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I haven’t seen much in the way of Mill decks recently, but RockerMJ has put together a Rogue list that includes a few cards from the new expansion.
As more control decks infiltrate the meta you’ll start to see combo decks prey upon them. This is the start of an interesting Dragon Paladin list that uses buff spells, Dragons, and cards that synergize with buff spells! I’ll just be listing a class choice and the potential two cards you can choose that are strong! Cynalemist will be helping me out with these, so thanks to him!
The meta has started to stabilize recently, and as a result, we’ve seen a few different decks emerge to the top of the heap.
The following list consists of decks that have hit Rank 1 on the Legendary ladder at some point during Season 26. Miracle Rogue can be a tough deck to play against, especially with a card like Gadgetzan Auctioneer that can nearly draw their entire deck. It is very easy to make rogue fit in this meta and after Midrange hunter has become popular Tempo rogue has gained popularity with good results.
I enjoy playing Miracle rogue and I thought it would be possible to change the deck in a way that would be as strong as Tempo Rogue because many of the key cards in Tempo rogue are also in Miracle rogue. A tough decision was made and I figured out that Assassin's Blade doesn’t do much against the decks I tried to beat.
The deck scores a little worse against Control Warrior, but that has always been a losing matchup. Assassin's Blade was a nice card to have in that matchup, but it is far from an un-winnable matchup. You will often draw combos like Preparation, Fan of Knives, and Bloodmage Thalnos or many others. A good thing about facing Handlock is that you are safe the first turns so you can set up a nice Gadgetzan Auctioneer. If you use Shadowstep you might not have enough damage to kill him. Brawl can go through stealth so keep that in mind. I only think I lost one priest matchup this season and he thoughtstole Leeroy Jenkins and bursted me for 10 with 2 x Holy Smite.
It is hard to oneshot him, but if you force him to spend a turn healing you can probably kill him in 2 turns.
Before you stealth your Gadgetzan Auctioneer remove their spell damage so the Shaman can’t 50-50 Lightning Storm it. I hope this guide can inspire you to play one of the most fun and challenging decks in Hearthstone.
Over 400,000 people each month use Hearthstone Players to improve their Hearthstone skills. It might be in consistent, but imagine win rate 25% without Auctioneer in the first 15 cards and win rate 90% with Auctioneer in the first 15 cards. Hi, I am using an almost identical deck, and lately I have been experimenting a lot, and I am pretty pleased with the results. I only replaced 1x Preparation and 1x Bloodmage Thalnos with 2 x Loot Hoarders because I dont own a second prep or the bloodmage. Thalnos is not the most important card in this deck, but I’ve replaced him with a kobold geomancer. The word meta is used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential. To return to our definition of meta, the landscape of Hearthstone is called the meta because it constantly refers back to itself to determine the best deck at the moment.
There are several ways this natural circle of progression can be artificially thrown off course.
Shieldbearer Warlock was not particularly well matched against Druid, but it could still win the match-up and was promoted by a top streamer as a budget deck.
Gaara’s Druid Ramp deck from Dreamhack Bucharest is another example of how the meta can be impacted by net decking. The complete dominance of Hunter Midrange along with Gaara’s success at Dreamhack with Druid Ramp and a season reset has created an incredibly volatile meta these past few weeks. We’ve included a fairly basic build of Leeroy Miracle Rogue as it is probably the deck to beat at the moment.
Let’s take a look at some of the interesting lists that were submitted by our community this week!
Cult Apothecary to keep you alive, Shadow Strike for removal, and Shadowcaster to duplicate those Coldlight Oracle! I think it would be awesome if we are able to finally find a competitive Shadowform decklist!
Slower decks allow combo decks to draw into the pieces they need, and all the healing in the world can’t stop 30+ damage.

