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All Harvard Business School Executive Education programs are residential programs, and participants are expected to live on campus. HBS Executive Education residence halls are designed to foster out-of-class discussion and shared learning. For more detailed information on HBS Executive Education residence halls, please see the building guides.
Harvard Business School is located in Boston, directly opposite Harvard Stadium and across the Charles River from the Harvard University campus and Harvard Square (a 10-15 minute walk). While it is not necessary to have a car while you are at HBS, if you choose to bring one, you may park it on campus in the parking garage. Program materials, as well as a checklist of academic and administrative preparation items, will be posted to your program website a few weeks before the start of the program. If you are coming to HBS from outside the United States, we strongly recommend you notify your credit card company in advance of your international travel dates to help ensure uninterrupted use of your credit card. Registration takes place at your residence hall program office on the opening day of your program. Each bedroom has a desktop computer with high-speed Internet access running Microsoft Windows 7.
Please send comments and questions about this web page to Technology Services or call us at 617-495-8835.
Harvard Business School Executive Education programs strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and their organizations.
Every HBS Executive Education experience is shaped by the School's cross-functional approach to general management, innovative teaching methodologies, and residential learning environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration. Pioneered by HBS, the case method is employed as the most effective tool to teach general management and leadership. While the School’s hallmark case method is the foundation of the teaching approach, Executive Education programs also maximize learning through a carefully structured, integrated mix of lectures, small-group discussions, presentations, and team-building exercises. Executive Education programs are designed as intensive, interactive opportunities for participants to explore timely business issues and to shape innovative ideas into real-world solutions.
Totally integrated into the academic, living, and social experience, technology plays a major role in the learning process by equipping managers with hands-on tools that facilitate in-depth exploration, as well as communication and collaboration among the participants and faculty. Harvard Business School works with companies on a one-to-one basis to create high-impact learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of each firm.
The primary goal of every HBS custom executive education program is to develop leaders who can make a difference within the organization. Most learning outcomes differ from one program to the next, as they relate directly to the defined goals of each tailored experience.
Through ongoing interaction with the faculty and their peers, participants acquire enlightened perspectives, enhanced capabilities, improved decision-making skills, and the desire to drive the takeaway learning throughout all levels of the organization.
Custom programs are virtual "windows" into the rich resources of the Harvard University community. Custom programs enable learning partnerships that have mutual value for leading companies and the HBS faculty.
With more than 60 years' experience in Executive Education, Harvard Business School is the leading provider of advanced learning opportunities that strengthen the leadership capacity of both individuals and their organizations. HBS custom programs can be developed to help executives build capabilities for addressing virtually any management dilemma, whether it pertains to organizational leadership, change leadership, customer management, service excellence, innovation, technology, competitive strategies, or other areas of concern.
After a large, leading consumer products company consolidated most of its North American activities under one leadership, the chairman and CEO wanted to build on a previous relationship and work with Harvard Business School in creating a platform and process for introducing the new management strategy to the top 300 business leaders. The entire rollout includes six two and a half-day sessions over a two-year period, with 50 to 60 leaders attending each. By reinforcing the entire change initiative, the company is accelerating a common sense of direction among its leaders.
Several years ago one of the world's largest industrial companies approached Harvard Business School because it was changing its corporate strategy to become a global leader in natural gas and electricity. In 2002 the first cohort of 50 senior executives participated in the program on the HBS campus. The relationship between the firm and HBS has extended and deepened with the development of additional programs and services.
A large financial services institution asked Harvard Business School to develop an executive leadership program for its top 250 executives. The initial program was conducted over a span of 12 months with cohorts of 30-40 participants in each session. Both the participants and the CEO are benefiting from key interactions throughout the program, building relationships and opening channels of communication. One of the largest information technology and services companies in the world decided in 2000 to revamp its strategic planning process, placing individual general managers in charge of the work and challenging them to link strategy directly to specific issues, and to execution action plans.
HBS developed a curriculum geared directly to the firm's new approach to strategy and laid out a plan to rapidly drive new learning across the organization.
