Year of Me, and it was, but not the way I originally envisioned it.
It make take a few times interacting with the new Goddess you before they realize they can’t treat you like they used to. It means embracing the ‘whole’ of beingness –learning to step fully into the light, and to love every facet of who I am as I encourage others to do the same.
I was shy, awkward, and terribly curious about life, so I had to learn to own my small voice, and to own my power. Most profoundly, stepping into my feminine power was the sacred force which got me through the darkest tunnel as I entered and came out on the other side of the death of my son; it is this divine feminine source which resides within, that allows me to find the blessings in the mire of any event, regardless of how nefarious. It never seemed odd to me to communicate with loved ones who have passed over, or to read the messages of the cards before starting out on my day, or to celebrate the seasons and give offering in gratitude. Everyday Goddesses gathered from around the globe to practice rituals, share secrets and wares, and to bask in the goddess energies.
We allow ourselves to be led by joy, knowing that when joy comes first, love, wealth, health and abundance are never far behind. Sometimes you have to hit the floor before those whispers become screams you can no longer ignore. So while I wrote blogs about the lessons I was learning, the transformations I was experiencing, it was more from a third-party perspective. It took a good friend getting in my face and confronting me about it for me to admit that I had a problem.
About how watching my transformation had helped give other women the courage to do the same.
My business was taking over my life and I began losing the joy I used to see in the world, replaced with worry and fear as to whether or not I would be “successful”. It creates a space in your life where you actually stop and enjoy and witness all the beauty and abundance around you instead of always forcing forward for the next big accomplishment. When you fall off track, just go back to your Goddess invocation ritual (or whatever you do to invoke your new Goddess self) and do it again.
He died of what the Medical Examiner determined to be, “unknown, natural causes.” He died in his sleep, like an infant succumbs to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
That strength came in handy when I became a Teamster truck driver in order to support my three young children following a divorce when I was twenty-three.
Whether burning healing incense or freeing the energy in a prosperity candle, decorating my various altars with intention, casting spells, clearing spaces, or setting new moon goals, goddess rituals are an integral part of my life that is carried down the line through my daughter and granddaughters. NOW it continues to unfold beautifully and gracefully and I am loving the ongoing journey of self discovery! I am amazed at what I have been able to attract (and really specific things too!) just be committing to one minute a day of putting the law of attraction in order. We have all of these gorgeous, juicy, feminine powers that we can unleash every day, all day, as we need them to work for us.
Having learned in Fall 2013 that fighting against the Universe and ‘talking the talk’ doesn’t work nearly as well allowing and ‘walking the walk,’ I dove headfirst into recovery.
I attracted a wonderful man in my life – someone so different from anyone I’ve ever known before – so refreshing. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.
What I have learned is that I am and always have been all of these things, and it is THAT which makes us a Goddess.
Something happens to me and spirit works through me when I dance, no holding back, just fluid body to the beat of the music. Or maybe you need to do your invocation daily or change something about it to make it more powerful for you. In this case, it was SADS –Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, something that occurs not infrequently. Somehow I kept my feminine spirit even as I learned to change tires on semi-tractors, and double-clutch the big rigs, and mastered ‘heavy-highway’ equipment. Nothing, not even the last word, not even being right, not even being heard, is more important to me than joy and peace. All the bumps and bruises and inner truth and desire all balled up into one perfect feminine. Just gently let them know through your words and actions how you’d like to be treated and that they either need to get on board – and start paying tribute to you! To lose a close loved-one, confidant, and the one sibling who had been with me through the dark and the light, was unforgiveable.
If people didn’t like the new me, then I’d wish them well and send them off with blessings. I stopped trying to please everyone because ultimately the only person you can please is yourself. With no reason for such profound loss, I abandoned all belief in a higher power and disowned my former spirituality. Helped me realize that although I fell apart, shattered, in Fall of 2013, I had the choice of which pieces of my life – of me – I wanted to pick back up. I was there because I had three youngsters to feed, and working in a traditional role as truck driver was the only way I could figure –having no education, how to support my babies on my own. And, most importantly, that I needed to take exquisite care of myself if I wanted to have the opportunity to choose.
And as blessings are known to surface and blossom from seeds of despair, it was the place where I began to question everything, and to learn so much about my spirit and spirituality. But I consciously clung to my feminine principles throughout the evolution of owning my power, even when laboring physically in the ‘good-old-boy’ arena.

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