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Hotel Managers arrange, systematize, direct, control and assess the operations of a Hotel, Restaurant or a department within such an establishment. A variety of options provide tremendous flexibility necessary for the wide range of business practices found in the lodging industry. RezOvation features a very unique visual design (above) that makes creating and managing reservations a breeze. RezOvation also features a free "web module" that automatically provides online availability and your unit rates to a wide range of companies. RezOvation features a Point Of Sale interface that helps our customers attach POS inventory items to existing reservations, make "stand alone" invoices, create gift certificates, add unlimited POS inventory and track inventory and vendors. The Contact Data Screen allows users to track permanent customer data and view invoice histories for each separate purchase. RezOvation features a sophisticated Select Names Screen that helps you create unlimited combinations of marketing lists. Want to E-mail a specially created marketing letter to your previous customers who live in Texas, who like to ski, and have stayed with you within the past six months? RezOvation features over 60 reports to help you manage you financial transactions and organize your routine tasks like housekeeping. RezOvation ™ Desktop software combined with call accounting software provides an integrated property management solution for accommodation providers of all sizes. When you run a hotel business, you need to have everything set up in order to give maximum service to your guess. The second hotel reservation worksheet is the availability information, which will show you the information about the availability of each room in your hotel for certain period of time (take example for this month only). For foodies, in-room evening meal prep can be an creatively novel way to help collect foods.
Your daily Ingredient Room preparation become while effortless and as difficult since you would like this as; it all counts on your parts that you purchase. They are in employment by hotels, motels, resorts, student residences and other lodging establishments, or they might be self-employed. This allows for all room calls to be tracked directly through the RezOvation reservation software. This scalable software works equally well for bed and breakfasts, country inns or the largest big-city hotels. Whether you operate an Inn, B&B, Resort, Lodge, Dude Ranch, Motel, Hotel Campground, or another type of lodging property, RezOvation can be tailored to fit your business perfectly! This process allows for real-time reservations, payments, and automatic transfer of reservations and reservation requests, regardless of when they are received!
With our availability partners, you never pay a commission for reservations booked from your own web site!
RezOvation also has bar coding capabilities that allow users to quickly track and sell inventory items.

It lets you see the entire history of previous transactions and helps you enter customer preferences that can later be used for marketing purposes.
Special features allow users to track customer interests, spending history, E-mail addresses and other important data. Once you create your unique list, RezOvation provides multiple ways to send special marketing offers and other important correspondence. Other special features include the ability to create collections of reports that print on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. For more information, please call us directly at 905-356-9199 or request a quote by filling in the form below.
The first worksheet will have the data of upcoming reservation that was listed based on the booking number.
This worksheet will give you the big picture of what you have in your hotel for that time, how much guest that you have, which room that was empty and which room that was not. Borrowers are generally underneath the effect that they should grab apart- or dine in in high-priced home website food. With regard to culture-mongers, buying foods on in-room drinking is the most greatest ways to reach realize your country, as stores that are among the highest culturally rich venues out there. Your daily sometimes greatest configurations are usually frozen microwave dishes (if you’re lucky enough for any microwave in your space) or perhaps easy construction meals, such as sandwiches. Which mentioned, chewing developed store meals can be as a result of simply no food a excuse- highly if you’re beneath a country like Japan, in which comfort retailer and stores provide very scrumptious meals that are modern and then able to try. Dry pasta is impossible for you to chef, and also rice, regardless of your daily facilities of a microwave, is not very easy to settle in an limitations of room.
Select Parmesan cheeses beneath resealable containers except if you’re prepared to custom additional storage ingredient regarding uneaten Parmesan cheese. Japan provides extremely light, fluffy refined bread if you were to rice flour, during Germany you can find the ideal sweet, thick, crazy whole grain loves universally), very batch new if somebody are going to! This ensures that ALL of your telecom equipment works in harmony to provide the ultimate automation of your property. We also offer a link to the GDS system so that larger properties can receive online bookings! This information can later be used to create special mailing lists for E-mail or marketing letters. Create and send unique marketing letters, E-mail timely special offers, print mailing labels, or export your data to other marketing programs. In fact, RezOvation selection tools are only limited by your imagination and the information you record within the program. It was actually a way for you to make list on future room reservation and be prepared for your guest.
It will record the booking number, guest name, guest contact number, check in time, and check out time, room type, and number.

If anyone called and makes reservation you can make a quick arrangement based on their request date and availability of the room and certainly will make the job easier.
Regarding picky eaters, in-room chef make it possible for greater contain through construction and also ingredients.
Other intermediate choice consist of time noodle dishes, which call for your utilization of your own coffeemaker. Steer clear of virtually any seeds to be cooked carefully, or even are generally heavy and pollute to help insurance. Our flexibly enables you to put together special packages that can be easily added to customer reservations.
We have even included permission E-mail tools to prevent unwanted "spamming" of potential customers.
RezOvation is designed so that you can keep track of special customer interests, occasions, referral sources, and financial data. We provide special options that allow property management companies to run separate reports for each owner, or combine reports for aggregate information. It was a simple worksheet actually, where you can make it on your own or get it from other source that you can customize based on what your hotel has. This is actually the detailed worksheet that will inform you about who and when your room was booked and which room that your guest book. For everyone, hotel room cooking will make one fun challenge as well as new holiday process; one worth working!
Advanced foods consist of pastas and then grains, that either shall be hot or even boiled beneath drinking water.
Local mozzarella are generally each scrumptious and that admirable approach to be able to enjoy the distinctive cover of scene you’re traveling to. You create your own tracking parameters and then create special marketing lists to improve your bottom line.
A right click on a reservation brings up a full menu choice allowing users to process payments, view contact information, cancel reservations and much more. Sell your rooms on the most popular travel sites on the web, including Travelocity, Orbtiz, Hotwire, Travelweb, Travelscape, Yahoo!
RezOvation is designed to let users perform routine tasks from several different screens. In fact, anything you could do with a paper chart, you can do visually with our Daily Reservation Screen!

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