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Featuring custom made original christening designs by nationally known Bernina artist Marianne Schubbe. Christening gowns, christening rompers and detachable gowns custom designed for baby boys & girls special day ~ Available in a variety of fabrics, styles and sizes. Irish christening gowns for girls include Belfast's Best Irish Linen, Celtic crosses & shamrocks in a variety of styles, fabrics and sizes.
Communion category includes custom made dresses, veils and accessories in a large variety of fabrics, styles and sizes. Wide selection of unique, custom made gifts designed for boys and girls ~ many personalized keepsake items available. Perfect accessory for babies special christening day, this blanket is available with or without fleece lining for warmth. The Miracle Zone is the state of being we lived in when we were small, before we found out we could not fly, that fairy tales are not true and people die and leave us. The news may be devastating, but this is not a time to waiver.Now is the time to become armed with knowledge and with faith.
Have you or your loved one been told by a doctor that they have any of the following conditions? When our daughter-in-law Taylor was diagnosed with low amniotic fluid in the first trimester, we were told there was no hope for the little one she carried and that she would either spontaneously abort or develop a severe infection which would be fatal to her and the baby. We were told in the 1 in a million chance the baby did make it to birth he would be in a much pain because he would be born with nonfunctioning lungs and would die within the hour.
On this website you will find many resources and peoplewho are fighting the good fight to save the lives of their little ones. The purpose of this website is to be a resource for you who find yourself in a similar situation.

Find a doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancies, a perinatologist who is willing to take a chance and be your champion. There is no way tiny Sebastian, or his brother or cousins pictured here, could possibly have known the deadly scenarios that had been predicted for him, as these precious children sat in front of the Reagan Building that beautiful Memorial Day in our nation's capitol.
We invite you to read at no cost the entire book in digital PDF format, or contact us to purchase a copy for $14 plus shipping and handling.
Susan Ison speaks about Sebastian's story on Sue Parker's Life Choices radio show, Memphis 640 AM. Even though this is not a video, we have wonderful sermons conducted by Pastor Bill Liversidge. You were not only the consummate professional but the joy that you derive from creating this unique type of attire is clearly evident. Personalized with babies name and baptismal date below an embroidered cross accented with pastel shades of pink and optional embroidered shamrock cluster on each side of the cross. You’ll feel like Dorothy landing in the colorful Land of Oz after watching Miss Gulch cycle off in black-and-white Kansas with her wee dog Toto.
My son Rob and his wife Taylor were advised by over 20 doctors that the humane thing to do would be to terminate the pregnancy. Sebastian and Taylor were said to have all the conditions above at different points in time.
Doctors like Jessica Bienstock at Johns Hopkins and Bruce Young at New York University Hospital.
God's Miracle of Sebastian tells the inspirational, educational and true story of a child, who for months was given a zero percent chance of living by medical experts everywhere, but who would prove to be God's miracle and would soon fill the empty spot in the stroller pictured above. I am so happy that Ayana went along with my suggestion of Smocked Treasures as the source for her babies' christening attire.

Through your creations may you continue to contribute to the special memories of families - known and unknown to you - for many more years. In the Miracle Zone, the extraordinary is ordinary and suffering is what is unplanned and unexpected.
For months my grandson Sebastian was said to have a zero percent chance of survival by some of the best and brightest doctors in the world.
You can create the space for miracles to happen by living in the Miracle Zone, a place where anything can happen – and does!
Can you choose to receive a job offer where you’re able to use all your talents, make a difference in the world and get paid enough to transform the lives of your family members, too? If you cannot for any reason work with either of these two doctors, at least have your doctor consult with them. You have a strong connection to the Divine through your own prayers and leading other people and asking for the blessings the Universe will joyfully provide.
Girls blanket has a lace ruffle around the outside edge with ribbon bows and lace beading with ribbon & pintucks on the outer borders.
Available in white or ivory silk dupione (shown), Irish Linen, matte satin, cotton sateen, linen batiste, cotton batiste or shantung.

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