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The average self-managed independent working artists plays anywhere from 75-150 gigs a year. Are you at a place in your career where you can no longer handle the amount of incoming booking requests?
The over-arching question of this whole post is ARE YOU MARKETABLE? If you’re not already burning the midnight oil on your own, it may take a while to find someone who will be willing to burn the midnight oil for you. Grassrootsy’s Top 10 Posts of 2015January 4, 2016Nailing down the top 10 posts of the year was no easy feat. I’m massage therapist and often encourage folks to move more, attend to how they fuel themselves, etc!
Copyright © 2016 Come Alive in 365 Site Designed by Tech Gone GlamNever miss a post again! My name is David Doucette and I love to teach and explain things, whether to my two boys, architectural clients, or CSE Candidates. This is a super important question that any artist who has been in the game long enough will ask at some point or another. If your inbox is overflowing with booking requests and media opportunities, and you simply cannot handle the work load on your own, you need a manager. If you have somewhere between 4-10k followers on Facebook, this is a very good indication that you need a manager. Assuming you are playing out regularly and collecting the email addresses of your fans for direct-to-fan marketing, you newsletter will be a highly essential piece of the Management puzzle. These opportunities usually come via a back door (friend of a friend in the business or opening up for a similar artist on tour).

I almost feel like a fog has been lifted and I can see the path that I must take for my journey so much clearer. Not past a breaking point or anything crazy, but in a way that I will not allow myself to give into my feelings. We write posts and publish contributed articles specifically with the Independent Artists in mind.
While numbers don’t matter by themselves, they are a great indication of how much support you have from your afans. With how over-saturated the market is, your content has gotta be sharp and professional in order to stand out.
With all the competiton, a manager wants to work with someone who has already broken a little ground. I think that’s doable if I space it out and very doable if workout as much as I plan to. I haven’t felt too ambitious about my November goals, so it was great to read about how enthusiastic you are about your goals! In this video tip, I discuss the use of two tools inside the Ultimate Whole Enchilada, specifically the Audio Companion and Omces, in order to help you gauge your readiness for the Exam.
App to practice 500 flashcards on the go and the FREE CSEprep App to have all the podcasts and video tips at your fingers, literally. They show that you are growing and that bringing someone on board makes sense because they have an audience to build off of.
Greens are a great source, &I take powdered Mag (citrate or gluconate) esp with more exercise and fluids!!

In case you couldn’t tell, I am a lover of life and all things fun, laughter and adventure. Whether you’re new to music-making, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in the middle, there’s something for everyone here.
A manager wants to work with an artist that is already out there hustling, representing themselves and playing out as regularly as possible-  an artist that is on (and in) the market. If you’ve been in game for several years, you should have a few thousand people on that list. Second, a manager wants to work with an artist who is available to take the opportunities they set up. Your media has to be at a place where you’re putting your best food forward so that any management that represents you feels like they have quality material to push in order for you to get ahead. If they do it, they’ll do it because they know you, care about you, and want you to succeed.
Third, if a manager is making 10% (industry standard minimum) of your income, you need to be pulling in a decent chunk of change in order for them to want to take you on. See What Exactly Does a Full-Time Artist Do All Day? They’ll care less about the money and be able to work with you to do what you want instead of trying to fit you into the mold of what they expect.

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