Durgulach is looking for some feedback, so make sure to give him a hand with some card choices! You choose a Class and two cards that could potentially work together and your deck will be filled with them!
It spans multiple classes–Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, and Shaman–and even includes a deck that uses Yogg-Saron, Hope's End! This deck combines that with the ability to deal ridiculous damage with Emperor Thaurissan, Sinister Strike, and the all-powerful Malygos. I wouldn’t recommend it if you arent familiar with how most decks work, but it is very fun to play and different from many other decks.
It can also be used without drawing a card to deal damage and conceal the minion or force the opponent to deal with a small minion. Midrange hunter and Huntard use different early game cards so you should be able to tell pretty fast.
Against warlock you also want to figure out what kind of warlock it is (no turn 1 play and Lifetap turn 2).
One thing to remember is that conceal doesn’t always help because of Ancient Watcher +  Shadowflame.
The matchup is a bit harder than Aggro warlock because they can burst you with spells at any time. It has a lot of answers the first turns, but Argent Commander and Cold Blood can be a pain.
If I have some answers for Tempo rogue I will keep Leeroy and Gadgetzan, but if I don’t I throw them away and use the mulligan recipe.
It doesn’t have a lot of early game threats and the overload mechanic makes it hard for them to play offensively.
I fell in love with the one in this guide and I can’t really see how the meta should make me change to the other version.
There are a lot of cards the has to be in the deck making it hard to change with the meta, but few changes can have huge effect as I found out with this deck. We get 20,000 daily unique visitors each day, all looking for the latest decklists and strategies!
I like Mad bomber more than Wild Pyro because Pyro kills itself with 2 spells and You don’t have minions out very often = high value bomber.
It’s still the +1 spellpower for 2 mana, which is mainly used so you can get your eviscerate to the 5 dmg mark, so it can kill yetis and senjins and stuff.
For example, a novel may have meta elements if it refers to the fact that it is a novel, recognizes there is a reader, or contains characters who understand they exist in a fictional universe. Even several top players said the mechanic was not in keeping with the nature of Hearthstone and called upon Blizzard to change the cards. Hunter Midrange was widely considered the objectively strongest deck in the game a week or two ago. Hunters are already running Snipe in order to pick off those cocky Auctioneers (Snipe also conveniently answers the now popular Kor’kron Elite). The two primary sources of net decking are innovation and major tournaments, with innovation often occurring at major tournaments. Strength, accessibility, and visibility to the deck brought it to the forefront of the meta. It was a natural response to the preceding “best” decks and an innovation upon previous archetypes.
At any single moment the deck to beat changed from Hunter Midrange to its counter, Miracle Rogue, to Druid Ramp.
While power level is usually the primary driver of popularity (winning is popular), deck accessibility and visibility are also major drivers. The deck was everywhere in last season’s top 16 Legends and is still giving a strong showing with many of the season’s first Legend players championing the deck. World of WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment or its licensors. This will eventually usher in aggro decks to take out the combo decks and the cycle of the meta continues!
It’s generally wise to choose relatively low cost cards unless you have a mana accelerator like Innervate in your back pocket. When available, I’ve also included a VOD of each player playing the deck so you can get an idea of how the deck works. It is hard to give a solution that tells you how to mulligan so the mulligans agaisnt every class in this guide will just be general guide lines. If you have some of the cards you want before you mulligan you can keep Leeroy Jenkins because the hunter matchup often is a burst race.
Against Handlock you want to get him low as fast as possible, but think about if you can deal with Molten Giant before you take him down to ~10hp.

You should use the mulligan recipe, but consider keeping a Shiv if you have some other good starting cards. Mirror matchups are all about the draws, but against Miracle rogue this deck has a minor disadvantage. It is hard to predict what the next smart change will be, but Coldlight Oracle could help the opponent too much.
This is the most common way the meta changes: a natural progression from a strong deck to a deck that beats that deck to decks that beat the deck that beats the original deck. Nerfs are essentially new cards, and new cards entirely change the permutations of decks possible and lead to a myriad of new strategies which impact the meta. If a fantastic new deck is innovated by a top player, thousands of players looking for a strong deck will flock to it and flood the ladder.
A stale meta would have merely brought Shaman briefly to the forefront as a counter to Druid and Warrior and the cycle would repeat until Druid was once again on top. However, it was an under the radar deck and a perfect choice against the field at Dreamhack. The season reset also brought an influx of Warlock and Hunter Aggro decks as players sought to grind the first several ranks quickly. At lower ranks (9-Legend) players encounter a more competitive meta usually focused around consistent decks such as Hunter Midrange, Warrior Control, and Druid Midrange. Some players can’t afford the most powerful deck and some decks are depicted as more powerful in a particular meta due to their visibility. Kitkatz has continued to tech out his Warrior deck, and it remains one of the meta’s most consistent decks.
A combination of Mage, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Unstable Portal is what you are looking to accomplish. I would even go as far as to say that C’Thun Renolock is the better and more consistent fit for C'Thun at the moment. Dont use your hero power to attack face if you have a play the following turn and make sure to have a weapon the turn before you use Gadgetzan Auctioneer so you can cycle your deck with Deadly Poison.
Before that Warlock, Mage, Priest, Rogue, nearly every class has elicited the hatred of the Hearthstone populace for doing things that are unfair. This progression often comes full circle, and once powerful decks regain their dominance as people play fewer cards specifically to beat that deck and focus on defeating newer decks. The meta is a mess for a while, but eventually a “best” deck emerges and the meta references it to determine the next “best” deck. This can artificially disrupt the natural progression of the meta as the innovated deck may not be a particular response to the current “best” deck, but rather just another strong deck that does not have a particularly bad match-up against the current “best” deck. While Midrange Hunter was an innovation by a top player, it was also a response to the day’s meta of Druid and other midrange and control decks.
The fact that a deck like Midrange Hunter was innovated so late in the life of the game’s initial set speaks volumes to the strategic depth of our current card pool.
Hunter Aggro saw an especial uptick in popularity due to also having a favorable match-up against the dreaded Hunter Midrange. Predicting the exact meta can be a key to success as a favorable match-up can swing things significantly in your favor.
For example, while Druid Ramp may have been the perfect deck for Dreamhack Bucharest, it most likely isn’t the best deck for today’s ladder.
The first one to draw it wins most of the times. Gadgetzan Auctioneer is important too obviously.
What is relevant is that Hunter Midrange loses to Miracle Rogue and now Miracle Rogue is the “best” deck. The build below is teched specifically to improve its Warrior, Rogue, and Hunter Midrange match-ups. Miracle Rogue has been around forever, but has never enjoyed the top spot in the meta like it does now. The meta will now refer to Miracle Rogue to redefine itself in a way that overcomes Miracle Rogue. While visible and accessible, the strength of the deck was the primary reason for its rise in popularity. This Miracle Warlock deck relies on prolonging the game until you can assemble a brutal Faceless Manipulator with Power Overwhelming. Watch out if you have Coin and can pull off the same combo for 28 damage with Leeroy Jenkins.

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