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Founded in 2003, LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most powerful professional social network. The RightThing is one of the nation’s leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers. Recruiting solutions that accelerate business results by optimizing workforce and business performance. An interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal this month stated that of the 9000 applicants for the Harvard Business School MBA programme each year, only 12% are accepted. In times gone by, an MBA was a passport to a glittering career, with salary packages well in excess of the average for the role.  The credit crunch and recession appears to have dampened expectations in the West as people taking redundancy packages, expecting to bounce back, have struggled to find opportunities matching their previous experiences.
Philip Broughton’s book is superb for anyone considering undertaking an MBA (Harvard or anywhere else), or even those wishing to reflect on their past MBA years. It has some challenges for those in corporate life thinking about whether or not an MBA is for them, and taking time to read it might just give some food for thought. David has over 30 years procurement experience in senior line management and consulting roles with a range of global organisations including Black & Decker, Lucas and Rolls-Royce. The RightThing is also parent company to AIRS, the leading provider of recruitment training. India is bucking the trend but the question remains; is an MBA worth the investment and what does it bring to the person who decides to embark on that journey?
He has an MBA in Strategy and Procurement Management from the University of Birmingham where he is now a visiting lecturer.
Instead, it’s reflective and wise, and describes how the MBA can contribute to a wholesome life, despite the many that pursue it primarily (or at least did so) to achieve stratospheric financial success. David trained in Mutual Gains Approach at Harvard Business School and holds other qualifications from Cranfield School of Management and London Business School.
He a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (FCIPS) and holds the Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).
The numbers shown 10% improve from last year university admission.All the very best for all Students who are eligible to apply for Degree Programmes at State run Universities island-wide. Divided into 5 blocks, the park has a protected area of nearly 130,000 hectares of land consisting of light forests, scrubs, grasslands, tanks and lagoons.
Two blocks are currently opened to the public.Situated in Sri Lanka’s south-east hugging the panoramic Indian Ocean, Yala was designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and was designated a national park in 1938. Ironically, the park was initially used as a hunting ground for the elite under British rule. Among its more famous residents are the world’s biggest concentration of leopards, majestic elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, and crocodiles. The best time to visit Yala is between February and July when the water levels of the park are quite low, bringing animals into the open.Sri Lankan Leopard, Yala National Park, Sri LankaWilpattu National ParkWilpattu National park is among the oldest and most important of protected areas in Sri Lanka.
The sanctuary stretches from the North-western coast to the North-central province where the ancient city of Anuradhapura is located. Wilpattu National Park is laced with a complex of lakes called ‘Villus’, surrounded by grassy plains, set within scrub jungle. Many of the `big game’ found in Sri Lanka including elephant, sloth bear, water buffalo, and spotted dear can be seen here. The Park is physically separated from the more famous Yala National Park and Strict Reserve by the Kumbukkan Oya (River) and is better known for its migratory birds. A natural highlight of the park is a 200 hectare swamp lake sustained by the river through a half a mile long narrow channel. Among regular visitors who nest and breed are pelicans, painted storks, spoonbills, herons, egrets and little cormorants.

Known for its rich population of predators among which bears receive significant attention. It is believed that Wasgamuwa has the highest density of bears than anywhere else in Sri Lanka. Better known as the country’s premier elephant park, Udawalawe revolves around the vast Udawalawe reservoir. Located on the base of hilly Ratnapura and Moneragala districts, the park is home, among other animals, to an elephant population of about 500.
The park provides refuge for wildlife and lies between the Polonnaruwa-Batticalo Road and Mahiyangana-Padiyathalawa Road in the districts of Ampara, Badulla and Polonnaruwa.Elephant hugging at Minneriya National ParkHorton Plains National ParkHorton Plains, a world heritage site is the catchment area for almost all of Sri Lanka’s major rivers.
A silent and cold highland plateau in the central hills of Sri Lanka, the beautiful Horton Plains is surrounded by peak wildernesses and forests and is home to many endemic plants and animals thriving in a rare wet and cold climate. Bundala is also said to be the only park where visitors can spot both the Marsh and Seawater crocodile on the same safari trip.Indian Peacock, Yala National Park, Sri LankaLunugamvehera National ParkLocated adjacent to Yala National Park is Lunugamvehera Park, created primarily as a catchment area for the Lunugamvehera reservoir.
Galways is decorated by its beautiful population of birds, as well as, its colorful floral species of native and foreign origin. Along with the nearby Victoria Park, Galway is considered to be the most significant birding site in Sri Lanka.Baby Elephant at Minneriya National ParkUssangoda National ParkBelieved to be the place where Ravana landed his mythical flying chariot, Ussangoda is situated in Nonagama, Hambantota in the deep South. The North-east monsoon season is when Yala gets most of its rainfall from September to December Be a responsible Visitor to Yala National ParkYala is the most visited national park in Sri Lanka with record-breaking numbers every passing year.
