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Follow classroom and school rules, including those included in the Student Code of Conduct.
Our class thought carefully about the same question and brought in their own toy to tell a story about a certain time, person, place or event.
Some students have even volunteered to give our visitors, the Flats, a taste of what life can be like for them in Australia.
Help your child build map skills and understand north, south, east and west with this worksheet.
Students are asked to tell about the stories, poems and rhymes that are favourites at home in their family.
In the story, a girl called Hannah is at home feeling sick and looking for something to do.

They needed to have a drawing or photograph of the animal to show so classmates could learn what each animal looked like. In Show and Tell they have been describing and showing pictures of Australian landmarks, bringing artefacts from Australia and from another country and talking about the things that their families like to celebrate and how. If you think it would help overseas friends & visitors learn about Australia please invite a Flat person to come along! The toys once belonged to Hannah’s mother, her father and grandparents, even great great grandparents. Students showed images they had drawn, photos that had been emailed or printed & framed. All of the toys tell a story about a particular time or memory, a person Hannah’s mum knew about or about what life was like in the past.

When Hannah is all finished playing she learns that one day she will need to put a toy in the box that tells a story about her own life… Which toy will she choose? Students spoke about their special animals confidently and classmates listened respectfully.

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