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I believe that the current state of the US and Western economies have a lot to do with the softened demand for cars.
In the US the economy is not expanding and the depressed job market is hurting many recent graduates. Even small businesses can see the handwriting on the wall and many have pared employees down to the absolute minimum. For those who have not experienced the care-free pre-2007 days of anything goes, they won’t know what they are missing.
That explains why people in business are so cautious with their money and have cut back on so much, including employment. So get Palin or Bachmann into office and then we’ll all be flush with energy and cash?
I wouldn’t vote for Palin, Bachmann or any of the candidates currently in the field of hopefuls.

But, let’s not talk politics on a car board because when it comes time to vote our conscience we have to each decide for ourselves if we are better off with Obama than we were under Shrub or Clinton. And how well we, the people, are doing directly affects the economy and sales of cars and new homes. The bottom line is that you can’t take it with you and I have never seen a hearse with a U-Haul behind it. I have a perfectly good 4-5 year old car with 50,000 miles that I plan to run for a long time.
And now that the banksters have taken everything, and oil is getting more expensive, and you expect me to buy a new car every few years? Global Sales Meetings are crucial for any company, to provide valuable content and information to your sales teams to ensure that deals are closed and revenue targets are met. New research suggests that information retention is best when this content is provided on paper.

But as the chart above shows, the rate of growth in global deliveries has slowed dramatically over the past year-and-a-half, falling below five percent the last several months.
Global autos are slated to grow at roughly 4% a year, not the 20-35% growth seen in early 2010. Print training materials are great to use for discussions at the meeting and are easy to review on the plane ride home and beyond. Make sure you meet your sales target but make sure you print your most important sales and marketing literature to keep this information front of mind for your sales team.
The US and Japan have been hit hard by the Japanese tsunami, while the once-blistering-hot markets of China and India are shrinking and growing more slowly respectively.

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