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Learn Hebrew Fast Online is a video-based Hebrew course which enables learning of Hebrew through video lessons and exercises.
The learning process starts with a step-by-step presentation of the entire Hebrew alphabet which creates a foundation to start developing reading and writing.
The course is structured in a way that it enables you to analyze the text, to read, to sing songs and to write and use key phrases in your writing.
The course based on the “David Method” is designed to be suitable for students of all ages, for people who are interested in learning the basics of Hebrew language, as well as at those interested in studying bible or visiting Israel.
Word building lessons are aimed at revising the words from the lessons and introducing new vocabulary.
Learn Hebrew Fast Online also offers the possibility of scheduling online individual lessons with Elana.
Personalized approach to teaching, as Elana is the creator of the course and the teacher of Hebrew language. The possibility to learn at your own pace, as you can learn the lessons in no particular order. There are no additional resources available or online community where students could practice language and interact to each other. Having in mind the fact that the courses are video-based, they rely on video presentation of the lesson materials.
Learn Hebrew Fast Online is a video-based course which is created for the learners of all ages.
Learn Hebrew Pod-The first online conversational Hebrew course by podcasts and audio lessons.
The method is called “Instant Hebrew” and it is focused on learning language in a childlike way, which disregards formal curriculum and it is aimed at acquiring language in a similar way children acquire their native language.
Elana compares the Hebrew alphabet to the English alphabet in order to make connections and to illustrate the differences. This way you start acquiring the language gradually by adopting some general concepts and ideas.

The method uses the bottom line approach starting with fundamental building blocks of Hebrew language.
The course is designed for online learning and it helps people achieve results using the unique approach developed by Elana Watson.
The language that is being learned during the course is based on both modern and biblical Hebrew language. This course is based on the initial teaching method developed by Elana, called “Instant Hebrew” method. After you hear the model of the correct pronunciation, your goal is to follow the model when practicing reading. This practice allows you to learn the basic vocabulary needed to understand and analyze the meaning of the materials used in the lessons. The lessons are based on the “David Method” used in the course, but being completely individual, online lessons can be adapted to the specific needs of the students. If you are an intermediate or advanced learner, you can consider online lessons, as the courses would not be challenging enough for you.
Learn Hebrew Fast Online does not offer any free trial, which makes it difficult to evaluate the course before purchasing.
Nonetheless, if you schedule an online lesson at Learn Hebrew Fast Online, you will get the opportunity to ask the teacher about the lessons and to get additional help with learning Hebrew. Even though the methods are developed based on the years of experience, they seem a little bit old-fashioned, as they simply use video presentation, and offer no possibility for practical usage. This site is designed as a starting point for people who want to learn more about the Hebrew language.
Elana has based her approach on over 10 years of experience in teaching groups and individuals. During the course you will also learn important information about the history and the culture related to Israel and Hebrew language.
The main benefit of this course is that the course will help you to start reading Hebrew in just 2 hours.

In this way, students who are not comfortable with learning on their own, can get advice on how to approach Hebrew language in order to achieve the best results. What makes it even more difficult to evaluate is that the method used in the courses does not follow any standard curriculum, but instead it is created based on Elana’s experience in teaching.
Method that is based on presentation leaves little or no place for practical usage through real-life examples. While you will be able to learn some basic vocabulary and grammar, it is not possible to practice speaking or writing. Online lessons can help you evaluate your progress and ask any questions you have about learning Hebrew. The lack of modern software features makes this course pretty limited and not particularly engaging. In addition, she has conducted a lot of researches and spent some time in Israel which helped her to develop this method.
Not only will these activities illustrate patterns and language usage, but they will also engage learners as lesson materials will be presented in an interesting way. The only way, to get the slightest idea of how these courses are structured, is to read testimonials published on the Learn Hebrew Fast Online website. Yet, the presentations seem rather elaborate and informative, which could possibly be a good introduction to the process of learning Hebrew. Even the learners with no prior experience will be able motivated and confident enough to start reading Hebrew shortly.

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