The use of technology-based learning tools in the program has enabled the firm to extend and deepen the learning to an entire generation of leaders who now embrace the strategy planning process and focus fully on successful execution. As one of the cornerstones of its ongoing management development program, a major investment institution looked to Harvard Business School to develop a customized strategic leadership program that would help senior executives develop the business decision-making and leadership skills required for success. Harvard Business School has been working with a large international pharmaceutical firm since the mid-1990's when company leaders and HBS faculty planned the firm's first executive forum. With a strong affiliation between the two organizations firmly cemented, HBS has continued to work closely with the firm in the years since. A second executive forum, targeted to senior executives drawn from each of the company's major operating groups, focused on helping the company accelerate growth. A third generation executive forum has recently been launched with a focus on leadership challenges and execution excellence facing the company and its managers. As part of its commitment to the ongoing success of its portfolio companies, a later-stage venture capital firm selected Harvard Business School to create an education and networking forum to help company owners and management teams achieve their strategic and financial goals.
The program concentrates on the processes that are central to portfolio companies and on their highest-priority business issues as identified in a survey of company CEOs. To date, two three-day modules have been held, with each attended by 30 to 40 CEOs and senior leaders from select portfolio companies. The high-energy, high-involvement atmosphere fosters learning on three levels—individual, small group, and classroom. Organizational development, leadership development, business culture change, long term strategy implementation and leadership support, innovation, strategic finance, strategic marketing, retaining and developing talent. Aligning Strategy and Skills - Harvard Business School announces new executive education program designed to accelerate the ability to implement strategies for profitable growth.

Thunderbird School of Global Management has been one of the top-ranked international business schools for decades with nearly 70 years of experience in developing leaders with the global mindset, business skills and social responsibility necessary to create real, sustainable value for their organizations, communities and the world. Thunderbird Executive Education offers a flexible portfolio of open enrollment, online and custom programs. Whether you are looking to build your own event or trying to decide which industry event will give you the best ROI, Your Event Strategy (YES), LLC can help you with your event strategy. We have developed events in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.No matter what industry or topic, we have specialists that can handle the project. Talent Management Alliance LLC (TMA) is a global knowledge-exchange network dedicated to the advancement of strategic talent management and leadership development practices. The intense peer contact that forms the basis for much of the learning experience is perhaps the most unique feature of our programs. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer accommodations on campus either before your program begins or after it concludes.
For the safety of our community - as HBS is a walking campus with no sidewalks - vehicles are allowed on campus only for your arrival and departure. Taxis (and car rental shuttles) operate from the lower level curbs near the baggage claim area of your terminal at Logan. Instruct your driver to proceed straight ahead to the guard booth and tell the guard which program you are checking in for and in which residence hall.
If your travel plans necessitate arriving after the scheduled registration hours, please be sure to notify someone on your program team so that they can make alternate registration arrangements for you. After you drive onto campus and arrive at your residence hall to register (see Arrival and Directions), inform the staff that you will need a parking pass for your vehicle. When the program website is available, you will receive an email from the program staff with instructions on how to access the site. Additionally, if you are enrolled in a program lasting more than one week, you should also factor in Saturday and Sunday night dinners, which are not provided as part of the program.
If your travel plans necessitate a late arrival, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible so we can make alternate registration arrangements for you. Software includes Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as Microsoft Office 2010 including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The School's learning model immerses the world's most promising managers in a transformational experience that fosters professional, intellectual, and personal development. Participants are exposed to an in-depth education that goes beyond frameworks and theories—and prepares them to leverage their enhanced leadership capacity to build sustainable advantage for their companies. Case studies offer multiple levels of learning, compelling participants to identify relevant issues and to apply practical business lessons to their own situations and companies.
Every facet of the programs—from participant selection…to amphitheater classroom seating…to discussion group design…to social activities—is structured purposefully to promote dynamic interchange and shared learning among equally accomplished peers from diverse companies, industries, and countries.
Most important, the curricula emphasize implementation strategies, which enable participants to apply the concepts and practices upon returning to their organizations.
Computer simulations, webcasts, videoconferencing, videos, and other interactive multimedia add a real-life dimension to the classroom sessions. Whether an organization is facing shifting market dynamics, new competitors, more demanding customers, or other strategic challenges, a custom program can be developed to strengthen the leadership capacity of executives individually and of the organization as a whole. However, feedback reveals that every HBS custom program puts a group of committed individuals, with the desire to learn and change, on a new and more productive path that will lead their organizations to a different and better place.
