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Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults provides an up-to-date summary of developments in the legislative framework and best practice relevant to the area of adult protection work. Jacki Pritchard is a qualified social worker registered with the General Social Care Council with extensive experience as a practitioner and manager in both fieldwork and hospital settings. By the late Middle Ages, popes had great spiritual power while kings had great political power. The pope was the head of the Christian Church (Roman Catholic) in Western Europe to which most people belonged.
Powerful kings ruled kingdoms in England, France and the Holy Roman Empire - German-speaking kingdoms in central Europe. Holy Roman Emperors were put on the throne through election by the empirea€™s nobles, not through inheritance. Those who chose to follow the Bishop of Constantinople created the Eastern Orthodox Church. The battle between Pope Gregory VII and Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV was to set the tone for church vs. The Crusades were a series of wars between Christians and Muslims for control of the Holy Land. The emperor of the Byzantine Empire asked the Pope for help in dealing with the attacks of the Turkish Muslims.
The European crusaders succeeded in capturing Jerusalem and the area around it and set up four small kingdoms.
The 2nd Crusade was a miserable failure with the crusaders returning to Europe in less than a year.
The 3rd Crusade saw English king Richard I (a€?Richard the Lionhearteda€?) battle Muslim leader Saladin for control of the Holy Land. The 4th Crusade saw French knights a€?sacka€? Constantinople on their way to the Holy Land. Many Christians wanted to go on a pilgrimage to places in the Holy Land such as Jerusalem, Rome or to Canterbury Cathedral near London, England. Monks were men who withdrew from the world and dedicated themselves to worship and religious service. Friars were men who belonged to religious orders and lived and worked among the general public. The Church established universities to teach about the Christian faith in addition to law, medicine, astronomy and other subjects.
During all of the Middle Ages the Church had a very strong influence on both art and architecture.
In 1215 a group of English noble forced King John to sign the Magna Carta (The Great Charter). Over time a council called the English Parliament was created and gradually became the law making body that governs England.
Although the Magna Carta changed Englanda€™s government, it had no effect outside of England.
The Hundred Years War resulted in English kings being further weakened and French kings strengthened. While the 100 Years War was going on, an infectious plague that originated in central and eastern Asia swept through Europe between 1347 and 1351.

The Church dealt harshly with those guilty of heresy, ideas that oppose accepted church teachings.
Between 1000 and 1300 Spanish Christians fought and drove out Spanish and Portuguese Muslims called Moors, from the Iberian Peninsula. To insure that Christianity was the only religion practiced Ferdinand and Isabella created the Spanish Inquisition, an organization of priests that looked for and punished anyone in Spain suspected of not being Catholic. Blamed for the death of Jesus, Jews faced discrimination throughout Europe during this period. The pope was the head of the Christian Church (Roman Catholic) in Western Europe to which most people belonged.A  People saw the pope as Goda€™s representative on Earth. Some Popes began to act like royalty and had great political power to govern.A  This made some kings mad. Friars were men who belonged to religious orders and lived and worked among the general public.A  They taught about generosity and kindness and set a good Christian example. Some wondered if religious faith and human reason could exist together.A  Saint Thomas Aquinas of the University of Paris said that God created Natural Law that governed the way the world operated. Grand churches called cathedrals were built for bishops to hold services in.A  Beginning in the 1100a€™s a new style of architecture called Gothic came into existence. Over time a council called the English Parliament was created and gradually became the law making body that governs England.A  Kings in England could do little without its support.
Although the Magna Carta changed Englanda€™s government, it had no effect outside of England.A  Other kings continued to rule as they always had.
The MidAmerica Region of the UUA will hold its annual Regional Assembly April 17 a€“ 19, 2015 at the Marriott Hotel in Naperville, Illinois. You can make your involvement in the BUUF more interesting and informative by serving on one of these committees. One of the most popular parts of our meetings is the time we spend at the beginning of the evening enjoying refreshments and social time. If you would be willing and able to provide refreshments in 2015, look for the sign-up sheet at our next meeting. It explains legislation that can be used in adult protection work, covering criminal and civil law, and crucial national guidance such as Achieving Best Evidence. She is currently working as an independent social worker, trainer, consultant and researcher focusing on abuse, risk and violence, and is series editor of the Good Practice in Health, Social Care and Criminal Justice series and the Violence and Abuse series, both published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 8Matt Walker on a€?The Human Face of Law Enforcement.a€? Matt has experience as a Wright Co. Breeden noted that in 1950, household debt was operatively zero; today it is about $14 trillion. Issues covered include confidentiality and information-sharing in adult protection work, capacity issues, police investigations, financial abuse, advocacy, witness support and honour-based violence.
Eastern Orthodox Christian) They did not succeed in retaking any territory in the Holy Land.
This book will be essential reading for anyone working with vulnerable adults, including health and social care workers, care managers, support workers, volunteers, advocates, police, probation staff, prison staff, lawyers training officers and students. A  Due to the format of the B of A email, and the copious amounts of "filler" statements they use; the series is a bit difficult to follow. A  I usually write correspondence to fit the lowest common denominator, but how low can one go?A  Although I'm willing to bet that if I reverted to primal grunts, and what could be considered a primitive, yet well understood gesture even in our modern world; that someone on the other side of the Banking Center counter might have their mind bulb flash, if only momentarily.

