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Clear Fluorite Crystals have many healing properties, which include strengthening teeth and bones and vision, relieves problems related to the skin including arthritis. Clear Fluorite promotes cooperation and understanding, and helps everyone within the environment it is placed at, thus it is an excellent stone to be used within the home or work environment. Clear Fluorite Crystal Properties include psychic related benefits, such as promoting better connections when it comes to channelling spirit messages. Similarly, Clear Fluorite can be used to increase bonding between a mother and her children through telepathy.
Green Fluorite Crystals promote clean blood vessels, lungs, spleen, bones and teeth and helps with arthritis symptoms.
Animals can benefit from Purple Fluorite Crystals, which helps them behave better in public. Interestingly, due to its properties, a Purple Fluorite Crystal is ideal for anyone going for an interview, as it promotes calmness and helps bring out the best within the individual. Healthwise, Purple Fluorite Crystals help with any issues related to the ears nose and throat, as well as sinuses and tonsils. Purple Fluorite Crystals can also be used for meditation and to channel Archangel messages or connecting with others with a higher vibrational frequency within the spiritual realm. Please Donate…Any Amount Helps!Your donation will help me keep sharing my experiences with hopes of spreading love & light to all. Blue Celestine (sometimes called Blue Celestite) are very much sought by anyone in the performance business.
Blue Celestine is also an ideal crystal to use on animals who are in a recovery period, be it about trust or physical. Blue Celestine helps in letting go of negativity and helps reduce confusion and lack of understanding. Orange Celestine (otherwise known as Orange Celestite) is a stone particularly helpful when changes are occurring, such as settling into a new home, new job, new status etc. Similarly Orange Celestine can be used on animals to help them deal with abrupt changes (such as death of owner etc) and on children to encourage them to become more independent.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The premise of You Can Heal Your Life is that our outer lives are a direct reflection of our thoughts.
An idea that I particularly enjoyed from You Can Heal Your Life is that when we blame someone or something outside of ourselves for our misfortune, we give our power away. This book provides hope that we can shift ourselves out of our seemingly insurmountable problems by simply changing our thoughts. It would be an understatement to say that this book has the power to change someone’s life. I have been working on a drawing for quite a long time now, I can safely say I have spent hours on it.
I got angry with little one for having distracted me, which caused her to get angry herself…sparks were blowing up from both of us. In addition to this, she told me, ” Do not worry about it, keep working on it and make it the best you can.

Firstly I realised that true, the minute I had started working on my painting tonight I had started complaining. I learned my lesson…I learned that I should always accept all that is as perfect in its own imperfections. Because for starters I wanted to show you that no, with my blogposts I am not trying to show myself as a perfect person.
I also do have my moments when I forget all about being positive and seeking the beauty in every situation, because I am human. Always acknowledge where you stand and if you need a dose of positivity, just look around you and seek the beauty that surrounds you…you will always find a miracle lurking somewhere near, I promise! Similarly, hyperactive children can also benefit from its properties, whilst older children can use this stone to help them with homework or studies.
Amongst its properties, Blue Celestine help with problems related to ears and eyes as well as throat, mouth and speech problems.
Blue Celestine is also ideal to those seeking to enter meditative state and in any work related to angels.
Easier said than done, but that is the basic call to action you will be left with after reading You Can Heal Your Life. We overcomplicate the whole thing, even when we set about the seemingly simplistic task of attempting to love ourselves. This was the big message of the movie The Secret, and permeates the genre of self-help books.
This and other similar practical analogies make much of the advice in this book very easy to grasp.
As with any self-help book, I would recommend taking a step back after hearing the author’s stance, and determine what you believe to be true for you.
We must choose loving thoughts, loving and respecting ourselves, and releasing the less than loving thoughts so many of us replay over and over in our minds each day, wondering why nothing gets better.
I tried to restore the painting but in my eyes no matter what I did, I felt like I had destroyed it.
She brought me a drawing of hers and told me, “Look mum, you started complaining tonight the minute you started blending, so it has resulted in what you were already perceiving. No matter what you do, it will always be unique because you have made it from start till finish.
True, there is room for improvement, but I accept all mistakes, because like my daughter had pointed out, I can turn these mistakes into symbols of uniqueness! However, such moments make me realise how much we can make a difference by influencing positively our children. Once we do realise where we stand, there is no need to be afraid to admit it, all we need to do is to acknowledge that this is not where we want to be, and then we start to think positively to raise our vibrations back into positivity…that is where magic happens, where our lives start providing us with synchronised events that give us what we need when we need it! Just before publishing this blogpost, my guides give me yet another song…gotta love ’em!!
Clear Fluorite Crystals are gentle but strong…they can be used on everyone, including young children and animals, but can also work on a larger scale within the environment to promote an overall healing effect on all living things. They help absorption of nutrients and boosts the immune system, bringing protection against disease.

The idea that blaming someone else gives them our power was totally new and refreshing to me. You may not agree with every cause and effect that is presented in the book, but perhaps the idea that negative thoughts can be detrimental to health and well-being strikes you.
If you are seeking straightforward guidance on where to start when a major life change is desired, I would highly recommend You Can Heal Your Life.
Yet today, as I continued working on my drawing, the colours I was blending weren’t pleasing me. I calmed myself down and little one too, yet sadness flooded my heart, for the work I had been doing for hours was technically destroyed. Mum look at one of my drawings, I had made a mistake on this drawing but tried to cover it up. Course I had excused myself with her, because even though she is just a small kid, if I am wrong I admit it with her. Today, through my own negativity, I started seeing my drawing as full of mistakes, which led to even more mistakes. If it wasn’t for what I had been teaching my older daughter uptil now about living life in a positive way, I would probably be sulking and raging right now, and not writing this blogpost. Used on children, Blue Celestine helps them get accustomed to new environments or way of life. Hay teaches that loving ourselves and the willingness to forgive are essential prerequisites to seeing the changes we imagine in our lives.
It helps me to see the root of the problem with placing blame on others, and why it is futile. When our inner belief systems are creating the outer lives that we imagine, we will know which path is right for us individually. This book lent itself nicely to audio due to the variety of meditations and mental exercises the author so lovingly reads.
And though I still went on with the paint blend, kiddo got annoyed while drawing, which caused me to pick up her anxiousness, and I eventually made a tough mistake…black smears over orange. But true, I was actually refusing to accept the fact that I wasn’t in the mood for drawing in the first place, so basically I reaped what I sawed. So thank you Christianne for having taught me an important lesson tonight (yes I am proud to say my blog’s number 1 fan is my own daughter)!
What was becoming a beautiful almost real butterfly turned into a big smudge of paint in my eyes!
The Universe had made sure that since I was already sending negative vibes energy-wise, I got back negativity through drawing mistakes.

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