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Class diagrams are used around the world to get a quick overview of a system.It describes the structure of a system by showing its classes, attributes and operations of those classes and the relationship between those classes. Class diagrams are the primary building block of object oriented systems. You can read more on class diagrams in our ultimate guide to UML Class Diagrams article.
This is a Class diagram template which illustrates the structure of a bank management system, with 4 classes with visibility and validations of each class.
Human resources systems, group management systems, payroll management systems are a few other systems that closely resembles this template. Flight reservation systems, airline booking systems, ticket booking systems, bus reservation systems are a few other scenarios that can be covered using this template.
Class diagrams can be presented as more colorful and interesting to the audience sometimes, as shown in the Class Diagram Template for Hospital Management below. Click on the image to edit online. This Class diagram template is of a school management system.  A template like this could be used to portray a management system of other institutes as well, but the various classes involved may change and the diagram could become more complex according to different organizations.
This Class diagram template representing an online movie ticket booking system is somewhat similar to the other online booking systems we have discussed.
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All the class diagrams shown below can be downloaded as images or modified online using our diagramming tool.

A real world banking system is far more complex than this, but this class diagram is a good place to start.
Since this is far less than a banking system, it’s very close to a real-world scenario. This is popular in software engineering classes because students can easily relate to the system. This template is for an employee management system and is pretty close to a real world scenario. A real world system will be definitely more complex than this, but all the basic operations are covered in this diagram.
Various classes such as Admin, Students, Teachers, Class, Subjects, Divisions, and Test Paper are involved. The Classes do not always have to be plain; you can add color to them to make them more appealing to the viewers.
A template like this can also be used to represent a railway reservation system, taxis etc. Doctor, patient, staff, receptionist and medicine are the various classes represented in this diagram. A template like this can be used to represent similar security and check-in systems in different public places such as at major train stations etc.

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A typical student registration system will have way more classes than this, but this is excellent as a starter template.
But since different companies have different policies, this will differ from company to company. The classes of a POS could vary according to different retail situations and their particular requirements. A system like this can be used for daily activities associated with a courier management system such as booking a courier, maintaining hub details etc.
College management, school registration are few other scenarios that closely match this class diagram.

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