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Course actions define certificate formats and issuing conditions, rules, availability and the order of completing the course lessons. The Information tab includes a detailed description of the course under several topics (e.g, Objectives, Resources).
Apart from this basic information, the professor can also describe the lesson using several course metadata, that follow the doublin care standard. The professor can override the completion status by hand using the related function next to each user's name (last column). Through the course rules tab in the Educational and Enterprise editions, we can add rules between different courses and though define the order in which courses can be accessed and completed. The Order tab offers a drag-and-drop interface to change the order of the lessons inside the courses.
The Scheduling tab offers an interface for setting the availability for individual lessons inside the course. Each certification has an identification number (certificate key) that is unique and can be used to track its validity. After the expiration and the reset of the course, that is done automatically by the system, the students will have to attend the course again, complete all the course rules and they will be certified again after completing it. Although the course is reset, the system stores the students' grades for all the previous certifications that they have gained, so that their history will be retained. Apart from them, you can design your own template, a process that presupposes basic knowledge of XML. You can preview, edit, rename, clone and delete your own designed templates but only preview and clone the default templates.
Furthermore please note that you can use any custom user profile field in your certificate , as well as course properties, ceu and training hours. When the certificates templates are described in RTF format, the certifications can be exported in DOC and PDF format. The Dar­win Infor­ma­tion Typ­ing Archi­tec­ture (DITA) is an end-to-end, XML-based archi­tec­ture for author­ing, man­ag­ing, and pub­lish­ing your organization’s tech­ni­cal con­tent.
This course is appro­pri­ate for tech­ni­cal writ­ers and man­agers who are con­sid­er­ing to imple­ment XML-DITA based pub­lish­ing. With our best prac­tices method­olo­gies, authors will get hands-on on-site train­ing on effec­tive cre­ation of DITA con­tent using XMetaL Author and FrameMaker. Capture Nx Essential Training Torrent(capture-nx-essential-training-torrent.torrent rar zip) rapidshare mediafire megaupload hotfile, Capture Nx Essential Training Torrent torrent download and emule download, Capture Nx Essential Training Torrent full free download, Capture Nx Essential Training Torrent rar Zip password mediafire Capture Nx Essential Training Torrent crack serial keygen cd key download or anything related. Rapidshare Movies, Games, Music, TV Shows, Magazine, Software, Tutorials and eBooks free Download. Learn on your own schedule with interactive modules that contain guided instruction, video-enhanced tutorials, quizzes, and resources for further study.

Since the XML Schema editor allows you to create schemas in a graphical manner, you can focus on the semantics of your schema while leaving the syntactical details of the XML Schema language to XMLSpy.
The course export includes all underlying lessons but it does not export users or their progress. If you decide that the certificates will expire after a period of time, you can also define that the system will reset the course for the certified users as soon as the validation time ends or prior the certificate expiration. This information can be found through the administrator's page and the 'Certificate reports'.
Also, you can set the time for expiration after certificate will be issued or select no expiration date. The new template default xml code contains the new fields and once defined they will appear in the certificate.
For example, to insert the course's Training Hours you will type this ###training_hours### . In this section, we will figure out how to draw lines, display pictures, set background image and insert fields within the certificate. After your account is confirmed, go back to your eFront installation and through the administrator's page select the System settings function. DITA was designed to meet the evolv­ing needs of orga­ni­za­tions in the face of today’s busi­ness require­ments — for man­ag­ing and pub­lish­ing con­tent for mul­ti­ple prod­ucts, mul­ti­ple audi­ences, and mul­ti­ple out­put for­mats… Larger orga­ni­za­tions increas­ingly pre­fer DITA to pro­pri­etary doc­u­ment stor­age for­mats, as DITA offers sig­nif­i­cant effi­ciency and usabil­ity advan­tages. With advance input, we cus­tomize the train­ing to include your cor­po­rate stan­dards and guide­lines, as well as include exer­cises that use your sam­ple files. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Part of this information is visible to the student through the integrated tooltip, when the student passes over a course on the catalog. This option ensures that all students satisfying the lesson or course criteria, are automatically acknowledged by the system and given the completed status. The administrator can look for the students who have gotten certificate for the course that interests him, in a specific period of time. They are called, Minimum Decoration, Medium Decoration, Heavy Decoration and Portrait Minimum Decoration. Predefined variables like for example ###3m###, ###1y###, ###10d### can be used in custom fields and will be translated in 3 months, 1 year, 10 days respectively when the certificate is issued, for example.
After selecting the desired template, you can set the time for expiration after certificate will be issued or select no expiration date. Then, select External tools, click on the PHP livedocx tab and supply the username and password of your previously registered LiveDocx account. But DITA is not lim­ited to large orga­ni­za­tions; it makes good sense for projects of any size to be moved to the DITA archi­tec­ture.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Here you can add or delete components, as well as modify their properties in entry helper windows. For example Lesson-3 can depend on Lesson-1 *and* Lesson-2; only when both Lesson-1 and Lesson-2 are completed will Lesson-3 become available for the student.
First, appear the most recent certifications and below there is a list with all the previous certificates, the date and the student's grade.
By default, the XML section is filled up with the XML schema of the Minimum Decoration (Unicode) template.
Moreover variables like ###training_hours###, ###ceu###  and any custom user profile field could also be used in the same way. Clicking the tree icon next to any global component opens the detailed graphical view of its content model in the XML Schema editor, where you can drag and drop to re-arrange elements or use the right-click menu to select context-sensitive options. The first three templates follow the landscape page orientation and last one follows the portrait page orientation. With this system, you're able to edit components at a global level and then edit the content model of individual components.The XML Schema editor makes it just as easy to auto-generate an XML Schema from an XML instance or even a relational database structure using highly configurable options. You can do the opposite as well, and generate an XML instance or database structure from an existing XML Schema. You can either display the default logo of your eFront installation or an external image, by supplying its URL.
RTF Certificate templatesCourse actions are settings that Professors can perform on their courses, described as a coherent object on top of contained lessons. Also, the heavy.png file corresponds to the background image of the Heavy Decoration template.
Course actions are visible on the Professor's homepage (a set of actions next to each Course). Apart from these background images you can display an external image, by supplying its URL. Administrators can also access these settings directly from the course list on their interface.

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