If the answer is because it sounds like a ‘fun’ thing to do, we want to help you make the answer and your experience much more meaningful and productive.
Here’s a checklist of preparationsDo your homework by reading up on wildlife, its destruction and get to know the park you are preparing to visit. Knowing your hosts will make the adventure all the more memorable.Get children involved too and friends.
A wildlife safari is essentially an educational experience that imparts incredible happiness and doing it with friends and family is truly a ‘fun’ experience.Be prepared to speak up and act responsibly. Do not condone bad, ugly, selfish behavior and do not entice your trekker to break the law. Every wrong move may endanger the animals and your life too.Yala in its entirety is 26 times bigger than the city of Colombo. But the public is currently allowed only on two of its designated blocks making the park’s road network over-crowded with vehicular traffic, especially on public holidays. While new areas with more roads are being considered it’s a humongous and costly task experiencing delays. So the best you can do is to travel in an orderly, responsible manner, sticking to designated routes and not speed at any time.Remember, at all times that you are in someone else’s territory and conduct yourself as a responsible nature lover. Leave with only memories and do not leave even your footprints.Sri Lankan Leopard, Yala National Park, Sri LankaRule of Thumb of Visiting Yala National ParkThe rule of the thumb in visiting a national park is that you must simply blend in and try to be invisible. While you just can’t hide from them, there’s a lot you can do to make sure that the animals can simply ignore you. Just as much as an irritating and selfish neighbor can drive us wild, destroy our peace and turn us into angry human beings, the slightest thing can upset the equilibrium of animals and that may happen quite unwittingly on your part. Did you know even the noise of vehicles seem to affect the feeding habits and personality of elephants, for example? Predators can feel mostly under pressure because of photographers, which has huge impact on their hunting, feeding and reproductive habits. Chasing an animal in your vehicle puts them under tremendous pressure and think of having to experience that visitor after visitor, day after day.
Some species of birds are more sensitive in special times; the most crucial period for birds is nestling season.

Any undue pressure can bring on the kind of pressure they feel when a predator is on the prowl. Learning about animals is fun and adds meaning to life; what’s more, it prepares you to be a responsible visitor to the animal kingdom.
Be patient at all times; the VIP is not you but your host, who wants you to come, be amazed and go, all unnoticed! What in Leopard Mind Imagine, you are a superstar and you don’t even know about it. And zillion people come at dawn and dusk, just the same way the paparazzi zoom in on their target. They hustle and jostle for vantage points, follow you round like a bunch of possessed men or a pack of looting hyenas.
A leopard can’t call in the Police but it can give you a piece of its mind but it chooses not to; displaying greater tolerance and latitude that humans show. It has little option but to accept and adjust, letting you enjoy that perfect shot while our irresponsible actions may forever change even their gene pools, as they learn to live with noisy human visitors.
A gracious host only asks for a considerate visitor! What to do in an emergency!When you enter a national wildlife park you accept the risks involved.
Animals are highly unpredictable, temperamental and may easily be provoked or spring to action without a warning. They are known to guard their herds and territories; with behavior different from one species to another.
Elephants offer the highest risk while other predators may pose dangers at close range.In case of an emergency, remind yourself to be calm and intently listen to the instructions of your tracker.
Loud noise should be made only if trekker says so or when no other solution is in the offing, in the face of a violent, persistent attack, which is extremely remote and unlikely.Your trekker is trained for any eventuality and will take you out of harm’s way. If you do not have a trekker, call for help if you need assistance if you are lost or need urgent help.Elephant hugging at Minneriya National ParkYala National Park Bungalows (Bungalows inside Yala National Park)A series of wildlife bungalows operated by the park afford nature enthusiasts to spend a night in the park. These bungalows are very basic, promote open space but give you an unforgettable experience as you experience a night in the animal kingdom. Campsites are open for any bookings of not more than 3 days.There are onsite toilets for campers and don’t forget to clean it when you are leaving. Littering inside the park is strictly prohibited so don’t leave anything behind apart from your footsteps. If you are a local planning your first trip to Yala, plan you route and make sure you have proper transport. If you are an overseas visitor, Yala would be among many other local destinations you plan to visit. Talk to your tour operator about travel time from your previous destination and where you need to be after Yala.
The chances are you’d first visit the ancient kingdoms first and travel next to hill country before arriving in Yala, with plans to move on to the southern coast and then ending back in Colombo. Leave adequate time to arrive at the park at the planned entry time.A memorable safariRight, now that you just can’t wait to get to this amazing animal kingdom, you need to do your homework before you actually get there.
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