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Monica Singh was a victim of an acid attck at the age of 19, with her neck, head, 75% of her face and her upper body completely burnt off. Her father died last year, without ever seeing his daughter achieve her lifelong dream of being a designer, and Monica now needs your help. You can help her and other acid attack victims simply by hitting SHARE on this video to get the word out.
With all the stories I hear about Jennifer Aniston’s womb, I have started to think of it as a separate entity and that the two are forced to live together in a love-hate existence where each day is pretty much the same. Adding to this little, admittedly weird, ¬†imagination game I like to play, is the latest¬†of Jen baby bump watch news.

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Her father spent his life savings on keeping his daughter alive, and nursing her back to health. She needs $50,000 to pay for her tuition, and we are trying to spread the word, to help her get to Parsons, and start a new life.
Jen goes to yoga and then comes back and sits on her Malibu porch with Her Womb and tries to make light-hearted small talk over herbal organic tea, but Womb always has to bring down the conversation. At some point the star will probably want a child so at some point the tabloids will be right.

Nine years and 42 surgeries later, Monica has realised her dream of graduating from India's top fashion college (NIFT), and has now received admission to Parsons New School for Design in New York.
I like to think he looks and acts and basically is Woody Allen (because hey, this is my odd game and I can make anything happen that I want) because this somehow makes it funny (maybe?).

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