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This book is written for women who want to feel complete, connected, joyous and all knowing. If you want to change your life, create your dreams, and learn to choose happiness, this is the book to read! After reading Wild Women Never Get the Blues, I felt motivated to make changes in my own life. Most women have been socialized to conform to the norm, and in the process, lose sight of their inner knowing, while feeling stifled and disconnected from themselves. Nickerson’s Wild Woman Never Get the Blues book at a gift shop before getting on a long train ride from Truro to Montreal.

From a psychological perspective, this captivity and isolation from true self almost always creates symptoms of ongoing depression and anxiety.
Nickerson will stretch your mind and beliefs, and help you grow so that you can live your life in a big, bold, and colorful way and become a Joyous Wild Woman! A Wild Woman, on the other hand, is a woman who has recaptured her true sense of inner knowing or intuition.
Her perspectives on relationships, identity, emotions, and intuition were fascinating to me.
She has taken the risks necessary to connect to that forgotten, yet very powerful part of herself, essential to fulfilling her life’s purpose and completing her spiritual contract. Reconnecting to your higher self is a journey that starts in the head, advances to the psychological and emotional realms of existence, and then skyrockets into the spiritual sense of knowing, or ultimate self actualization.

She certainly has a way with words – explaining complex topics using such easy to understand examples.
It is a journey from the head to the heart where a higher realm of consciousness allows magic to be a way of life.

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