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Part 1 :Course IntroductionIntroduction to Nature of Hotel Industry Objectives Definition of hospitality industry Full Service Vs. I.Definition of hospitality industry The hospitality industry is part of a large network which includes food services, lodging services, recreation services, travel-related services, and products provided with personal services in conjunction with the above industries.
Part 1 :Course IntroductionIntroduction to Nature of Hotel Industry Restaurants and Food The defining feature of full service hotels is their restaurant. Part 1 :Course IntroductionIntroduction to Nature of Hotel Industry Services and Amenities As the name might imply, full service hotels offer more in services and accommodations. Part 1 :Course IntroductionIntroduction to Nature of Hotel Industry Price As expected, price is where limited service hotels have an advantage. Part 1 :Course IntroductionIntroduction to Nature of Hotel Industry Technological innovations. Part 3 Hotel Organization Chart and Department Functions I.Department functions Hotels are organized into large divisions and smaller departments, each one responsible for a particular function or service and at the same time interrelated and dependent on each other. Part 3 Hotel Organization Chart and Department Functions Food and Beverage Department F&B includes all food-service operations such as restaurants, lounges, bars. Part 3 Hotel Organization Chart and Department Functions Sales and Marketing S& M Department focuses on analyzing the marketing plan to reach potential customers, then sell and book reservations. Part 3 Hotel Organization Chart and Department Functions Accounting Department This department tracks all incoming revenue and outgoing cash. Part 3 Hotel Organization Chart and Department Functions Engineering or Maintenance Department The department maintains most of the equipment and machinery on the property and keeps it in working order.
Part 3 Hotel Organization Chart and Department Functions Human Resources Department The department oversees all matters relating to staff, from recruiting and hiring to setting salary ranges and benefits. Limited Service Hotels The one ostensible difference between full service and limited service hotels is that full service hotels have an attached restaurant, while limited service hotels do not.

The Hilton Inn's website exhibits its upscale dining venues, such as the Chandler, AZ location's steakhouse "The Grill" as well as an all-day lobby bar and a cafe offering coffee and chocolate candy.
Guests can expect 24-hour valet service, dry cleaning, heated pools and saunas, well-equipped fitness centers, and guaranteed high-speed wireless Internet access.
For example, a one- night stay for two adults at a Days Inn in Phoenix might cost $89 with tax, compared to $155.22 with tax for the Hilton using the same criteria.
The use of technology has enhanced the production of services by making some tasks faster and easier to perform.
The best services for the guests and the highest job satisfaction for staff is based on clear, prompt communication and genuine cooperation amongst employees in all divisions and departments. Housekeeping Department Staff clean everywhere, not just guests rooms but public areas and back of the house for staff only, hidden from guests eyes. Breakfast for one tastefully arranged on a tray and taken to a guests room is as important as catering to hundreds at banquets in conference rooms. It balances the books and has close communication with the General Manager and others with power to decide how money is made and spent. It develops policies for dismissal or retirement, is responsible for operations of Staff Canteen, Clinic and Staff dormitory. If you dig deeper beneath the surface, however, you will find much that differentiate the categories. Even if you'd rather stay in your room, full service hotels should feature dedicated room service with an extensive menu.
The rooms should feature high-end furnishings, appliances, and top-of-the-line television with premium cable.
Technology has also enhanced guest comfort and safety through inventions such as air conditioning and fire alarm systems.

The Reservation Section normally belongs to S & M Department although sometimes it falls under Front Office. Purchasing and Store Room are under the direct control of this department, as well as the Payroll Master who is responsible for employees pay. Limited service hotels have plenty to offer as well, but the name also is pretty representative. It has facilitated the ability to travel by increasing economic prosperity, leisure time, and the efficiency of transportation systems. Actors and actresses (service personnel) are those people who work for audience (customers), and facilities (service environment) are the place for performances or services. Its main function is to handle reservations by fielding inquiries about room rates, room availability and services offered. In some hotels, the Kiosk section (or Department Store) is under the management of Financial Controller. These hotels often feature coin laundry rooms and sometimes wireless Internet access as well. PRs main jobs range from making promotional flyers, posters to contacting media, its utmost purpose is to let the public know about the property and encourage use of the services here. Sometimes limited service hotels will have fitness rooms, but the one pictured on the Hampton Inn's website appears only to have a couple of treadmills and a single weight machine.

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