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The Institute for Health Care Risk Management (IHCRM) is a professional training academy which provides pre-licensure training for those seeking to become Licensed Health Care Risk Managers in Florida. NetDimensions helps you create as many separate learning portals for different audiences as you need: from personnel training to patient, community, and vendor education. NetDimensions Talent Suite integrates into a wide array of HR software, CRM systems, existing websites, or hospital portals.
Find out from The Aberdeen Group how healthcare organizations are using Learning to engage new employees, understand competencies & compliance, and build succession strength. You can schedule and implement obligatory training programs, such as HIPAA and OSHA training, to ensure that all employees adhere to the regulatory procedures specific to their job role, area of specialization, and location.
Our Learning Paths in NetDimensions Learning provide healthcare employees with a visual way to highlight the way to arrive to certificates and competencies. With interactive, custom-branded portals, we open new horizons for educating external communities.
With NetDimensions Talent Suite, you stay always aligned with the competency and performance levels in your organization. We are uniquely qualified to support software validation against regulatory requirements whether on premise or SaaS. From our interactive skin designs, configurable home pages with widgets, and flexible workflows, all the way to NetDimensions SDK that allows integration with any web site, portal, external system, or mobile application, your solution will be unique to your needs. Portals are an interactive, customizable, and user-friendly way of building a healthy community and supporting patients. NetDimensions enables you to communicate and educate groups outside your own organization, and easily manage registrations, collect surveys, or distribute information.
As a result, you’ll see a more connected community, higher client satisfaction, and improved patient care outcomes.

As a company widely recognized for client satisfaction, we understand that we are only successful if you are successful. Our Professional Services team understands the challenges and compliance issues of your industry. Share these industry insights and solutions with your team — download NetDimensions' Healthcare Solutions brochure and take the next step in discovering fully integrated learning and performance management for your organization. Learn how Mission Health created a dynamic exam process to assess their employees' knowledge after compliance training.
Learn why Norton Healthcare selected NetDimensions Learning to support 14,500 users at more than 140 locations.
Learn how NetDimensions Learning helps Ridgeview Medical Center meet requirements for DNV (Det Norske Veritas Healthcare) Accreditation. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Automatic tracking and notifications help following employees' training plans and reminding employees to take training in time and within grace periods.
Learning Paths help maintain the flow of continuing education by reminding the employees when it is time to take new training for compliance or professional development. Learning portals connect directly to NetDimensions Talent Suite and enable a new kind of patient and community outreach and engagement. Our competency assessments are configurable and straight-forward to complete by anyone in the organization and at any time. You can automatically import required competencies and skills for each job profile, compare against assessed results, and discover the skill development needs for all employees. Therefore, we offer a highly customizable and user-friendly way to integrate all learning and talent management information into a single system.

From our conduct during the sales process, to our consulting and implementation services, to our account management and ongoing customer support, to our client advocacy programs, our approach to doing business is client-centric. We are committed to work with you to understand your objectives, help you address the particular needs of your organization in the most effective way, and invest in making you successful. At the same time, integrated compliance reporting provides management with a unified view of compliance-related risk across the whole workforce.
Automated workflows around expiry dates or grace periods and integrated reporting provide the level of flexibility and sophistication required to effectively manage clinical competencies in healthcare. Offer first aid training registration and invoicing on your website, secure outpatient training after your patients check out of hospital following a surgery, make sure that your suppliers meet your regulatory demands; the possibilities are unlimited. Our mobile supervisory assessments enable conducting assessment at the bed-side even when no internet connectivity is available. Our compliance analytics with drill-down reporting provides management with actionable insights, automates information retrieval during regulatory audits, and enables a pro-active approach to compliance. Moreover, a sophisticated exam engine provides unique knowledge assessment capabilities for high-stakes exams and recurrent training requirements, such as HIPAA compliance training. NetDimensions helps you reduce risk exposure, improve patient outcomes, and increase customer satisfaction.

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