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No matter where you lead, The Global Leadership Summit is a world-class experience designed to help you grow as a leader and embrace the reason God called you to lead. Middletown Members and Regular Attenders can register for a discounted price using the priority code given to us from Willow Creek. If you do not attend Middletown Christian and would like to register to attend The Global Leadership Summit at this site, please register here. On July 23 to 25, 2015 Global Chinese Christian Business leadership peak BBS was held in Vancouver, Canada. The Second Pan-Eurasian Experiment Science Conference starts with the discussion on sustainable development for the world. On Thursday, one of Beijing's top hospitals has been awarded for its contribution for AIDS treatment and research. The Chinese government has produced 488 million fake social media posts a year to divert people's attention away from sensitive issues according to a new study.
Clouds, ice caps, craters and other features on the Red Planet were captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.
Roughly half of the cancer deaths percentage could be prevented if only people cut back on drinking alcohol, quit smoking, got at least 150 minutes of exercise per week and maintained a healthy weight.
Personal belongings of EgyptAir passengers and other debris from the plane crash were found floating in the Mediterranean sea according to Egyptian navy on Friday. The first farewell collective meeting was held on May 1 in the Moore Memorial Church for retired volunteers.
The eight-person delegation of the Church of Pakistan (United) visits CCC&TSPM and the East China Theological Seminary on its two day visit from May 17 to 18.
A new church in Shenyang has been dedicated on May 17 with 30 pastors and 1000 believers in attendance.
When it comes to our present election season, it seems there are a lot of cats vying for power. Truth is one of the human race’s first tasks in the Garden of Eden was naming the animals. Bottom line is we need cats that are appropriately named and that we can live with for four, eight or 14 years to come.
We were very happy to discover that the bag had arrived in Tampa early that following morning and that Cedric was the assigned delivery driver leaving Tampa in a blue Nissan at 8:30am with the missing bag on board. By this stage all my daughter’s three years of law school knowledge, combined with fiery frustration, was being systematically meted out on every airline and luggage agent that dared to physically answer a phone up and down the East Coast.
Even if one of those trapped was desperate to use the restroom, I doubt if any of them would risk damaging the sleeping status quo. In the past I had heard the story of a blonde going into an appliance store sale and finding a bargain. She went for a complete disguise this time; haircut and new color, new outfit, big sunglasses, then waited a few days before she again approached the salesman. Well it does highlight that certain people in the population do have a difficult time with technology.
What makes the second story even funnier is that it recently actually happened and similar stories happen across the nation in offices every day.
There is no question that certain technologies seem designed to reveal generational ignorance and sometimes, just ignorance itself. In the first Meow blog, we dealt with monetizing Meow and I promised in a future blog to deal with Chairman Meow’s voracious appetite. Chairman unfortunately has continued to put on weight but we try and conceal it with photos taken at strategic angles like the lightbulb pose or the silhouette pose. I found this photo for Christina and suggested the porkiness may not be so great if we gave her a bath like this cat. I told my daughter Christina (25) today that I am starting to add postings about cats and pets to my blog. The other alternative that frequently gets floated to help pay back vast amounts of student loans is that we find Grumpy Cat number 2, an ugly feline specimen that so captivates the minds of the public that major retailers are willing to name products such as Starbuck’s new Grumpachinos after it and pay royalties for the use of its unhappy image. Now Christina took steps in the direction of finding a monetizable cat early in her law degree. A farmer named Muldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside except for a pet dog he had for a long time.
The dog finally died and Muldoon went to the parish priest, saying “Father, the dog is dead.
Talk about confusing, I don’t think many adults appreciate how befuddling some of our commercial messaging can be. I mean look at those pharmaceutical commercials showing some tablet that’s supposed to help you to sleep or that has some other supposed benefit. My childhood in South Africa was filled with such confusions, chief of which was how Santa’s sleigh was somehow going to make it to our home in 104 degree heat as we singed on the other side of the earth in mid summer. I close by inviting my readers to give what your answer might have been if your boy asked you “what’s reptile dysfunction and how does one catch it?” Remember you only have 8 seconds to think before giving an answer and please no snake references!!!