I have a few of my portion of the email, as I cut and pasted it into my regular email service; don't know how they lost theirs. The Role of Advocacy and the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) in Adult Protection Work. They relate to the Merlin Teller, and how a fully paid balance of mine is being carried on their books as an outstanding balance on their system for months after I paid the account in full, probably sometime in October of 2007.
I was repeatedlyA  told this same information by various B of AA  staff that I spoke with in person, numerous times, in various locations, but I did not record the conversations and wish that I had. When first asked how and why they would do that; as it didn't sound logical or legal to me, I was informed by more than one staff person at more than one branch that it was expected to be carried for 16 to 19 Additional months!A  That is some kind of accounting system. A  That didn't sound accurate, as I was able to access the information on both the old 3732 account AND the new account until approximately January of 2008, and the phone rep I spoke who made arrangements for a balance transfer from another VISA Account I have at another bank for me on either April 3 or 4, 2008, said he would have copies of those 3732 statements mailed to me that day, at no charge to me.A  (I have received an envelope at my P.
My Use of the Law in Protecting Vulnerable Adults: From Police Officer to Chief Executive of a Care Provider. Box from B of A; I'll expect the contents are the account statements, but won't know for certain until they are forwarded to me. A  Bank of America?A  I'm almost on their side for this particular incident; as I know that avoiding lawsuits and payouts is high on their priority list. Unless some staffer slipped up, yapped out my private account activity, and didn't take time to note it in my file. Please do your employer a favor, and provide me with the written documentation that I have repeatedly requested.A  Thanks for your cooperation.
Stockton: Please forward this email to someone up the ladder who can provide WRITTEN confirmation and information on who requested, and was provided, information on my Visa Card ending in 3732, activity in July or August of 2007. Rose, Good afternoon and thank you for contacting Bank of America in regards to account documentation. For B of A to be carrying its customers former credits and debits on their books for 16 plus months would be an accounting nightmare, in addition to being out of compliance with several Federal Banking Regulations. Please adjust all records statingA A  any balance due on my past and present Visa accounts to reflect the current credit balance only.A  Also, please update day ph. A  But do note that when I asked him a specific question about them, he couldn't answer it.
A  And he didn't volunteer any details on the account maintenance that he appeared to have access to.A A  A A  This message is not flagged. A Can you please provide me with your 16 digit credit card number so I can review your account? Gordon: The minimum payment is 1% of your balance and any finance charges and applicable fees.
The system will not allow the rate to change until the cycle closes and a new cycle starts.

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