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Twenty-one clubs and organizations of Lourdes College campaigned for new members last June 25, 2014 at the school Auditorium.
With the current schedule of fees that we have, the minimum downpayment for freshmen would amount to Php 5000+. Considering the confidentiality of the matter, the Guidance Office does not divulge examination results online.

I have a niece at your school just few queries to ease my mind & I trully appreciate your answer to this ( she’s a 2nd yr ) how often they bake per sem?
Ladderized and Straight Curriculum and Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management (AHRM). For HRM Program, we do have internship in 5 Star hotels in domestic and international setting.
Our Bartending is part of our BSHRM Ladderized Curriculum and classes are being held on regular school days. We wish to inform you that entrance examination for the first semester for school year 2013-2014 is already on-going every Saturday.
Our tuition fee for HRM would depend on the number of units you will be taking in a semester.
We have reached as far as the United States of America for the OJT in the aforementioned program! We can only determine your standing as soon as we will be able to evaluate your Transcript of Records.

Per Lourdes College Student Handbook, we are not allowing students to have haircolor other than their natural. Straight curriculum focuses only the required subjects intended for the degree, ladderized however, requires you to take National Certification Level II (NC II) TESDA Accredited.
By estimate, if you will take a regular load that would range from P 17, 000 to P23, 000 in a semester. As of the moment, we have some students who are in the United States for their internship program.

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