Just this past weekend I was contemplating how confusing it must be for foreigners to grasp the nuances of the English language. The European Union commissioners have announced that agreement has been reached to adopt English as the preferred language for European communications, rather than German, which was the other possibility.
As part of the negotiations, Her Majesty’s Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a five-year phased plan for what will be known as Euro-English (Euro for short). In the third year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible. So when Nelson Mandela, without the firing of a single shot, was able to bring down the apartheid government, it shook the world.
NIU is looking for dedicated and motivated students interested in having fun this summer and learning about global leadership and philanthropy. A new opportunity this year – the Global Leadership and Philanthropy Camp – will provide a quality college learning experience to a select group of students. Scheduled from Sunday, July 15, through Friday, July 20, the camp is for students entering grades 9 to 12. The University Honors Program and the Division of International Programs have provided funding that will allow students to attend this camp for a fraction of the regular costs for NIU’s residential summer camps. Because of the camp’s limited enrollment, parents and students are encouraged to apply before the June 1 “early bird” deadline.
In addition to learning from business and community leaders, campers will have a day of service during which they will visit Feed my Starving Children, the Northern Illinois Food Bank, and Feed’em Soup.
The Global Leadership and Philanthropy Camp is sponsored by the University Honors Program, the Division of International Program, NGOLD: Center for NGO Leadership and Development, the Center for Southeast Asian Students and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming. NIU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming is offering 11 residential and day camps for students.

Sci-Camp Engineering Amusement: Roller Coasters to Cotton Candy, June 17 to 22, for students entering grades 5 to 8.
Sci-Camp STEM Career Investigations Camp, July 15 to 20, for students entering grades 9 to 12. Broadcast live in HD from Willow Creek’s campus near Chicago to over 375 Premier Host Sites in North America and later around the world, you are invited to join an expected 260,000 leaders in 2016. Fifty-four percent of past participants “cited concrete ways in which they served the poor (33%), comforted the hurting (20%), educated others (19%), helped youth (19%), and fought injustice (8%).” By hosting the Summit, Middletown will embrace our community by providing an inspirational experience that will nurture and transform leaders.
Please note this is for Middletown Christian attenders and members only, and does not include co-workers or friends that do not regularly attend Middletown Christian.
Focusing on two themes of Workplace transformation and Servant Leadership, guest speakers, business leaders and chief shepherd of churches discussed actual case, and shared the change of the biblical values to individual and corporate updates.
She got one from a friend’s parents in upper Pennsylvania, who already had 17 rather inbred cats. One tip that may help you in making a good choice and enable you to be more like Adam in the Garden is just to name what you see. It seemed like things would improve when they introduced sophisticated tracking technology.
Nora’s dot now seemed to travel in a tortuously slow path through every single neighborhood in Tampa. My daughter Christina got Chairman Meow from a rather inbred region of Pennsylvania and she came with two main distinctives, one, she is continually vocal and two, as Christina puts it, her full button appears to be broken. She is about to graduate from a prestigious East Coast top-100 law school and is single-handedly responsible for making cats, and every other kind of pet, a dominant part of my life. Inevitably Grumpy cat became the vehicle through which Christina began to express her feelings concerning the Superbowl and the winter from hell the East Coast recently experienced. Patrick went to Auxerre, France where he studied and entered the priesthood under the guidance of the missionary St.
As you watch it, they often show smiling people playing in slow motion with their children or grandchildren.
One year when the gifts came late we were told it was because Santa’s sleigh had derailed on those rocks far in the distance. Also what was your most confusing commercial as a child?…Have fun sharing your insights and memories!!!
Every time visitors came to his home he took them to see the portrait of his son before he showed them any of the other great works he had collected. We have certain rules but sometimes the exceptions to the rule comprise a longer list than the rule itself.
