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Home ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR'S PICK Gunday In Bengali : What’s Scaring The Regional Filmmakers? Not going in details about how better the character of Priyanka Chopra could have been or whether her involvement in the movie was a waste or not, the big and detailed rant about Kolkata, Bengali culture and how people are reacting to these is connected to some other reason.
Recently, most of the big names from the Bengali film industry were found protesting outside a studio against the decision of YRF to release Gunday’s full- fledged Bengali version. Dev assisted director Abbas Mustan before becoming one of the ruling actors of Tollywood, Mahendra Soni and Srikant Mohta (at the helm of Venkatesh Films) hold the major distribution rights of blockbuster Hindi movies like Dabangg, Munnabhai MBBS, Cocktail, Devdas and even Hollywood movies like Pirates of The Carribean, Twilight Breaking Dawn and Abraham Lincoln РThe Vampire Hunter. With the advent of national players in the regional medium, it is obvious that competition will be high but at the same time quality of entertainment will also rise.
Venkatesh Films also has the history of lifting movies without caring about copyright infringement.
Remakes are made in every industry but the percentage of remakes made in Bengali film industry is considerably astonishing. It’s sad that once we had a filmmaker like Satyajit Ray, from whom people used to copy and today Bengali film industry is a land of copy cats with no originality in their kit but yet they possess a big volume which they are using to block national players entering the field.
But what one might fail to understand is why the eminent and respectable personalities from the Bengali film industry were required to come out of the Tallygunge studios and stand for a protest in the heart of the city of Kolkata.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar, has captured the city (Calcutta) in a definitive and unambiguous manner on his frames. Zafar is acquainted with the Bengali culture, but would like to praise him here for portraying certain specifics of Bengalis aptly in the movie. The list of the names include Parambroto Chattopadhyay, Payel Sarkar, Haranath Chakroborty (senior director), Mahendra Soni (Venkatesh Films), Raj Chakraborty (Director), Srikant Mohta (Venkatesh Films), Ashok Dhanuka and the superstars of Bengali film industry Jeet and Dev.
The man never made anything which is original in his life with the exception of only one movie!
All of their contribution to the regional Bengali cinema is undeniable, Venkatesh Films still can be credited for bringing modern digital technology in Bengal film industry. Jeet, who earlier was a regular lead actor with Venkatesh Films worked in regional films produced by Rajshri Productions and also Reliance Entertainment. Bengali cinema’s box office has increased to a million folds now which is attracting the corporates from Mumbai to explore and invest in the industry.
An industry which is largely depended on external industries for its content should not shout so much when external production houses enter the region. For a Non-Bengali, it would be refreshing to witness the locales of Manicktala Fish Market, Sealdah Station, Dakshineshwar Temple, Ganga Ghat, Calcutta High Court apart from the regular and obvious locations of Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge.

I watched this movie at a multiplex in Pune and was amused to notice how the film, the locales and the above mentioned specifics were intriguing the audiences here. But the moral of the story is that none of them became regional rulers without ever touching the national stream of entertainment in one way or the other. Later, Venkatesh had to pay a whooping amount of Rs 15 crores to Vipul Shah (producer of Namastey London) for an alleged copyright infringement case on them. After all, it’s better to produce yourself and earn rather than always giving copyrights. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Gunday is the first Indian movie whose trailer was premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival.The movie, Gunday has mostly been shot in Mumbai and Kolkata.
The twists and turns of life make these Coal Bandits most powerful, reckless, fearless Gunday.

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