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You want to remove your opponents threats while chipping away at his health and drawing cards until you have lethal damage, then kill him. Very often you will start out an Auctioneer run with just a Preparation and Shiv (for example) and go on to draw 5 or more cards, the game is nearly always won when you can do this.
Leeroy is your finisher and knowing how much damage you are capable of (and how much mana it costs) is very important. If you know you are getting close to lethal, you can setup the turn prior with your weapon, poison and things like Blade Flurry to increase your burst. Conceal can also be used to setup a guaranteed lethal with any of your minions on board, even Acolyte of Pain does 9 damage when you can double Cold Blood him.
You can combo a poisoned Blade with Blade flurry to deal 5 damage to all your enemies or 7 damage to all enemies with 2 poisons! As Player 2 (with coin) you have a much stronger start with Miracle Rogue and you can take more liberties with mulligans.
Against a known slow deck, like priest for instance, you can keep Auctioneer on turn two if you want and the rest of your hand is ok. Occasionally you can keep shadowstep early if you also have an SI:7 agent and you are against aggro. Over 400,000 people each month use Hearthstone Players to improve their Hearthstone skills. Well, I don’t several have of the prime cards listed here nor do I have the dust to make them.
FYI, When I played QA 1, I had other minions on board and I used spells with them to clear the board, allowing the QAs to do their work. Ehh, after about a dozen games, I’m quite certain Blizzard turned off Auctioneer in your first pull. From my own experience, Questing Adventurer is definitely viable, just needs a lil more care and buff him up. The challenge with Miracle is there are a ton of people running taunts thanks to the Zoo Locks and Aggro Hunters – this indirectly make it a bit harder for Miracle rogues to combo it out. Played this deck extensively and I found it weaker than more traditional Miracle based on Adventurers and Mana Addicts. So…I added Questing Adventurer, which I put out, buff up with a ton of spells, then I conceal him, and will buff him next turn some more, for a major hammer. Also, I’ve found people will watch for me to use both of my Sap cards, then they will flood the board. The biggest problem is that my ability to burst to the face is massively handicapped by not having Leeroy, so I need to Arena up some dust and get that. I float around a lot in the 18-19 ranking, it’s just to hit and miss right now, Leeroy would fix that up very quickly for me. Backstab, Deadly Poison, Blade Flurry, Eviscerate, Sap, Shiv, Fan of Knives, , and can all be used to remove your opponents minions. Basically, you want to get your damage out as quickly as possible and to do this you need to draw, draw, draw. Turn five Auctioneer with Preparation and Shiv, Fan, Conceal, Sap, Eviscerate to clear a big threat from your opponent. If you are pretty card starved and don’t have the second Auctioneer, but do have a shadowstep it is almost always MANDATORY to shadowstep that Auctioneer back into your hand. In this case, it is almost always worth it to wait a round, especially if you can draw 2 more cards. It is usually better to save Preparation for your Auctioneers and not use them to pump up VanCleef. Note that this same play is often spew against control decks if they don’t have a board threat. You can Shadowstep your SI:7 Agent to bring it back out at full health and with 2 more damage. This is just incredibly powerful and should always be in your mind when you have both the Blade and Blade Flurry in your hand. You usually want to use Sap to create a huge mana advantage or to bypass a taunt to deliver a large amount of damage to your opponent getting them ready for lethal next turn. Occasionally you might want to keep Preparation in conjuction with Fan of Knives or SI: 7 agent against a known rush deck.