Governments will enkourage the removal of double letters, which have always ben a deterent to akurate speling. I personally feel a sense of gratitude to him for saving the land of my birth from becoming another Rwanda. The ruling National Party was a brutal regime that allowed very little criticism and put down dissent with an austere and often vicious hand. The laws were carefully crafted to create an unfair advantage to the privileged white population and to control and oppress the black majority. Applications received before June 1 will require only a $150 registration fee, which goes up to $175 after June 1.
Sci-Camp Exploring Nature: Habitats and Environment, July 8 to 13, for students entering grades 7 to 9. Global Leadership & Philanthropy Camp, July 15 to 20, for students entering grades 9 to 12. She named it Chairman Meow and true to its name it was dominant, vocal, demanding and was a voracious eater. Many are looking for that one name that will help their pet capture the imagination of the masses, cat-apult their cat to stardom and maybe even lead to some form of monetization. Christina bought Chairman Meow home and dumped her (in a weak parental moment) with her unsuspecting parents. A few months ago my daughter headed to Tampa, Florida for a much needed vacation after taking the California Bar Exam to practice in the state.
It was now almost noon and my daughter’s hosts were begging to start heading to the beach.
When it finally arrived after 10pm that night at the beach house, we discovered that Cedric’s car was having engine trouble and returned to base, Elaine bit off more than she could chew and could not fit all the luggage assigned to her into her vehicle.
How many times has someone told me something does not work when all that was required was to plug in a device?
If she sits on you, she wants to sit on your chest and make sure you can do nothing else except pet her. I told her writing about cats was the one topic I would hardly have to think about because cat content literally flies at me from her every day. She was very proud of the name until she wanted to visit home for a week and took Chairman to a local cat kennel. During his six years of captivity, he became deeply devoted to Christianity through constant prayer. Just regarding the commercial being referenced here, can someone explain how a product promoting intimacy and a cure for reptile dysfunction has two people in separate bath tubs holding hands watching a sunset outside? All this fun stuff is happening while the announcer rattles off all the horrific side effects, often including “death” or how about that lady with the elephant on her chest? No wonder Rudolf’s nose was red, what with all that blazing African sun and all that rock crashing! He stared in awe at the way the soldier had captured the personality of his son in the painting. Many influential people gathered, excited over seeing the great paintings and having an opportunity to purchase one for their collection. They built up an impressive military, which I avoided serving in by exercising my US citizenship at the age of 18 and leaving the country.
We knew of the savage murder of Steve Biko in prison and of the terrible price other dissidents faced who tried to oppose or speak against the laws or governing systems.
Thus the rise of the evil dictator cat names, the Chairman Meows, the Kitlers, the Pussalinis, the Catsros and even the Meowseph Stalins. People may point out that someone with a feline disposition already has a huge influence in the White House…could that be Meowchelle Obama? She then went back for a second year in law school and found another inbred Pennsylvania kitten. In those top 100 you get names like Oreo, Mittens, Ginger, Boots, Snickers, Rusty and Socks.
All her toiletries, make-up and clothing were in the hold and, upon arrival, she was told her bag was in another city.

With no beach clothes or swimsuit, my daughter remained miserable at the beach house dutifully trusting the technology and trying to reach every luggage agent she could get through to.
Of course my daughter’s bag was a casualty and got left behind and had to be reassigned. She was quite disgruntled to discover that her cat was the 10th “Chairman Meow” they had housed. It seems like this product would only really work if they ended up in the same bath tub and hopefully one larger and more private than those narrow single bathtubs out in a field? He saved many lives that day, and he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart and he died instantly. I often asked him how the man who emerged from prison differed from the willful young man who had entered it.