Whether focusing on change management, capability enhancement, or organizational development, executives return to their companies with the ability to contribute more broadly as leaders. These include Baker Library, the world's largest and most-respected business library, and Harvard Business School Publishing, as well as the resources and faculty of not only Harvard Business School, but also of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Law, Government, and other Harvard University Schools. In addition to gaining timely exposure to new research that is shaping the practice of management, executives have ready access to the MBA community's extensive field work. Regardless of the issues confronting individual organizations, all client companies can attest to the power of a long-term, multifaceted relationship with HBS.
Companies also share the desire to develop a long-term, multifaceted relationship with the School. No matter the issues at hand, client companies can attest to the power of a value-adding educational partnership with HBS. A two-month development process, which involved discussions with key members of the management team, idea generation, design, feedback, and refinement, culminated in a powerful program to provide leadership and facilitate implementation of the change initiative. In addition to engaging leaders in case studies, brief lectures, and large-group discussions, the HBS faculty team creates a workshop-oriented environment to encourage open dialogue and enable leaders to collaborate on applying the program's concepts, tools, and approaches to their specific challenges.
Individuals who have experienced the program say they now have a "real" understanding of the company's new strategy and values, as well as greater insight about what they should, can, and, ultimately, will do to implement action ideas as a business team. The company wanted a broad-based executive development program for its senior leaders to support this strategy change. The program included not only HBS faculty, but also industry experts, and faculty from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard to provide as comprehensive a view of the issues as possible. Selected company leaders participated in a customized course on finance for senior executives, and many have attended key open enrollment programs on the HBS campus. The firm, which had a history of strong earnings, needed to find new ways to drive growth in an increasingly competitive global environment.
The 5-day curriculum includes a customized case study based on a recent acquisition and integration completed by the company, and a "lifeline" exercise focused on key people and formative events in participants' lives.
Participants report significant gains in strategic insight and leadership skill as a result of the program, as well as a substantively enhanced network with their peers. The firm's Corporate Strategy Senior VP asked Harvard Business School to create a program to help develop the strategic leadership skills of the firm's senior executives as they embarked on this new process.
Over the last three years over 60 teams and 1000 business executives from the firm have participated in these strategic leadership forums. The Corporate Strategy leadership group believes that the powerful combination of executive education and real-time application has accelerated learning, enabling leaders to have a common understanding of strategy, to approach issues with the same structured process, and to communicate using the same vocabulary.
Participants gained knowledge and built their skills at the beginning of the 6-day program, then began to apply their learning to a real-life initiative within the firm.
The program was designed to help the organization come together, creating alignment and an effective company culture after a major merger. In 2001 the company CFO identified a need to educate and expand the perspective of managers in the finance and business planning functions of the firm. Key themes included exploration of advances in technology pertinent to the firm's businesses, partnerships and alliances.
This opportunity to view business through the lens of general management is intended to strengthen the leadership capacity of these high-caliber portfolio companies. The entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary expertise of the HBS faculty team provides a sound understanding of what is involved in launching and building new ventures, as well as an approach for managing these opportunities over time.

Focusing on different stages within the entrepreneurial lifecycle, the theme of the second module—profitable growth and scaling—built upon the first, which covered assessing opportunities and building new business models.
Through case studies, interactive presentations, and informal group discussions, participants learn from the faculty and one another as they explore new ideas, share innovations and strategies, and develop invaluable peer networks.
Portfolio companies develop highly effective management teams for enhanced competitiveness, while the sponsoring venture capital firm reaps the subsequent rewards of continued business growth and greater shareholder value. With TMA, sponsors can have a package that best fits their budget and aligns with their goals. YES is a network of senior event professionals with international experience in event contract negotiation, logistics, program management and sales & marketing. Our mission is to provide a resource for business leaders around the world to find information and services to help recruit and develop the best employees and prepare their organizations for growth and increased revenue. It is therefore not advisable to relocate family members to the Boston area during your program. If you do plan to arrive in Boston prior to or stay after your program, please contact your program staff for information on area hotels that are convenient to HBS.