The exception being Nat Pagle, I would only keep him if I were player 2 and also had Cold Blood. The big thing to look out for in this matchup is his ability to clear your Auctioneer easily through stealth with an equality combo. Very few minions for him to steal (haha!) and the incredible high end burst against a traditionally very slow Hero equates to some pretty easy wins over Priests. I often find that it can come down to who gets Auctioneer in a better spot, but it’s that rare win I get when my opponent had the first Auctioneer, but I was able to win anyway that gives me such joy!
If you know it’s handlock, keep Auctioneer, keep Nat Pagle, keep 1 sap, keep removal and then keep other card draw. I would look to replace him with Coldlight Oracle, Acolyte of Pain, and Novice Engineer in that order.
Would look to replace him with Coldlight Oracle, Acolyte of Pain, a second conceal (this will play differently in the deck and comes from left field, but can be powerful nonetheless) and lastly, a Kobold Geomancer. I would try a second conceal to replace 1 if I had VanCleef and a Mana Addict or Questing adventurer if I did not have VanCleef. We get 15,000 daily unique visitors each day, all looking for the latest decklists and strategies! Even at lower ranks if you don’t happen to draw the perfect cards there is literally nothing you can do besides get charged down to the face.
The spellpower can be nice with bloodmage, but 3 mana for it and it is a deathrattle it just feels meh to me.
Pagle is useless late game unless you have board control – which means you are already ahead. If you don’t, you are relying on topdecking another Auctioneer to win and that is no fun with 16 cards left. I would especially consider this if I had a cold blood in my hand with a way to combo it on turn 3. In other words, it’s usually incorrect to do this just to hit them in the face for 2 damage. Typically I’ll have a sap or other removal in hand to deal with any large taunts my opponent might play. It sets you up nicely with cards and is way better than shiving them in the face for 1 damage.
The sole exception might be against hunter, but if you always pitch them, that’s fine. Aggro lock is pretty much just a massive RNG fest (I’m including murlocks in this category). If you already have 1 Coldlight Oracle in your deck, then I would look toward a Mana Addict or Questing Adventurer if my card draw felt solid. But, if you are a real trooper and just want to see how well you can do without Leeroy, then I recommend an Arcane Golem. Even worse, you have to combo him with the right cards that you may not have at the moment. Shiv, Nat Pagle, Fan of Knives, Acolyte of Pain, and Gadgetzan Auctioneer are your card draw mechanisms.
If you can get a Concealed Auctioneer on turn 6 with a bunch of spells in hand, the game is almost always won. For just 2 mana you can burst 14 damage onto that annoying Control Warrior with 38 health, putting him into lethal range for Leeroy! If you can just kill that minion, it’s usually your best option to hold onto Sap for a more meaningful spot.
Druids can often start slowly, so use the early game to build a massive hand that you can unload on your Auctioneer once you get a chance to play him.
Poison is great in this matchup as well as Blade Flurry, Fan of knives, Leeroy, and SI: 7 Agent. But, for now with minion based control mages, Miracle Rogue enjoys a pretty nice advantage. Then, when the time comes look to get immediate value from Auctioneer rather than relying on Conceal in this matchup.
One quick tip, if you happen to be running Coldlight Oracle, he really shines in this matchup.

If you need to replace 2 Preparations I’d almost certainly go for some combination of Mana Addict or Questing Adventurer with conceal. Blade Flurry and Assassin Blade being single cards come too randomly to provide sustainable results. And I can never forget top decking Leeroy Jenkins for 31 damage with no minions on board for an exact lethal! Let’s look at a few parts of the puzzle and later on, we can discuss how they fit together. Against Control, it can also be important to combo your Assassin’s Blade with a deadly poison.
You can also consider keeping an Auctioneer as player 2 if you have some nice cards to go with it. Always keep Nat Pagle unless you know you are against a rush rogue, then opt for removal and you can even pitch card draw if it’s not paired as removal (pitch Acolyte, keep Fan of Knives). Pain artist feels situational you basically need him and a shiv yea two for one but it depends on the situation with him. And, if you have an Auctioneer, but no spells, you probably made mistakes earlier in the game by using spells that you should have saved to combo with your Auctioneer. Do not let your health get below 15 late game as Force of Nature, Savage Roar combo deals 14 damage. I would focus my mulligan choices on card draw in this matchup and Nat Pagle is excellent in your starting hand. Damage to the other rogue’s face is critical here as well as keeping damage off yourself. This is an awesome target for Cold Blood, so look for a way to make that happen if you can. The issue with Reckless Rocketeer or Argent Commander is that they cost 6 mana and that is just too high a cost to pay. I was thinking of trying coldlight oracle in pain artist place and running another conceal in bloodmages place. On the other hand there’s only one Conceal, huge life saver for your important minions. If you luckboxed Pagle right away, look to pair him up with removal instead of other card draw (for instance send back an Acolyte hoping for backstab or other removal to keep Pagle alive as long as you can). So I removed Nat Page, Acolyte (too luxurious to have such a weak minion just for card draw, playing Cold Blood on him is mostly a waste), Blade Flurry, Assassin Blade, Fan of Knives (too expensive just for card draw, rarely can be used properly against 1 health minions) and both SI7. I sometimes will leave a healing totem on board to hit him in the face if I know that I can handle it easily later on and I’m not afraid of taking too much damage from bloodlust or flametounge totem or any other Shaman shenanigans. It might even be ok to shadowstep the Coldlight Oracle once and make him dump 2 more cards. You need to keep his board clear, fan and blade flurry are great if you also have a poison, you are in great shape. Went 5-1 in ranked and am chilling in ranked four, feel like if I fine tuned my deck I might make legendary. 1 Spellpower will kill an Auctioneer with Lightning storm 50% of the time, 2 spellpower kills it every time.
Minimize the damage you take and almost never hit him in the face until you have board control. I still play an assassins blade with two poison weapons so will probably craft a blade flurry, its just a rare.
Always immediately kill and save your removal for Frothing Berserker (not Acolyte or Armorsmith unless they have been enraged).
As far as an aggro warrior goes, this is a tough matchup, which thankfully has fallen out of favor lately. If you have a board clear against a warrior with Armorsmith on board, remember to kill the Armorsmith first.

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