I was not willing to fight for the apartheid system and, in my mind that meant not making South Africa my future home. There was nobody else with his stature who could have accomplished what he did and he did it because he had come to a place of “maturity”. The target audience of this book is Christians and so I will draw a good bit of inspiration from the Bible. When she returned for her first visit back to California, she took her kitty to a cat boarding facility in Philly. Suddenly Elaine was the new driver in a silver PT Cruiser and the dot on the screen started blinking again but just seemed to be going nowhere. When Christina brought her home, miraculously she was the correct weight, I think through a starvation diet of a law school student who was seldom home.
Chairman also chases Mokona around the house and we often find them having a cat scrap like in the photo.
According to her, all of her 8 years of post secondary training are leading her to help the San Diego Zoo implement procedures to reduce issues of liability. Of course it wasn’t long before Chairman had made her way from the East Coast to our home in California and joined the long list of pets deposited with her parents for “safe keeping.” Here is Chairman Meow, no longer a kitten but definitely a daily part of my life.
Fillan, an Irish priest who went from Ireland in the 7th Century to bring Christianity to Scotland.
With this, he grew increasingly determined to free the Irish from Druidism by converting them to Christianity. Patrick never lost sight of his vision: he was determined to convert Ireland to Christianity.
Through preaching, writing and performing countless baptisms, he convinced Pagan Druids that they were worshiping idols under a belief system that kept them enslaved. Ours in South Africa were for things like Black Cat Peanut Butter, two items that had nothing to do with each other or for the underarm deodorant MUM for Men!!!
I also lived for three years in Germany and understand a little of the precise manner in which the Germans view everything. Many of my friends ended up in townships shooting at rioting crowds and some gave their lives fighting on South Africa’s borders with other nations. It had developed nuclear weapons and even a strong air and naval force in addition to its massive army.
One of the greatest criticisms I hear about people of faith is that they are unbalanced and often unstable. Upon announcing its name, they calmly informed her that her animal was the 11th such feline they had boarded with the name Chairman Meow.
So before you decide to name your cat after an evil dictator, try and decide whether you want to be your cat’s servant or possibly its slave. Had she arrived at the beach house a few minutes later, she would have missed delivering it by the 11pm curfew and would have had to take it back to Tampa airport to start the process again the following day. Most airline seats are not designed for large people never mind a baby, a huge diaper bag, handbag, blanket and snacks.
Somehow we were entrusted with the task of keeping her at the correct weight and so the anti porky warning photos started coming. Translation, she wants a job with them that allows her to pet all their animals without having to clean up the poop. A year ago I took my wife and daughters to Strathfillan in Scotland to investigate some of the family roots.
After three days of sailing, he and the crew abandoned the ship in France and wandered, lost, for 28 days—covering 200 miles of territory in the process.
I’m just trying to point out that if these ads are confusing to even us adults, just imagine what they are to kids. That commercial always ended with the question “hasn’t your Mum always looked after you?” Well of course she has but what has that got to do with stuff under your arms?
It’s internal police were brutal and it seemed from inside and out to be an impenetrable regime. Many believers also are not good at articulating their faith in a way that makes sense to the rest of society. What we discovered was that the technology had not really helped improve the service but simply prolonged the agony and exposed the absolute incompetency of both the airline and the luggage delivery system.
My greatest advice to those who struggle with technology is to make yourself friends with a 12-yr old because you will need their help and all of that age group seem to get it. She said these were a cautionary tail if we didn’t curtail her voracious eating habits. Chairman would make sure their intake was halved and she would give them so much exercise, they would be slim and trim in no time. She arrived with a very large appetite (subject of a future blog) and is presently costing me a fortune. Patrick continued to promote the conversion of Ireland to Christianity by electing Church officials, creating councils, founding monasteries and organizing Ireland into dioceses. Hopefully this book will inspire Christians to pursue a place of balance and wisdom, a place, like Mandela, of “maturity”. The one side benefit has been that our other previously porky cat has gotten thinner because Chairman eats both her food and most of the other cat’s food also. It looks like some of those early Irish were a lot more spiritual than people give them credit for. Saint Patrick’s master, Milchu, was a high priest of Druidism, a Pagan sect that ruled religious influence over Ireland at the time.

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