There is also a desktop computer (see Technology) and a telephone (see Telephones) in each bedroom. To arrange ground transportation prior to your arrival at Logan, you may wish to contact an area limousine service, such as Commonwealth Limo at 1-800-558-5466 or Town Car International at 1-888-482-4685.
Once you have dropped off your belongings in your room, you are asked to return to your vehicle and move it into the garage. Each bedroom also has an Ethernet cable for a laptop and all HBS buildings have wireless Internet throughout. Every program challenges executives to think and manage more effectively in a changing business world.
In addition to gaining valuable insight by interacting with others who lend different viewpoints, Executive Education participants benefit from an added dimension that no other business school can offer—the opportunity to be taught by many of the faculty who wrote the cases and have personal knowledge of the problems and solutions presented. Each participant's room has a personal computer with the latest software, Internet connection, and email application.
The University's unparalleled worldwide network of research centers adds an extra dimension to the program experience.
In turn, the faculty benefits from the awareness of emerging issues that will expand their research agendas, plus new opportunities for case development that will feed back into the programs. The core themes—integration management, company values, leadership and change management, and action planning—share the common objective of rallying all of the leaders in support of the company's new direction.
Based on the program's effectiveness, HBS is developing a case study that spotlights the company's strategic and organizational progress, and some leaders are planning to attend open-enrollment Executive Education programs that address related issues.
The firm researched and interviewed several business schools to determine which offered the overall approach and capabilities that best matched its needs, ultimately choosing to partner with HBS. A second cohort of executives participated in the program in 2003, and follow-on cohorts are planned in subsequent years. A case has been written about the firm and is used in both the custom program and in the MBA program at HBS.
The CEO hoped to increase the firm's strategic dexterity by enhancing participants' ability to drive business performance, as well as boost creativity and innovation.
This first program is now being extended to reach the next level of management, and a second-generation program is in design for the original Top 250 group. Each program opens with a day on strategy, focusing on marketplace insight and business design.
Project teams were assigned the task of developing a recommendation on how to implement the initiative to maximize value for customers and the corporation. HBS faculty worked with the CFO and his team to develop a program that would help managers in these roles operate more like CFO's, driving business goals and contributing to the management of the business in partnership with their unit's general manager. A possible third program would address the next stage of external change and internal adaptation. These executives emphasize the forum's practical and tangible value in helping them gain fresh insights into their businesses, interact with peers who are experiencing similar challenges, and focus on strategic implementation.
HBS faculty also benefit from exposure to new case development opportunities with entrepreneurial companies.
Camden Delta Consulting specializes in helping you plan for and manage the people aspects of organizational change.
Other than a hairdryer and iron, if desired you should bring your own electrical personal care appliances and adapters that accommodate 120 volts.
Program intranet sites also promote learning by providing easy links to class schedules, assignments, teaching materials, participant and faculty biographies, and more. While building relationships that help position the School as a powerful force in the global marketplace, opportunities are created for faculty and students to produce a stream of innovations in education and research, anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of business leaders everywhere. Because company relationships with the faculty extend beyond the course sessions, they can be leveraged to support other corporate initiatives, as well.
The following days are dedicated to understanding change and innovation and applying the lessons learned to the firm's own issues. Team and individual performance on this exercise, as well as others throughout the week, were assessed by HBS faculty coaches and company HR staff, leading to the creation of an individualized development plan for each participant.
A parallel program for non-financial managers, introducing the key elements of corporate finance, was also introduced. Specific action learning projects incorporated into the program allowed executives to develop and test new business ideas that have subsequently been brought forward at the business unit or corporate level for further analysis and seed funding. You’ll find our team well-experienced and expert in guiding organizations through complex people issues associated with change.
Past participants have found that paying for excess baggage is no more expensive than separate air freight shipment.
The result is an on-campus environment that is powerfully enriched by shared resources and learning.
Participants spend a total of 17 hours in team breakouts applying what they learned to the key business issues central to their team's success.
With the successful completion of the first program, this leadership development initiative is now being tailored to other major business units in the company.
Our solutions are practical and based on the principle that real change happens in the trenches with front line leaders and associates.

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